Bellow zero?

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Is the dlc comming out on pc and xbox at the same time?


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    Probably not, development still isn't complete for the base game on Xbox. Porting to consoles will take time and is entirely optional.
    There is always the chance that they won't port Below Zero.
    hello is this the krusty krabsnake
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    I'm looking forward to playing the expansion when it is released. My new graphic card is on its way! When it arrives I will be able to max everything out and enjoy the game at full potential. Then when Below Zero is released, I can enjoy it at full graphic potential. Just a thought, it would be nice if we could invite just one or two players to our game when we wanted to. The inviter being the host computer of course. If a player is invited to a game the program wouldn't import anything but the scuba gear that he/she has on. What do you all think?
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