[BUG] Seamoth disappearing

martinfishermartinfisher Join Date: 2018-07-01 Member: 241848Members Posts: 3 Fully active user
Hello, after making my Seamoth I decided to go on an expedition, and I stopped in front of a deep crevasse. I leave the Seamoth in the crevasse at 180m depth and I go down with the Seaglide.

After exploring I go back and my Seamoth is gone. On the tag manager, there is no more. I do not understand, go back to my base and I do it again.

I'm leaving on an expedition and it disappears again ....

So I enter the order no cost to remake one for free and again the same thing ...

The bug report F8 does not work, that's why I'm here on this forum.

Any ideas to solve my problem?


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