Time capsules: Useful leg up or OP Pieces of Garbage?

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Do you guys think having ion powercells is too OP in time capsules? Do you think it's ok? please respond
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Time capsules: Useful leg up or OP Pieces of Garbage? 24 votes

Time capsules aren't needed.
scifiwriterguyMaalterommJustAHat 3 votes
They're ok, but only stuff pre - lost river should be allowed.
Kouji_SanMaxAstrokingkumaCalarand77Skope0x6A7232jamintheinfinite_1OjakokkoAnomalyDetectedWiirlakMattar19KBlazeXreem70 13 votes
I'm fine with lost river stuff, just no endgame materials and items.
TenebrousNovaGourmet_GuyCrewman87EstebanLB01RecursionSnoutchiAurora_SurvivorDarthCologne 8 votes
Heck, put enzymes in the time capsules. I don't care.


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