Sub Surface Seabases

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I once had a Subnautica save where I built a seabase using platforms placed just above the waterline in the shallows biome. I noticed some quite interesting things with this design in my opinion are some really good advantages. This is the most reasonable way to build a habitat above sea level with having to build in the resource scarce mountain or floating island biomes. Second, when it comes to hull integrity since it is above 0 meters the habitat cannot flood in a hull breach but you might have a moonpool or two underwater that’s connected by a vertical connector but since the majority of the habitat is above sea level only part of it will flood which means less lithium expended to reenforce the walls to prevent flooding. I technically see this as some kind of oil platform in a way of it’s design and look. Finally just a word of caution, don’t build this in very deep water especially if you have a moonpool. Because P.R.A.W.N Suits don’t travel vertically as well so be sure to watch how long the length is from your moonpool to the seafloor. Leave a comment down below to tell me what you think!


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