Falling through Cyclops......

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This bug has been happening back as far as May 2015 ( https://steamcommunity.com/app/264710/discussions/0/620713633861994551/ ) and it is continuing to happen still.

Can we please get a fix for this???

The cyclops is parked with engine off and the player slightly floats, then suddenly falls through the sub to around 150' below the sub, a splash is heard and you can swim again.
Or you just fall to the ocean floor taking a bunch of damage.

I am currently 700' below sea level in a deep cave.
I can't access storage lockers, change power cells, fabricate, eat, ect, ect... without falling.
I'm trapped in the sub and I can't even power it up because I just keep falling over and over.

Doesn't matter if I save, exit, reload, re-install, verify game files, remove all mods, add more mods, have PRAWN docked or undocked, power on or off, drop all inventory... nothing changes.
Soon as I stand still for a few seconds I fall again.
8 times in 5 minutes I've fallen through the ship, swam back, went back to my storage locker, dropped 2 items in an attempt to empty my inventory... and then I'm falling again.



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