Praise for the Early Game Progression

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So one of my complaints about the early game prerelease was that it's very... undirected. There are a lot of places you can go, a lot of things competing for your attention, and the radio signals come super fast. It's a bit overwhelming for me, and I imagine super overwhelming for a new player.

I'm currently playing my first post-release playthrough, and I wanted to say - it's much improved. I've been playing "blind" (basically ignoring all the things I know about unless the game logically leads me to them) and I've been very pleased with the results. It's basically been like this:

*Game start... wow, I have no idea what to do, let's explore a bit.

*Repair the pod... huh, radio signal about a rendezvous... that sounds important. Oh! It says it's at 300m. No way I can get that deep... Ignore for now.

*Wow, the Aurora exploded. Huh, free radiation suit blueprint? I guess maybe I should explore that.

*Hmm... can't get through these doors. Says I need a laser cutter, and I haven't found diamonds yet. Oh, but the one place I can get has something... Seamoth Pressure Module...

*Oh hey! It says my Seamoth has a 300m crush depth now. That's the same depth as that signal! I should go check that out.

Then you go to the signal and find diamonds and the beacon for the floating island and the game starts to really open up. But as far as the early game progression goes, it's clear a lot of thought was put into subtly guiding the player towards what they should be doing, and hinting at where to go next. Plus, it might just be me, but the radio signals seem to come a lot slower, which is much appreciated and leaves me feeling less frantic to explore everywhere.

tl;dr: Good job with the early game, devs. :)
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