Inability to interact with Prawn Suit in Moon Pool

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In the previous update whilst the Prawn Suit was docked in the Moon Pool you could use the repair tool to fix damage and swap the upgrades in and out. Since the update ( xbox - in line with the steam release), you can only board the Prawn and not interact with the upgrades or repair. It's a bit of a hassle to keep updocking.

The seamoth works fine in the Moon pool.


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    Yeah, this is still a rather frustrating issue. I believe it's being worked on.
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    I've notice the same thing about the PC version (atleast for the upgrade option) , i didnt try to fix it since it was full life.
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    Can't repair, access upgrades, or storage while docked at Moonpool. I'm sure they'll fix it soon, it is annoying but not game-breaking.
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    my locker upgrades and my upgrades in general...

    Do i have to build a vehicle modification station or something like that in the moonpool of my PRAWN ? (Linkes Removed)

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    Is it still a problem that makes me uncomfortable every time I use it? How about you?
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    This is fixed in the 1.0 patch, coming December 4th.

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    Obraxis wrote: »
    This is fixed in the 1.0 patch, coming December 4th.

    I am playing Subnautica on PC via Steam, so I am sure I have the latest available version (as of 2019-04-14). Access to the PRAWN suit's upgrade console or storage are still not available while docked in the moonpool. Has this particular patch not been made available for PC ?
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