Player sliding in Cyclops



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    Hi. Has a fix been found for this yet? I am also experiencing player sliding while in the cyclops. The cyclops moves by itself gradually which causes me to slide and potentially causing damage to the cyclops by colliding with nearby structures. Hard to explore the depths without constantly worrying what the sub might do left alone.
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    Do you have a square planter box built in your cyclops? One player has said that walking on those causes these physics issues. They recommend using the small round planters instead.
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    Have experienced this many times, including after the most recent XB1 update. Will try the planter box suggestion but I don't recall it only happening when walking on the indoor growbed.
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    I've played this whole game through a few times and never had the sliding issue until just now.
    I do think it's related to the indoor growbed. When I placed one in the middle of the ship, just in front of the decoy launcher (the only realistic place to put it) I put some melons in. Soon, I noticed my sub had drifted quite a ways from where I parked it. So I read this thread and got the idea that maybe if I remove the indoor growbed it would help.
    At first, it kept sliding. But then I went to the steering wheel and drove the sub around a bit before exiting. Now, it SEEMS the sub has stopped drifting!! Hopefully it will stay that way.
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