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Okay, I finally got my scanner room and I love it cuz it helps me find supplies. However, it's a very tiny list and I can't seem to find any other useful things.

Like, it's got, Cave Sulpher, Creature Eggs, Fragments, Laser Cutter Fragments (and I already have my Laser Cutter), Copper, Quartz, Salt, Metal Salvage, Limestone thingies (I can't remember if they're called outcrops or not), and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something else.

But either way, the list isn't changing and I can't scroll through it either. I've also moved my scanner room a fair bit and I can't find anything new. Is this a common thing or do I have to move the scanner room a bit more?

EDIT: I have sort of fixed this problem - all I had (without intention of getting this fixed first) saved and exited the game, then I went and played another game for a bit (I don't think you need to play another game for this tho) and when I came back and loaded my save, the list was fixed!
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