Frequent, random crashes

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As the title says, I experience very frequent crashes at very random intervals. There's no discernible pattern at all. Sometimes it crashes during the load screen, sometimes within seconds of loading into the game, sometimes after a few minutes of play, and (occasionally) sometimes after a few hours of play. It doesn't matter what we're doing in the game, what mode we're playing, or where we're located. It even crashes while we have the game paused. I've run out of ideas for fixing it myself and could really use some expert guidance. I don't think it's a problem with the game itself since others don't seem to be having as much trouble. And I don't think it's a hardware issue. I'm not sure what options that leaves.

Whatever we're doing, the game freezes, the screen goes blue, then we get either a black screen and have to open the task manager manually, a white screen and the task manager telling us the program has stopped working, or we end up on the desktop. We can almost always still hear the game, and the controls still work-- we can actually hear the guy walking/swimming while we're hitting the keys on the desktop.

Per the sticky, I've uploaded the relevant information to Pastebin;
Output Log

I know the error file is not specifically requested. I just figured more information might be helpful.

As for what I've done to try and resolve the issue myself;
Used driver-remover software to completely eliminate old Radeon info.
Installed the latest drivers for the RX 460.
Replaced the stock cooler with a Hyper Evo 212 to see if thermals were an issue.
Overclocked the GPU.
Underclocked the GPU.
Overclocked the CPU.
Ran the game offline to see if it was a network issue.
Ran the game with "Above Normal" priority.
Upgraded the PSU to see if that fixed any instability.
Repeatedly defragged and "optimized" the drive.

Why I don't think it's a hardware issue;
I can run the Unigine Valley benchmark with no trouble.
I run the OCCT stress test with no problems.
The PassMark BurnIn Test also runs fine.
I also spend hours working with GIMP and Unreal Engine without issue.
The histogram from the Radeon software shows no obvious problems prior to any crash.

I realize that running other applications doesn't mean my rig is flawless. But surely that at least indicates it's capable of more than browsing ebay and sending mail.

What's most perplexing is that it hasn't always done this. The first few weeks we had the game there were no crashes at all. And even now it's not unheard of to go hours without a crash. But those stable periods are less frequent and shorter than they had been. I'm certain it's something that can be fixed either in the system settings or in the command line. It's just that diagnosing the problem is beyond my skill level. Whatever help y'all can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Forgot to add, in case it makes a difference, our rig is a livingroom computer. It's hooked to a 42" 1080p TV via HDMI with the sound sent to a surround sound receiver via S/PDIF. Is that maybe more than it can handle?


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