Devs discourage food crops by making farming damage your base

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Starting out in the game, it is a bit of work to catch fish for food. But once you visit the floating island and gather the crops there, you never want for food again. There is not really a need to ever catch fish again. The developers don't really like that you don't have to catch fish anymore. One thing they did to somewhat stop you from only eating crops was to cause health damage if you only eat a ton of one crop. But that's not really that big of deal as long as you rotate around a couple of crops.

Now, the developers have a MUCH stronger way of preventing you from eating only food crops and to encourage you to get out and catch fish more. Now, when you farm crops in your base, the survival knife pierces the hull and causes flooding. I guess it wasn't enough that they made the Cyclops take damage. Now, your base also is no longer invincible either!

Typically, you use the knife for the following:

1. Convert melons to seeds to re-plant.
2. Gather samples from the "water tree"

And when you use the knife, you often hit the floor or wall of the base. It takes approximately two hits with the knife to pierce the floor / wall of the base and cause flooding.



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