Gamers don't age, WE level up ! ! !



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    Kostriktor wrote: »
    Kyman201 wrote: »
    One wonders what the OP thinks of like, Portal.
    Portal is a linear puzzle game with a deep story, and it's perfectly fine like that.
    Subnautica wants to be a survival/openworld experience, while it's basically a linear "go collect things, first this, then that, victory"-walktrough/swimtrough.
    that's why i, and many others, are seriously disappointed.
    fanbois finding this a great game ? obvious! these guys would pay it a tripleA full price straight away in its actual state. luckily these fanboi persons also exist, they help devs out a lot financially.
    im sure though that some serious feedback and suggestions are also a great source to the devs.

    You're back? Thought you'd given up and left.

    Look here, Mister 'I R A Real Gamer'.

    Subnautica does not need a leveling system.

    Subnautica is proceeding to be its own thing. An underwater survival game. There IS a story, but not one you necessarily need to follow.

    Yeah, CRAZY that. You don't need to follow the story. You can just mess around. You can spend your time building your base and collecting supplies. If you care enough to worry about the disease and cure it, you can, but if you just want to build a Cyclops and become King of the Waterworld, you can.

    And I guess if you define Linear as "Go to places and do more to go other places" then everything is linear. But on that note, even if it were more linear when did linear become a cuss word for video games?

    Just... Dude. Stop. Stooooop. Your feedback is the exact opposite of helpful or insightful. You've contributed literally nothing of value to this discussion. I think most of the forum is now dumber for having read this. Just stop.
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    As a guy who have been defending not totally popular idea, the classic leveling you describe is a very bad and overused idea. It is often used as a cheap trick to make a game last longer than it is actually fun.

    And while there IS cases where "classic leveling" (of you or gear) is a good idea (multiplayer use it to keep track of players skills differences), there's many case where it is very badly suited, impossible to balance, gamebreaking (if you level too fast for the enemy), or just plain stupid (when the enemy have to level up with you and a Sardine become as strong as a Sea Leviathan Kaiju).

    There is "upgrade" in Subnautica already, the various air-tank is you upgrading your gears. Same goes for submarines depth.
    However it is done tastefully. You upgrade to gain access to new capabilities and new zones, making this considerably more cerebral than "hur hur doing repetitive task +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1" (and yes, it's not really cerebral, showing how stupid leveling can be).

    That's all from me.
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    hello ! yes i gave up and left, but i tried out this latest patch, because I R a real gamer ^^
    i never wanted a leveling system, that's about "reading my posts". i wanted to upgrade things even more; upgradable gravsphere, upgradable stations, such as fabricator.

    But ehi, guess im "the mexican guy", better lets not give a fuck.
    My voice counts, just as any other here, the Devs wont ignore my helpful posts, it helps them to make the best underwater game ever : )
    Thanks for reading, bro !
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    Well, naming your topic with "gamer don't age, we level up" kind of mislead everybody toward the player's avatar, just saying. Of course it's too late for you to change now.
    In any case the same logic of "cheap trick to make a game longer" apply to equipment.
    Some game have relevant reason to have +1 word bonus, usually when the same weapon need to be used against enemy that were made ridiculously strong by design. But often there were made overly strong because game-designer couldn't be bothered to make a new way of taking down powerful/huge enemy. Or couldn't find a better way to prevent a player from obtaining X tech too soon.

    But this doesn't mean this is a good idea everywhere.
    Especially with Subnautica (which as said already have gear upgrade), you have failed to explain the point of making (example) a fabricator "upgradeable"
    You already can't build something unless you've scanned it, no point of sending the player on another fetch quest until he get the upgrade he need. Worse it would short-circuit the joy of discovery because you would know that unless you find "the damned fabricator upgrade" you won't do shit.

    I can try looking for all the other possibilities...
    - upgrade that accelerate production? -> cheap excuse to make a game longer.
    - upgrade to the range of things like radar/gravisphere? -> it would only lessen the usefulness of those until late game, at which point you would have learned to play without.
    - better cooking? more production? -> late game anti-fustration feature at best but since the fabricator already look ridiculously efficient, it would have the effect of making it "magic".
    - faster vehicle? -> you don't have a lot of room and the Cyclops is counting on speed leading to problematic noise/heat. At least you do have 99% of the upgrade module available, problem is that upgrade slot are too few to be wasted.
    - stronger vehicle? -> you have the hull upgrade, you should go support the "more upgrade slot" topic if you want to have room.
    Also, everything powered by battery/cells shouldn't get "magical increase" without a consumption increase (requiring a boosted battery, currently the ion-cell is late game alien magic).
    - More efficient generator? -> it would distract players from looking for the right generator for the right place (instead of using whatever and boosting it it's stronger than the level-1 appropriate generator)
    - stronger suit? -> pointless, the very goal is to keep the player fragile unless properly equipped
    - ..... too many possibility, nothing that would benefit from it except vehicle

    That's the ripple effect. Upgrading stuff just for the sake of upgrading is poor game design. It make player believe that everything is magic instead of technology working at the best of their ability.

    Someday I'll learn to make short answer, someday
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    edited September 2017
    smells like fanboi ^^
    don't worry man, you're save anyway.
    i learned not to say; "it's impossible."
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    Kostriktor wrote: »
    My voice counts, just as any other here, the Devs wont ignore my helpful posts, it helps them to make the best underwater game ever : )

    Well, yes, you ARE entitled to give your opinion.

    It's just that others are entitled to say "Well I don't think this is a good idea because of this college paper's worth of reasons".

    Just because you have an idea doesn't mean it's a good one, and it doesn't mean the devs are obliged to listen to you if they don't think that it fits the game.

    Now I cannot and will not speak for the devs, so I won't say "I don't think they're interested in hearing about your ideas"

    And the ideas you're mentioning... They honestly don't seem to fit the tone of the game, they don't seem to serve any real purpose that's not filled by stuff that's already in the game. A lot of your suggestions seem to be like they'll be mostly busywork for the developers for stuff that I personally think is entirely unnecessary.

    I mean, yes, there ARE upgrades in the game. Tank capacity, for one. Making new fins at the workbench. Those are fine, they serve a purpose, and needing to find the blueprints for those upgrades requires that you explore very thoroughly. THAT fits the tone of Subnautica. A game about being stranded on an alien world you're trying to survive on, where exploring finds you the material and upgrades you need. But apparently that's 'too linear', whatever the fork that means.

    Look, just... You had an idea. You shared it. Great, that's great, that's what this forum is for.

    But sometimes, when many people say "Oof, yeah, I don't like that idea" the right action is NOT to stick to your unpopular ideas and go "SCREW ALL YOU HATERS", the right action is to take a step back and ask yourself about the reasons the others gave as to why they disagree.

    Now, going from your earlier posts... You don't much care for the game as it is... Going so far as to call the devs, and I quote, "a bunch of non-gamers trying to get some money from the gaming industry," endquote.

    Maybe Subnautica isn't the game for you.
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    Kostriktor wrote: »
    Hello divers,
    I'm part of the community since some months now and experienced feelings of deep immersion to this game.
    Unfortunately I'm disappointed for many reasons; imo the developers aren't real gamers, feels like they are VR fans and want to develop an amazing VR experience, which it is, obviously.
    For us real gamers tho, there's not much space left.
    I think they should take inspiration from this "Ideas and Suggestions" Thread really hard !

    Back to my point:

    We want to level up, the best feeling of progression!
    Considering Subnauticas style, it would probably be unappropriated to level up the character, instead, we should be able to level up all of our gear, vehicles, stations and buildings.

    Check my other thread and/or open your mind: Think about your best friend ingame; the fabricator. What if you could bring him a titan ingot, maybe another computer chip, and boom, you could upgrade him into Fabricator Mk II. Maybe he becomes faster at crafting? Maybe he can cook better Fish?
    Think harder; everything in the game could be upgraded to work "faster", "stronger" or "longer"

    There's plenty options to improve your experience, immersion and feeling of progression.

    If you're a real gamer, you know what i mean.
    If you're a VR fanboy, keep enjoying the amazing graphics.

    Do you have any idea how much time this needs to be implemented?

    Pretty damn long like a month or two
    And now that the game is two months away from full release (if trello is telling the truth you better be right trello!!)
    But to be honest I don't see a place for this being ingame but maybe it will someday
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    adel_50 wrote: »
    Do you have any idea how much time this needs to be implemented?

    Pretty damn long like a month or two

    JUST a month or two? THAT fast?

    They'd need to put in the very ABILITY for that, put them in the world, make sure they work properly, add models, make sure nothing borks, figure out how to edit in ways to ensure that you learn how to upgrade this gear...

    Honestly, a month or two would be QUICK.
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    Kyman201 wrote: »
    Maybe Subnautica isn't the game for you.

    you're most probably right. i'll keep checking those updates as they are released. and will most probably keep being disappointed.
    For now, i hope they can increase the performance at a point to where modding becomes a thing.
    Via mods, everyone can then make his very own amazing Subnautica.

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