Vehicle Upgrades -difference between upgrade and module-

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Vehicles should be "customizable" even more. Always wanted my Submarine to run with Uranium Rods. Would be nice to "upgrade" the electroengine of the cyclops into a nuclear engine, feeding the cyclops with rods instead of powercells.
Cyclops would also love to have sidethrusters, for faster stearing and maneuvering.
The Seamoth would like to get stronger engines, maybe at the cost of more powercell charge.
The PRAWN maybe could get more legs or arms, for even better movement and gathering/combat.
Even the Lifepod should get a "motorboat upgrade", or maybe thats a new vehicle at all *_*
Upgrades could be found via Fragments or Data-boxes and applied by the -Mobile vehicle bay drones-.
Give your mind a go and you find plenty more options, to adapt your underwater lifestyle into every biome and circumstance.

Depth resistance imo should be no module, it should be an upgrade!
Upgrades increase your vehicles stats, and modules your vehicles abilites.

Let me know.
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