LOADING... Syncing Data for Subnautica... 'Try again' 'Use offline'

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In order to play SN, I must disable the Xbox Live save game function.
Log of actions required to play;
SN started.
'Press Menu'
1. Code; 'LOADING...'
. 1.1 Code; 'Syncing Data for Subnautica'
2. Code; 'we couldn't get your latest saved data'
. 2.1 Code; 'try again or use this game or app offline'
3. User choices; A. 'try again'. B. 'use offline'
. 3.1 User response; 'try again'
See 1.1 above
See 2 and 2.1 above
See 3 and 3.1 above
See 1.1 above
4. User response; C. 'Cancel' selected while syncing in progress
5. Code; 'if you stop syncing your xbox will have incomplete data for your save'
6. User choices; A. 'keep syncing'. D. 'stop syncing'
7. User response; 'stop syncing '
8. Screen blinks, blinks, blinks
9. See 1 above
10. Main Menu is displayed

Probable cause;
Xbox Live doesn't have a game save for SN.
I have reinstalled SN 5 times since the C&C update. This issue can not be resolved by reinstalling SN.


  • craftcraft Join Date: 2017-03-24 Member: 229155Members
    having same problem. nothing helps, uninstall/reinstall/delete save files/restart xbox. happened after delete of all files eveywhere on attempt to fix not loading save files issue. ugh
  • SymPOOLSymPOOL USA Join Date: 2017-03-22 Member: 229123Members
  • SymPOOLSymPOOL USA Join Date: 2017-03-22 Member: 229123Members
    yet my creative save files still work. only my survival files will fail to load
  • OathswornOathsworn Nuneaton Join Date: 2016-12-21 Member: 225271Members
    Hi fellow aquanauts; having same problem, mine started after the XB1, updated to the new front end. Can't load save, tried deleting save from XB, but like you can't get the file to resync.
  • ShotoutShotout Join Date: 2016-12-04 Member: 224576Members
    I just start SN while the XB is disconnected from the net, saves a few minutes,
    and the XBLive save backup is disabled anyway.
  • 0x6A72320x6A7232 US Join Date: 2016-10-06 Member: 222906Members
    Obraxis wrote: »
    Bit of an update - we're going to release a small Xbox-only update in the next few days that's specifically designed to gather & display more information when a Saved game fails to load. It also includes another 'blind fix' which may/may not help.

    We'll let you know once it passes Microsoft Certification and is released, but when it does please post screenshots of any errors that are displayed if it fails to load your saved game.

    Thanks for your understanding and help in dealing with this issue.

  • sawminessawmines Join Date: 2018-01-23 Member: 235508Members
    I have tried everything to get my original save back after I deleted my profile (for separate reasons), added it back and couldn't sync the save. My issue is the same as the original post with me having to use the game offline due to it not being able to sync. I'm not sure what the xbox only update was about but it didn't seem to do anything. Any advice anyone?
  • 0x6A72320x6A7232 US Join Date: 2016-10-06 Member: 222906Members
    There's another Xbox update today at about 7PM PST, try after that hits?
  • Stasis2620Stasis2620 usa Join Date: 2018-01-26 Member: 235797Members
    im still having this issue even after the new update? is there not any fix?
  • 0x6A72320x6A7232 US Join Date: 2016-10-06 Member: 222906Members
    Stasis2620 wrote: »
    im still having this issue even after the new update? is there not any fix?

    Nuts. Can you create a new XB1 profile on the same Xbox, and try to play on that? Does that work?
  • rknottrknott London Join Date: 2018-01-27 Member: 235954Members
    Had this issue last week, before the recent 6gb update and couldn’t recover it.
    Is there any way of us making backups of the saves?
    As an enhancement request, multiple backaups so you can go back to an earlier save would be handy.
  • LindamantoothLindamantooth Join Date: 2018-07-05 Member: 241927Members
    Facing this same issue from last few days.
  • Captn_MikroCaptn_Mikro Michigan Join Date: 2016-10-22 Member: 223287Members
    edited July 2018
    I lost My game and it won't sync recover from cloud data I lost a significantly large game save I lost everything 0x83860012 Not be able to get game to stop syncing
  • CoolKId2200CoolKId2200 United States Join Date: 2019-01-06 Member: 248171Members
    Have the same issue guys, it just says "loading data for Subnautica" and if it fails it will say "try again", when it fails to sync or it says go offline, but i dont want to play offline, eventually after you keep hitting retry it will give up and load into the game. in game it just says "loading" and it goes on forever. Would love to play the game again
  • TK62403TK62403 USA Join Date: 2019-01-25 Member: 249306Members
    I see Unknown Worlds is aware of this bug. My game saved properly until the latest patch. Now I can only play offline. Not a big deal I guess beyond the 2 min wait while the game tries and fails at syncing. Hoping to see it resolved soon but it’s not going to stop me from playing in the meantime.
  • gmv312gmv312 Join Date: 2019-02-08 Member: 250647Members
    Im having issues with syncing my save games. I have been playing on hardcore, made it down to primary containment facility saved and quit to take a break before entering, and when I tried to load game again, it tried to sync data and fails every time, so I can no longer play the game except Offline mode, which I would have to start a new game again. Please help, i dont want to lose my hardcore save
  • SonicCornettoSonicCornetto Join Date: 2018-10-21 Member: 244254Members
    It works fine for me. The only problem I had was a few days ago, when it took 30 minutes to save.
  • gmv312gmv312 Join Date: 2019-02-08 Member: 250647Members
    It has been over 2 weeks and it still wont sync my save games, I have tried everything. reinstalled, unplugged xbox, cleared persistant storage, restarted router, cleared mac address, everything I could think of. Still wont sync...
  • gmv312gmv312 Join Date: 2019-02-08 Member: 250647Members
    Unfortunate fix for sync error: press MENU on Subnautica, select manage game and add ons, go to saved data, and delete from everywhere. This fixes the sync error but unfortunatly you have to start a new game.
  • KillerTortoise1KillerTortoise1 England Join Date: 2016-01-20 Member: 211719Members
    I have a fix if anyone is still having this issue, which I did up until yesterday, I deleted all my local saves then launched the game on xcloud, it took ages but eventually it synced, this then allowed me to boot the save, save again and then sync when I turn on the actual console. If you've got gamepass ultimate you can do this for free if not if suggest trying to get a free trial, getting one month subscription or waiting for when it is cheap. Hope this helps anyone, I've got no clue if all this was a coincidence or not but it worked for me and I've had this issue for months!
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