LOADING... Syncing Data for Subnautica... 'Try again' 'Use offline'

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In order to play SN, I must disable the Xbox Live save game function.
Log of actions required to play;
SN started.
'Press Menu'
1. Code; 'LOADING...'
. 1.1 Code; 'Syncing Data for Subnautica'
2. Code; 'we couldn't get your latest saved data'
. 2.1 Code; 'try again or use this game or app offline'
3. User choices; A. 'try again'. B. 'use offline'
. 3.1 User response; 'try again'
See 1.1 above
See 2 and 2.1 above
See 3 and 3.1 above
See 1.1 above
4. User response; C. 'Cancel' selected while syncing in progress
5. Code; 'if you stop syncing your xbox will have incomplete data for your save'
6. User choices; A. 'keep syncing'. D. 'stop syncing'
7. User response; 'stop syncing '
8. Screen blinks, blinks, blinks
9. See 1 above
10. Main Menu is displayed

Probable cause;
Xbox Live doesn't have a game save for SN.
I have reinstalled SN 5 times since the C&C update. This issue can not be resolved by reinstalling SN.


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