Be able to repair survival capsules and exploit them

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Am I the only one to regret that it is not possible to :

1 - be able to pick up the fire extinguisher, the care kit and the contents of the boot of each survival capsule? (See clearly to recover the batteries from the capsules).

As it is, it gives the impression of a (fictitious) pasted (amusement park) decoration with elements present visually speaking, but which prove to be factious in the facts.

2 - not being able to repair them with the repair tool and some resources ?

I will find it really great to be able to put them back on the water. :smiley:
It would be as many fronts scattered all over the map and the feeling of repairing things.

We could clog the openings and re-solve the gaps with the repair tool (as with the Aurora reactor) and resuspend the capsules with the floats (temporarily or definitively) .

This would give real usefulness to the floats.

Yes ? No ? What do you think of this suggestion ? :smile:


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