Made a tool to clean "cache" crash

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What is this?
This fixes cache corruption crashes by deleting cache information that your base(s) does NOT occupy.

I got tired of having to manually clean my cache file so a made a small tool that "cleans" the cache.

What it looks like

Download Here (Subnautica Cache Cleaner v0.11b.rar - 34 KB) ]
Make sure to read the README.txt to see how it works

Heads Up
*This resets nodes so everything that you opened will respawn making the game easier :/
*It's only needed to clean cache if you are crashing
*After cleaning cache
  1. Go into game and load save
  2. Once your loaded in, Save the game
  3. Go back to the main menu
  4. Now you can play

Source Code
Well hopefully someone finds it useful I had fun making this, last time I programmed was about 10 years ago. I created it in Visual Studio 2015 (Visual Basic) :D

If you want to see the (horrendous) source code here you go
SubnauticaCacheCleaner Source Files v0.11.rar - 270 KB

Version History
0.10 - Initial
0.11 - Fixed screenshot update when the account has multiple saves
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