PSA: Anyone who has had crashes, that would like to share their saved game with the devs, READ:

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>>>BONUS!<<< See the end of this post for tips on how to make your crash report & saved game logs even more useful to the devs by including relevant information with your submission!

The devs want your save game folder, to try and figure out what's causing this. [EDIT: some clarification. The devs want this info when the game is in its crashing state, so, if you've fixed the issue, and you have the old crash causing cache files backed up, temporarily undo that, get the crash, and then follow this guide, so that they can see what the problem is. They won't be helped by a freshly cache cleaned save, with a log file showing no problems. ;) ]

EDIT2: Anyone who has safety concerns (for a saved game folder?? well I suppose anything is possible) can, instead of posting the link to their saved game folder here, send it to of course. I don't think anything could happen with a saved game folder, but if you're not sure, by all means, use the private e-mail option if it makes you more comfortable.

I've put together a guide, with pictures in case anyone needs them. The straightforward guide is at the beginning, if you need a bit of hand-holding, read the rest of the post and I'll go through it step-by-step.
EDIT#??, read this section if you really just want to know what needs to be send and where to find it:
Ottius wrote: »
This guide is too difficult with all those "open this folder, drag that folder, move that folder". Can you just say which folders/files beside the SaveGames should I provide?

1. Your Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames\slot00xx folder
2. Your Subnautica\YYYY-MM-DD_HHMMSS folder, if it/they exist
3. Your Subnautica\Subnautica_Data\output_log.txt file
4. Your dxdiag output saved to dxdiag.txt or similar ("Save All Information" by the exit button on the lower right)
5. Compress all of that ▲ using 7zip, WinRAR, WinZip, or Windows, just remember, efficiency-wise, it's 7z > rar > zip
6. Upload the archive somewhere and post a sharing link to it

Before we start, download and install 7-zip, as we'll be using it in this guide. If you need help doing that, watch this video (you should download the 64-bit version).

Open up all three of these locations, found in \steamapps\common:
  • Subnautica
  • Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames
  • Subnautica\Subnautica_Data
  • Right-click slot000x folder in Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames > 7-zip > add to slot000x.7z
  • Copy (CTRL-drag) your crash folder from Subnautica\ to SNAppData\SavedGames
  • Copy your output_log.txt file from Subnautica\Subnautica_Data to \SNAppData\SavedGames

Leave SavedGames open, close the other two. You may want to add SavedGames to QuickAccess (button at upper left) or Favorites (right-click Favorites, click add current location).

Open dxdiag, click save all information, save dxdiag.txt to SavedGames

Double-click on the slot000x.7z file in SavedGames to open it in 7-zip.

In SavedGames, drag
  • crash folder
  • output_log.txt
  • DxDiag.txt
down to the 7-zip icon on the taskbar, wait for 7-zip to come up, and then continue dragging up and into the 7-zip window, to add those files to slot000x.7z

Open Google Drive* and upload your slot000x.7z

Right-click the uploaded file, click 'Get shareable link', and paste that link (automatically copied to clipboard) into your post here.

-- delete the crash folder, output_log.txt, and slot000x.7z file from SavedGames

* Of course you can use whichever file hosting service you prefer

Now, if you needed more help:

1. Right-click Subnautica in Steam, click 'Properties', then click the 'Local Files' tab. Then click the 'Browse Local Files...' button. Move the 'Subnautica' folder that opens to the upper left of your screen.

2. In the 'Subnautica' folder, right-click 'Subnautica_Data' and click 'Open in new window' >> Move the new 'Subnautica_Data' folder below the 'Subnautica' window.

3. In the 'Subnautica' folder, right-click 'SNAppData' and click 'Open in new window' >> Move the new 'SNAppData' folder to the right of the 'Subnautica' folder.

4. In the 'SNAppData' folder (upper right), double-click the 'SavedGames' folder to open 'SavedGames' in the 'SNAppData' window. 'SNAppData' is now 'SavedGames'.

5. In the 'SavedGames' folder (upper right), right-click on the saved game slot folder you want to send, and go down to '7-zip >', and click 'Add to "slot000x.7z". (Not sure which folder has your save? Look at the modified dates / times, or peek inside the folder at the 'screenshot.jpg' file.) Wait for 7-zip to compress the folder for you, resulting in a 'slot000x.7z' file.

6. In the 'Subnautica' folder (upper left), hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and click and drag the crash folder (labeled by the date and time of your crash, like 2016-10-19_221554) from the 'Subnautica' folder (upper left), to the 'SavedGames' folder (upper right). This copies the crash folder to the 'SavedGames' folder, we'll use this later.

7. In the 'Subnautica_Data' folder (lower left), scroll and find the output_log.txt file. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and click and drag the output_log.txt file to the 'SavedGames' folder (upper right). This copies output_log.txt to 'SavedGames', again, for later use.

8. In the 'SavedGames' folder (upper right), click the "Pin to Quick Access" button on the upper left of the window. If you aren't on Windows 10, then find and right-click on the 'Favorites' in the left pane, and click 'Add current location to Favorites'.

9. Click the Start menu, type dxdiag and press enter or click the dxdiag result at the top of the list. Wait for dxdiag to finish (green bar to fill and disappear, if you don't see it, it's done), then click the 'Save all information' button at the bottom. In the Save As box, find 'SavedGames' under QuickAccess or Favorites, and click it to go to the 'SavedGames' folder location. Then click the 'Save' button, to save DxDiag.txt to the 'SavedGames' folder. You can now close the dxdiag (DirectX Diagnostic Tool) program.

10. In the 'SavedGames' folder (upper right), click the 'Maximise' button in the upper right of the window (box button, next to the 'X' / 'Close' button) -- this makes 'SavedGames' fill the screen.

11. In the 'SavedGames' folder (whole screen), double-click on the slot000x.7z file to open it in 7-zip.

11a. In the 'SavedGames' folder (whole screen), individually drag each one of:
  • the crash folder (eg, 2016-10-19_221554)
  • DxDiag.txt
  • output_log.txt
to the 7-zip icon in the Taskbar, and then, once 7-zip pops back up, drag them into the slot000x.7z 7-zip window, which will copy them into it.

12. In your browser, go to Click 'NEW', then click 'File upload'. In the 'Open' box, find 'SavedGames' in the QuickAccess or Favorites on the left pane, and click it to open that location. Then, click the slot000x.7z file, and click the 'Open' button. Wait for the file to upload.

13. After the file upload completes, you will see 'slot000x.7z' in your Google Drive. Right-click it, and click 'Get shareable link'. A box will open up containing a sharing link, which will allow anyone you give the link to access to that file. It is also automatically copied into your clipboard. In the Subnautica Bug Reporting thread, right-click and choose 'Paste' to copy the link into your post.

That's it! Now, delete these files in the 'SavedGames' folder:
  • the crash folder (eg, 2016-10-19_221554)
  • output_log.txt
  • the slot000x.7z file
--You might want to keep the DxDiag.txt file, as if you upload another saved game, that file is the same, and you don't have to run dxdiag again, you can just re-use that one.

Any clarifications, corrections, etc, just post below and I'll edit the OP. :)

>>>BONUS section! Quoted directly from a stickied, locked thread, by advanced coding magics!<<<
(not really, just a little adjusting of this method to work on the UWE forums)
Comprox wrote: »
Hey guys!

Subnautica is currently in Early Access and as such you may find gameplay bugs and weird glitches.
It would greatly help us out if you could please post your issues with as much detail as possible (video/screenshots/descriptions), followed by the following requested information...

Things to include in your report (if possible)

Example Topic Title:
[Bug] Seamoth Is Turning Blue! [Version Number]

Contents of Bug report:

Subnautica Version - This can be found in the top right of your game when playing
Description - What is wrong, in general terms
Reproduction steps - Detailed steps on how to reproduce your problem. This makes it a lot easier to fix! :)
Pictures or Video - Pictures can be uploaded to, videos to
output_log.txt (Error Log) - If applicable. Instructions:

Anything you find with reproduction steps, with images and/or video should be posted. Posting something like "this is broken" doesnt help us fix the issue. The more information, the better! :)

Other users can also chime in on the topic, post their screenshots and discuss reproduction steps.
Thanks so much for helping!


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