Coop or multiplayer in Subnautica? I'm afraid not.



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    Coop in Subnautica? Its very strange ...:D
    Subnautica is a good single game.
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    You should make 4 player multiplayer for below zero pls it will be more popular pls
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    This is a small development team, and they have to be wise where they deploy their resources, including people, time, money, etc. They have examined what they have, and what it would likely take to make the game multiplayer, and decided it wasn't worth it. This means that all the "please" and "it's more money" posts are irrelevant.

    If you want multiplayer, there is a mod in progress for it. PC only, i'm afraid.
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    Multiplayer unfortunately missing in the game, but I understand that would be too much work. I tried the MP mod, but too many bugs.
    Subnautica with the neverending world generated by AI, and multiplayer servers for players=Minecraft killer
  • ThxfishThxfish Join Date: 2020-06-28 Member: 262181Members
    I'm fine with this, just finished my first subnautica play through and the sense of isolation and storytelling wouldn't work with co-op, after all a cuddle fish is just a fish with an actual person to compare it to
  • BektagBektag Join Date: 2020-08-06 Member: 263073Members
    I do not believe that adding a Co-Op option in the game would be that difficult, yes it would take some time, but in the end all that it would and could be is just an addition to the game menu, not in the actual game, just an option for an open world sandbox mode, and lets face it, how many more games would you sell if you did that, my bet would be 100's if not 1000's more, its not like you don't have the intelligence to do so, you have created a fantastic game, it would just make it that much better
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    If a completely survival focused version of subnautica is made I would recommend that be the priority to have multiplayer in as it would be quite hard with a story but could be quite fun for survival. I don't know where to ask this but at the end of the story based subnautica's is there any plan to make a completely survival focused one? A fully survival focused game could allow using much more of the concepts that were left out like the giant submarine one.
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    9Rarro wrote: »
    There could allways be multiplayer o coop mods if subnautica would allow for mods in the future like they did in Skyrim
    There is always hope :smile:

    There's should
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    Why should a game based upon singleplayer survival in a non-violent, story-based, exploration and discovery related game have to have multiplayer? 7DtD, Minecraft, DST, The Forest, etc have multiplayer. There are a million games that have multiplayer because it FITS a game that is based on the aforementioned cores does not need a multiplayer. In fact, I would only see playing with someone else as losing the majesty that the game presents by removing the isolated element. Why do people validate the value and quality of a title based on if they can play with others? That seems really... erm... sad honestly. No offense intended.

    Edit: Let me clarify that I don't mind the idea of a multiplayer OPTION. I would never use it personally. But the option of having it isn't a bad idea. My discussion above is more along the lines of saying that the game is/will be terrible and someone will never get it BECAUSE it doesn't have multiplayer. That's what I find pretty lame.
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    I reckon a multiplayer game, within 4546b with rust like gameplay (raiding and pvp), would be really fun.
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    WSBurns wrote: »
    Flayra wrote: »
    But until then, we're going to finish up Subnautica the way it was meant to be: one person trying to survive in in a massive, dangerous, beautiful, alien world.

    I think the current game set is too small for multiplayer mode, i imagine if 1000 players were connected and every one of them was scavenging for resources and trying to park his Cyclops, building bases and placing beacons everywhere, it would be a pain im sure.For this i agree multiplayer should be out of question.

    However if we had at least 3 survivor npc´s tied to a good story that could be enough, the more i think about it the more a ONE person trying to survive fells unreasonable.

    From my perspective this game would benefit greatly from having a "State of Decay" NPC survivors pool kinda thing, you know with an Aurora Crash solid story where we could rescue some survivors (probably facing difficult choices of having time to get only one person and that changing the outcome of the story somehow) and then assign them some tasks and having them walking around our base...maybe we could even upgrade our base and tech based on some of the survivors knowledge and suggestions... Without some purpose for building large bases and having 3 types of beds still makes the game fell empty, no matter how many fish you add it, I still feel something´s missing, I speak for myself here, not sure if others feel the same way.

    Even I understand you guys are trying to walk a safe path, I think that if you don´t take some chances you will end up with another "No Man´s Sky" disappointing title, please don´t let this happen, the game is too great to go down like this.

    what if it was not online multiplayer but was offline
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    Io ho sempre desiderato subnautica, e quando lo ho visto che c'era su PS4 la ho subito acquistata anche il mio amico ma quando abbiamo visto che non potevamo giocare in sieme ci è dispiaciuto molto e vi chiedo se potete mettere il multiplayer su subnautica ps4

    I have always wanted subnautica, and when I saw it was on PS4 I immediately bought it too my friend but when we saw that we could not play together we were very sorry and I ask you if you can put multiplayer on subnautica ps4
  • narfblatnarfblat Utah, USA Join Date: 2016-05-15 Member: 216799Members, Forum Moderators, Forum staff
    @bizio Subnautica will not be multiplayer. It would take too much time and money to rewrite the game.
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