Coop or multiplayer in Subnautica? I'm afraid not.



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    Coop in Subnautica? Its very strange ...:D
    Subnautica is a good single game.
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    You should make 4 player multiplayer for below zero pls it will be more popular pls
  • narfblatnarfblat Utah, USAMembers, Forum Moderators, Forum staff Join Date: 2016-05-15 Member: 216799Posts: 759 mod
    This is a small development team, and they have to be wise where they deploy their resources, including people, time, money, etc. They have examined what they have, and what it would likely take to make the game multiplayer, and decided it wasn't worth it. This means that all the "please" and "it's more money" posts are irrelevant.

    If you want multiplayer, there is a mod in progress for it. PC only, i'm afraid.
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    Multiplayer unfortunately missing in the game, but I understand that would be too much work. I tried the MP mod, but too many bugs.
    Subnautica with the neverending world generated by AI, and multiplayer servers for players=Minecraft killer
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    I'm fine with this, just finished my first subnautica play through and the sense of isolation and storytelling wouldn't work with co-op, after all a cuddle fish is just a fish with an actual person to compare it to
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    I do not believe that adding a Co-Op option in the game would be that difficult, yes it would take some time, but in the end all that it would and could be is just an addition to the game menu, not in the actual game, just an option for an open world sandbox mode, and lets face it, how many more games would you sell if you did that, my bet would be 100's if not 1000's more, its not like you don't have the intelligence to do so, you have created a fantastic game, it would just make it that much better
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    If a completely survival focused version of subnautica is made I would recommend that be the priority to have multiplayer in as it would be quite hard with a story but could be quite fun for survival. I don't know where to ask this but at the end of the story based subnautica's is there any plan to make a completely survival focused one? A fully survival focused game could allow using much more of the concepts that were left out like the giant submarine one.
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    9Rarro wrote: »
    There could allways be multiplayer o coop mods if subnautica would allow for mods in the future like they did in Skyrim
    There is always hope :smile:

    There's should
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