Coop or multiplayer in Subnautica? I'm afraid not.



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    Flayra wrote: »
    Hey everyone,

    We've been getting tons and tons of questions and requests about whether we're going to add multiplayer to Subnautica or not.

    Back in our early prototypes we always had multiplayer in the back of our mind. But we had so much to learn about the game, multiplayer was never a priority. Eventually we hit early access and now it would take many man-years to add any kind of multiplayer to Subnautica. We don't want to spend years more working on Subnautica before v1.0, so we sadly have come to terms with the fact that we won't be adding any kind of multiplayer or coop to the game.

    Maybe one day we'll start over on a different engine and make a new Subnautica game based around coop. A game where one person is piloting the sub, another person is poring over readouts and computers, another is repairing the engines and yet another is radioing for help in a dark biome, where their Seamoth is almost out of juice. We would love to play that game.

    But until then, we're going to finish up Subnautica the way it was meant to be: one person trying to survive in in a massive, dangerous, beautiful, alien world.
    9Rarro wrote: »
    There could allways be multiplayer o coop mods if subnautica would allow for mods in the future like they did in Skyrim
    There is always hope :smile:

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    Arachia wrote: »
    Sorry to disagree with all the multiplayer NAYs here but Co-Op IS coming to Subnautica and actually IS possible NOW from a mod that is currently being developed.
    Look at nexusmods under subnautica for mod #159 Nitrox - Multiplayer Mod
    You can use this with a bit of work. It is NOT a straight install AT THIS POINT. Is in alpha to beta stage. so whether the Devs want this game to become co-op, multiplayer, or just stay single player for those that want co-op it is possible and will becoming more so soon.

    Oh? Then I'm sure you know how long they've been working on that co-op mod. 2 years, 3 years now? UW said that's the exact amount of time it would take for them to add multiplayer because they would have had to rewrite everything. Imagine if UW actually tried to add in multiplayer, we wouldn't even have below zero at this time let alone a finished game. And I'm sure at that point people wouldn't be hammering for multiplayer but would be hammering for a finished game.
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    I mean, if you REALLY want multiplayer, then download the Nitrox mod.
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    I LOVE the fact its not multiplayer. I detest multiplayer. And lets be honest, the devs have a lot more to worry about than starting to rewrite the base code when there are still major bugs in the original game they haven't had time to fix yet, nevermind multiplayer lol.
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    Alguien sabe como poner subnautica este en español para ps4 me sale todo en ingles HELP HELP
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    @OsRETO Ir a opciones y luego a idioma
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    Not to tell anyone how to play or how to glean enjoyment from said game but that said I fear the "multi" addition to any single player story driven game........ All one has to do is look at any franchise ( there are exceptions to this rule but far less than those that don't ) that started as a single player game with a story ( it doesn't even have to have a good story just narration even) more times than not when a multiplayer addition is added ( or when the team developing a game is forced to add said addition ) the single player portion always without fail suffers from that addition. There are too many examples to list and we all know of them and wish they hadn't been given the "multi" kiss of death. I love multiplayer games and believe they have a place. I just don't think it has a place with SN or at least at this time. I think we have more than enough "Multi" in our beloved pass time and I for one am going to continue to think so as an avid PC gamer and programmer Ill support Unknownworlds and SN and SNBZ with my $ and my time regardless of the future of the series but felt I needed to toss in my two cents into this huge pile of pennies. CHEERS

    PS: Lol queue the angry PVPrs and light them torches I smell a mob coming my way...... Oo
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    Multiplayer could still be worked on and made so players have to send out a radio signal to tell other players there locations everyone is in a different life pod around the ocean you guys should work on it even if its added within a dlc not update think about it pay another team to make it
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    There already is a fan made multiplayer mod in the works. So pointless for the devs to make multiplayer dlc
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    There already is a fan made multiplayer mod in the works. So pointless for the devs to make multiplayer dlc

    It's been almost three whole years and this thread is still going with people asking over and over even though the topic was answered by the title alone. It surprises me.
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    Multiplayer could still be worked on and made so players have to send out a radio signal to tell other players there locations everyone is in a different life pod around the ocean you guys should work on it even if its added within a dlc not update think about it pay another team to make it

    Sure it can if you want all development of subnautica to be halted for more than a year and it's not something that can be added in a simple update like UW has been repeatedly saying; it will require a full rewrite of their code
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    So this was absolutely the right choice, and it makes a great deal of sense to do it this way given that the "alone on a beautiful death world" aesthetic was part of what made Subnautica such an amazing game to play. If you do multiplayer in the future, I'd do it by having different players working in different parts of 4546B, only able to communicate in brief messages, but able to occasionally share resources or activate Almanac tech that they find (maybe an add-on to Below Zero from the perspective of Jeffries, where the player must help Robin remotely?). So sort of an expansion of the time capsule mechanic from Subnautica, expanded a little bit.
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    I have to say I love subnautica, and while I would also LOVE a coop for subnautica I see where the issue comes in that making a multiplayer/coop subnautica would be a crazy amount of work. That said I really like the idea of finishing the subnautica story line we are in right now, and then moving on to a new story line in either a different universe or in the same universe just a different story line altogether. as an entirely unrelated note ya'll have done some amazing things with NS2. Thank you for that! Been playing natural selection since NS1 and love what you did with NS2.
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    There wouldn't be much to do in a coop or multiplayer other than showing off, later engaging at Seamoth obstacle race and other minigames of choice, repeat for a few days until it grows boring.

    People nowadays (mostly the teens?) seem to want coop/multi on everything, which is more trouble than it's worth for some titles, seems to be case here.

    Subnauticas are to be taken alone and dive into its own universe.

    What the games lack (mostly for extended gameplay at new-game/replay value) is NPC interaction, some in-game characters and events that bend and shape the sotryline to different ways. Hmm likely the best way to add that would be via modding. I'll try creating a topic about it.
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    I personally love to have a coop multi-player mod where we xan all play together, i think this is the future of gaming.
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    Personally, in my opinion, Subnautica has no use for multi-player coop. Submersion ( not a water pun I promise ), is incredibly ruined by multi-player cooperative playing. In a game like 7 Days to Die or Ark then it's welcome. But one of Subnautica's great strengths is that the singleplayer world is enhanced by your isolation. Having someone running around with you removes that feeling.

    I have more to add to this.. but it's time to go home!

    have a great night Subnautic'ers!
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    Subnautica no, but a coop game based on the subnautica universe can be done. Alterra knows the planet now and a team of researcher sent there or a "competition" between trans-gov to uncover every secret of planet 4546B is something that can make sense. You're no longer a survivor from a crash, so i can really see people working to discover another part of the planet and resolve other mysteries from it.

    But it has to be though through the beginning in multiplayer fashion, so the world is dynamic, the objectives are dynamic.. it is pretty clear a single player story does not particularly fit very well an online game (even a coop game).
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    The picture frame is too small. The uploaded picture can only show one third of the picture.
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    Coop mod on ps4 please
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    Why not add a Nintendo switch version please I play on xbox and I want to play on my nintendo switch thank you for reading
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    I agree that subnautica is meant to be a singleplayer game, but just having the option to join in with friends with nothing else changed is something I would pay good money for :P
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    Little to none of the story is specific about you being alone, so that isn't really the problem. The problem has more to do with properly handling multiple users on the same world. Modders have slightly less worry, as they can't be accused of taking money for an unfinished or rough product.

    issues include:
    1. Syncing data so what player A takes or builds is changed for player B.
    2. Handling blueprints for multiple players - if player A scans everything, it wouldn't make sense for player B to automatically have the Blueprint. However, this would make blueprints an exception to #1.
    3. Handling storyline if player A is working to endgame while B is just exploring.
    4. Showing playernodels for other players. This seemed to be a large issue for the mod team.
    5-? More issues that would only be realized while attempting to change the game.
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    I think its a fair decision, my first playthrough was alot of fun because of the solo discovery element
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    Could Subnautica get a mode where its still survival mode with the oxygen, thirst and hunger- just no story?
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    I get that they wanted to release the game rather than keep us waiting for multiplayer, but I still don't know why a) they didn't take this into consideration with Below Zero and make the game in such a way that it would scale to multiplayer later and b) why not launch a Kickstarter to fund a development team to re-write the codebase and significantly reduce the risk, while still being able to stay focused on Below Zero?
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    a) Below Zero was built upon the code of original Subnautica, not from scratch.
    b) The developers may have considered this. What can be said for certain is that they weighed cost and feasibility of multiplayer against the additional sales it might generate, and didn't find it worth it.
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    Makes sense, but the risk of cost/feasibility against additional sales is completely removed when the project is 100% funded before it even starts, rather than relying on sales. Sales become a bonus at that point. If the interest really isn't there, the Kickstarter would fail and we'd all move on. But it would be cool to give the fans a chance to prove that wrong. And as a bonus any future games could then be built on a codebase that supports multiplayer. Love the game though. Definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for the response.
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    maybe someone could make some sort of mod maybe? but anyways there is still hope
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    Flayra wrote: »

    And this is why I will never buy this game. I am sure I am not the only one thinking the same. A minimum of 1 friend coop would have save my opinion of the game.
    The game look fantastic. But I will never buy a game like this to play alone. We are already SO alone those Covid19 days also.

    Your team should double think... How many millions of copy of this game will never get sold, just for a feature so 2020 missing.

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