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    @SupaDupaNoodle Rookies no longer show as green on the scoreboard. Also, 59% of games are played in rookie only servers, so it is likely you would not see rookies outside of them.

    EDIT: @_INTER_ not sure why you disagreed. I did not say anything factually wrong or give an opinion.
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    Also, a good rule of thumb is that a rookie is equivalent to an empty player slot on a team.


    Harsh but true?

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    Well it is kind of true, hive balance shuffle doesn't work at all so you have to balance manually, if you can see who is a rookie that helps a lot. Also it is better for the rookie because it is less pressure on him.
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    Could it be connected somehow? Hive is down (at least the non-web part of it) and as such the game doesn't know the playtimes and can't colorize the names. I also noticed that there are no badges at all now, this is 100% not intended.
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    Neoken wrote: »
    Handschuuh wrote: »
    @MoFo1 in my experience in ns2 you need to aim exactly at the model in order to get a high acc... ns1 was far more lenient... probably because the bullets regged better... not seeing the full alienmodel actually sucks for me... probably because I also predict how the alien moves... but its interestingly much easier for me to track lerks without these healthbars - especially when theyre in "dodgemode"

    You can disable the health bars in the options by setting "Show enemy health" to false ;)

    You guys still don't get it. Disabling HP bars isn't a real option. If you turn it off, you give up all that vital information gain and basically handicap yourself. I find the HP bars ugly and distracting more than anything, but I'm forced to play with them because I don't want to be put at a disadvantage compared to everyone else who is using them.

    or you could just shoot the same target all your friends suddenly start targeting. There, you know can play with no healthbars on and still kill the same target.
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    McGlaspie wrote: »
    Hopefully I can clear up some of the confusion regarding Crush vs players...

    But before I get to that, just want to briefly explain the other half of Crush.
    It does not affect the Type of damage done. It just increases the damage done to structures only, by 7 / 14 / 21 percent based on the number of Shells. Simple.

    Now, for the fun part: Damage against Players.
    Whenever any damage is applied, a long series of calculations are performed. One of the variables in those calculations is "ArmorFractionUsed". The default ArmorFractionUsed is 70%. This denotes how much of the damage done will be deducted from Armor. The leftover amount (after armor damage is applied) will be deducted from Health. Crush increases the ArmorFractionUsed by up to 21%. It does not modify the amount of damage done. On the surface, this doesn't seem to useful. However, the less armor a Marine has, the less effective Medpacks are. Combine this effect with attacks like Lerk Spikes, and an attrition-like effect is gained. It essentially gains a diminishing factor on Medpacks during combat. Hopefully that clears things up.

    MoFo1 wrote: »
    I noticed some audio glitching with the MG. It would suddenly get a super loud echo for a short time before going back to normal..

    Only had time for two quick games so didn't have a chance to figure out what was causing it.
    I'm fairly certain you're correct on this, and I'll be making adjustments to the sound's falloff to hopefully eliminate this problem.

    The audio for the MG (HMG) is way too quiet from alien perspective. I will be a lerk/fade going right up to a marine to kill him and he will fire his MG and it sounds like its coming from a different room and then it's too late to realize that he has an MG and I lose my lerk/fade.
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