Congrats Unknown Worlds! Welcome to Xbox One!



  • HeartOfTheKINGHeartOfTheKING XBOX ONEMembers Join Date: 2016-05-30 Member: 217758Posts: 168 Advanced user
    Does anyone know when it is fully released yet?

    It's 1.0 released for the PC, the Xbox also received an update on the same day that gave it all of the same content as PC. However the devs said they want to focus on some Xbox specific performance improvements before they release it as 1.0 on Xbox. They don't have a date yet, but my guess would be in about a month.
  • NorCali925NorCali925 Pittsburg,CaMembers Join Date: 2018-03-14 Member: 239064Posts: 2 Fully active user
    Can't get past the loading screen can anyone help?
  • measlesmeasles Members, Constellation Join Date: 2007-02-26 Member: 60122Posts: 398 Advanced user
    woo hoo!
    Xbone,, Im finally getting back into gaming! (since the accident)
  • LindamantoothLindamantooth Members Join Date: 2018-07-05 Member: 241927Posts: 8 Fully active user
    That's great news. I love this game.
  • RJEB94RJEB94 CanadaMembers Join Date: 2018-07-24 Member: 242436Posts: 3 Fully active user
    Hello. I know this is a pretty old thread and I am hoping the devs will read what i write here but I just have a small question. I have been playing Subnautica on Xbox one game preview since day 1 but i have stopped playing. I am an OCD type of player that does not like playing games if it is missing any updates but since Subnautica is pretty close to a console release i just have to ask this to calm my OCD problem. Are we missing any updates?? Does xbox one have everything the PC version has and the last update before launch is just bug fixes now?? Now if we have everything then i will start playing subnautica all the way through to the end game sequence. But if we are still waiting on 1 more update then my OCD will keep me from playing until that update comes out. So is the next update a content update or are you goes just polishing up the rest of the bugs for version 1.0??
  • Icy_69Icy_69 Members Join Date: 2019-02-12 Member: 250876Posts: 1 Fully active user
    Are you kidding me?!
    My goddamn save file is completely fucked (24hrs+ of progresss) because of one stupid thing. I jumped in the prawn suit and fell through the map and i cant die so im stuck.
    You have time to make a bloody DLC but noooooo you cant make framerate better.
    Seriously £30 for a game like this seems like a rip off. This has conpletely put me off of below zero and Any future or present UWE games im not impressed. Minecraft runs better than this and that realllly says something. I understand its hard to make a game but still.
  • ShawnKingstonShawnKingston USAMembers Join Date: 2019-07-11 Member: 253688Posts: 1 Fully active user
    Can someone please help.
    My xbox one x will not connect to the internet automatically. I have to either go into settings and test the connection or set up the network again for it to work. Even then it will only stay connected for 2-5 minutes. Nothing else in the house (TV, pc, laptop, phones, ps4 etc) has this issue with connecting to the internet just this junk ass useless console. What can I do to resolve this issue?

  • YeahSubnauticaYeahSubnautica Members Join Date: 2020-01-31 Member: 257524Posts: 1 Fully active user
    When will Subnautica below zero come out on Xbox or did it already come out because it said it would come out Jan 30
  • mizzmizzmizzmizz JapanMembers Join Date: 2020-04-01 Member: 259444Posts: 2 Fully active user
    Do you have plans subnautica release in Japanese Xbox store with IARC rating?
  • NishaasharmaNishaasharma Members Join Date: 2020-04-30 Member: 260502Posts: 1 Freshly registered user
    I was so inspired that i bought it proper away. quality contact with solid gameplay and lightbulb concept took my heart right at the start.
  • cyberflixcyberflix BerlinMembers Join Date: 2020-07-24 Member: 262737Posts: 1 Freshly registered user
    Have been looking forward to hear this good news. Thanks mate.
  • riyasenriyasen IndiaMembers Join Date: 2021-02-14 Member: 267677Posts: 4 Freshly registered user
    When will Subnautica below zero come out on Xbox or did it already come out because it said it would come out Jan 30

    It out and and my friend play it on his xbox.
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