'AURORA FALLS' - A Subnautica story.



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    Dark matter or "anti matter" turns into a black hole when the substance touches real matter.... suffice to say it rapidly expands and contracts at the same time, causing severe damage and little remains
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    Dark matter or "anti matter" turns into a black hole when the substance touches real matter.... suffice to say it rapidly expands and contracts at the same time, causing severe damage and little remains

    Unfortunately, NO.

    'Dark Matter' and 'Anti Matter' are two entirely different substances. Anti Matter particles tend to be attracted to conventional ('real') subatomic particles, resulting in their mutual annihilation and a powerful release of energy. Anti Matter has been created in minute quantities under laboratory conditions, although Dark Matter still proves to be elusive.

    However, since the Universe is theoretically composed almost entirely of Dark Matter and we're still here, it's fairly safe to assume that the subtle difference between AM and DM still holds true. ;)

    Black holes are theorized to be a product of intense stellar gravitational collapse occurring during the final stages of a star's life-span. Black holes will certainly suck the chrome right off your SUV's trailer hitch, then take the entire planet it's on as dessert.

    This might clear things up a little: http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr162/lect/cosmology/antimatter.html
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    Yes, dark matter and antimatter are two entirely different things. Antimatter is particles identical to conventional matter but with the opposite charge. When it comes into contact with normal matter, then the entire mass of both is converted into energy, following E=MC2. This generally results in a huge explosion. The reaction were very small and controlled, then it could be used as a very powerful, if somewhat dangerous, energy source.

    Dark matter, on the other hand, seems to have mass but not emit any energy. To account for the movements of visible objects, their must be quite a lot of it in the universe, but since it emits no energy, actually detecting it has been a problem.

    Since its defining characteristic is that it emits no energy, how it could be used as fuel is a mystery to me.
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    Great story man! I really did like it a lot!
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    "Welcome aboard, IANTO!" I bellowed. "Better one volunteer than ten pressed men. You'll be taking the Queen's Shilling of your own accord, then?
    Step to the fore and make your mark, sir."

    "Your allusion to pre-Industrial Era naval recruitment practices is curiously appropriate, Captain. However, I feel obliged to remind you that I am already in Alterra's service, and I am in fact currently being press-ganged by an Alterra operative. Viewed purely from a technical perspective, of course."

    I rubbed the back of my neck sheepishly. "Well, you've got me there, Laddie. There's a good chance that the situation on this planet may turn for the worse at some stage. Frankly, I'm going to need all the help I can muster, and it's up to you and JUNO to keep me pointed in the right direction. How does that sit with you?"

    "I understand, Captain. If you require any tactical support from us, you should be aware of the MARTIAL protocol's existence. In the event of certain emergencies, JUNO and I are able to take full command of defensive systems and devise strategic responses to verified threat situations."

    "I've heard mention of the MARTIAL protocol before, IANTO. That's what was used to lock down Aurora's armoury after the crash. I don't suppose that you'd be able to cancel the lockdown?"

    "Unfortunately no, Captain. JUNO would also be unable to access the ship's weapon fabrication systems for precisely the same reason. A MARTIAL lockdown automatically prevents unauthorised access to lethal weaponry under highly specific conditions, such as the ship falling to hostile action, uncontrolled descent, abandonment and dereliction or shipboard conflict. Only a command-level officer has the required security clearance level to initiate a MARTIAL scenario, and it requires that same officer's command code to rescind the order. Even though you are now technically Aurora's acting captain, you did not issue the original MARTIAL command sequence."

    "I see. JUNO has already told me the same thing. Not to worry. I've become quite used to working without lethal weapons, and I suspect that any use of deadly force would only provoke a more vigorous response. Mind you, I wouldn't put it past some folks to simply drop a nuke or FOB the living crap out of us if we become too bothersome."

    "Fractional Orbital Bombardment? Captain, only a capital-class warship can mount mass driver cannons of sufficient power to deliver a planetary barrage from orbit... Might I inquire as to the precise nature, projected force strength and presumed species of our potential adversaries?"

    "Either Torgaljin Corporation or Alterra Corporation, or both at the same time."

    IANTO appeared to hesitate before speaking. "Sir... Are you familiar with the works of Sun Tzu?"
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    random comment..... I'm fairly sure, though I'm not entirely sure where from, that taking the "King's shilling" was the army practice, and the navy press-ganged people.... (though I'm certainly thinking Napoleonic wars), did the practice extend as far back as Elizabeth I or as far forward as Victoria?
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    random comment..... I'm fairly sure, though I'm not entirely sure where from, that taking the "King's shilling" was the army practice, and the navy press-ganged people.... (though I'm certainly thinking Napoleonic wars), did the practice extend as far back as Elizabeth I or as far forward as Victoria?

    Although it was more common practice for the Royal Navy to impress sailors from merchant vessels rather than inexperienced 'landsman' until the early 19th Century, it was technically illegal for the Press Gangs to resort to trickery such as the King's/Queen's Shilling gambit. This trick may or may not have been widely used, although some innkeepers started serving drinks in glass-bottomed pewter tankards, presumably to reassure drinkers that they would not fall prey to the press gangs.

    Naturally, in times of national emergency, all bets were off.

    If you had a pulse and two of everything you should have, you were fair game for the 'Hot Press'.
    Only apprentices and 'gentlemen' were safe from forced impressement.
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    I thought the press gangs were allowed to press you - legally that is? so the monarch's shilling in the bottom of a tankard would have been pointless when you could just press them....
    and yeah, I'm fairly sure they'd press sailors of merchant ships for preference.... but as you say - in war, anything went.
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    I, just as many other people, have created an account on this forum just to say how amazing this story is. I am throughly gripped and can't wait for the release of each next part. Keep up the amazing writing. I thank you very much.
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    When I walked onto the command deck the following morning, I was greeted by the sight of IANTO and JUNO waiting patiently for my arrival. There was something familiar about IANTO's avatar, but I couldn't quite place the face. Still a little foggy-headed after a good night's sleep, as a matter of fact. Nothing that a decent cup of coffee and a slow, careful explanation wouldn't sort out.

    "Good morning, Captain." JUNO said, "As you can see, IANTO is now fully online and ready for duty. All personality core systems are operating within nominal indices."

    "Good morning, Captain. I trust that you have slept well?" IANTO beamed.

    "Extremely well, thanks." I said, stifling a yawn. "Excuse me. IANTO... You remind me of someone, possibly someone famous or a historical character, I think. I can't remember precisely who, though."

    IANTO smiled. "You might remember the origin of my avatar if I were to change its clothing. With your permission, Captain?"

    "Certainly, IANTO. I freely admit I've drawn a total blank."

    IANTO's hologram flickered briefly. His clothing now took the form of a layered, long sleeved karate-style gi worn over a pair of brown pants and knee-high brown boots. A plain leather belt adorned with various utility pouches held the gi closed. I didn't make the connection until he added the long, hooded brown robe and an active light sabre. I stood there, slack-jawed and speechless.

    "You're kidding me. You've based your avatar on young Obi-wan Kenobi?" I asked at last.

    "Yes, Captain. I selected this avatar from images found in your collection of 21st. Century entertainment files. Judging by the number of times you have watched this particular series of films, I concluded that you have an affinity with this character. Have I offended you in any way, Captain?"

    I waved his concern away. "No, IANTO. I'm not offended in the least... Ewan McGregor is a Scot, after all. As a matter of fact, you cut a pretty sharp figure as young Obi-wan, right down to the neatly-trimmed moustache and goatee. Great job." I thought about it for a while, then added, "Actually, I'm pretty damn impressed. Unfortunately, others might not take this particular version seriously as a representation of an AI entity. It might be seen as a hopeless fan-boy thing on my part, actually. You are of course, entirely free to choose how you wish to represent yourself."

    "Of course, Captain. I have only assumed this configuration temporarily to trigger your memory."

    "Tell me, IANTO. Were there any other avatars in the collection that also took your fancy?"

    "Oh, yes. This one in particular. A most appropriate choice." IANTO's image flickered once more, resolving into a grey-haired, bearded man with remarkably craggy features. The character wore an old-style military uniform; late Soviet-era, by the look of it. Its most noticeable features were a heavy black greatcoat and matching ushanka fur hat with a gold wreath badge. His uniform jacket was visible under the open greatcoat, and there was a lot of 'fruit salad' over his left breast pocket.

    When I say 'a lot', I actually mean 'an almost ridiculous amount'.

    I shot a sharp look at JUNO. She had been wearing a faint smile of amusement during this exchange, yet had remained strangely silent. I sensed her fine hand at work behind this little escapade.
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    quick clarification, 'fruit salad' in this context=medals?
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    quick clarification, 'fruit salad' in this context=medals?

    Campaign ribbons.

    And no, I don't mean the ones that read 'Trump 2016'. ;)
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    "Nice choice, but no way, Mister. I cannot compete with Captain First Rank, Marko Ramius."

    "I thought that you might appreciate a mildly ironic reference, given our current situation, Captain. Please excuse this entirely unintentional act of insubordination." IANTO added apologetically.

    "That's the worst part of it. I do. JUNO, I take it you might have something to say at this point?"

    "I believe that I may have accidentally imprinted some non-standard personality traits upon IANTO during his upgrade. However, those traits are process-compatible and entirely consistent with a well-adjusted projection of a human psyche. As long as IANTO's higher functions are not impaired by their presence, I believe that their inclusion may prove to be highly beneficial in the long term."

    "JUNO, you sly minx. They are exactly the same personality traits that I originally gave you. Is there any particular reason why you've accidentally passed them on to IANTO?"

    "Yes Captain, there is. You are that reason. Your mental well-being has always been a primary concern during this phase of the mission. The human condition requires a sense of humour to endure hardship and ensure long-term mental stability. Even though humour is something of an abstract concept to all AI entities, we are able to appreciate its value as a means of easing difficult social interactions, as well as it being a source of personal validation and a powerful emotional cathartic. Bluntly stated, a sense of humour is absolutely essential to human survival. It is the strongest armour that can be worn by the human mind."

    "That's positively philosophical of you, JUNO. I had no idea that your perception of humour was quite so finely nuanced."

    IANTO weighed in. "I fully concur with JUNO, Sir. You have demonstrated a need for humour almost matched by your primary requirements of food, hydration, rest and physical exercise. The positive effects of humour as a component of your daily activities cannot be understated. By comparison, most members of the Magellan expedition were experiencing a range of emotional difficulties after spending only three months planet-side. You have been here for nearly seven months, entirely without human company. Shortly before losing contact with Magellan, there were at least two relatively trivial incidents that escalated to acts of physical violence. I cannot be entirely certain of events at either of the bases over significant periods of time, owing to the fact that key members of the Magellan survey team and their Torgaljin guests routinely redacted my surveillance feeds. This was highly suspicious behaviour, to say the least."

    "Speaking of highly suspicious, IANTO... Your memory contains an encrypted file that we will need to access at some later stage. Are you prepared to divulge this information, or are you constrained in some manner?"

    "No such constraint exists, Captain. As long as you are able to provide the correct access code, the decrypted file will become freely accessible. However, as I am still unable to determine who originally appended that file to my memory, I cannot provide you with any additional information that would reveal the location or nature of the decryption code sequence."

    "Gorram it. We'll have to crack that egg later. In the meantime, we're heading out for manoeuvres. Mister IANTO, Mistress JUNO, pray shape yourselves as Commanders. Step lively now!"
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    You need one of them to be grand admiral Thrawn. Then you would be sorted.
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    Of course, I had to make my way over to The Broch first, then install Fabricator consoles in the base and Y Ddraig Goch to house IANTO, and then set up the base's systems before the training exercise could even begin. So much for my rousing 'up-and-at-'em' speech back at Reef Base. Still, I was able to map out a few training scenarios in my head during the transit, so this exercise wouldn't be a complete waste of time. More to the point, I also had to get my own head back into a military way of thinking. If push came to shove, it would require far more than fluffy-headed pirate fantasies to get through this situation in one piece. What started out as a bit of a skylark has now become a deadly serious business, and I would have to carry myself accordingly.

    After completing the Fabricator console, I ran IANTO through a full systems diagnostic. Satisfied that he had fully made himself at home in The Broch and his Cyclops, I headed for the sub pens and boarded Ulysses.

    "Communications check. Ulysses online."

    "Received, Ulysses Actual. Aegis online. JUNO stands ready for orders."

    "Received, Ulysses Actual. Y Ddraig Goch online. IANTO stands ready for orders."

    "Transmissions confirmed. One last thing... IANTO, your revised call-sign is now Red Dragon. I know it's considered bad luck to change a vessel's name, but I'm probably going to rupture my larynx pronouncing it. It's an occupational hazard of any foreigners trying to speak Cymraeg, but I'm sure you'll understand."

    "Affirmative, Captain... You are of course fully aware that I'm not actually Welsh, although I do appreciate your manner of acknowledging my inclusion as a crew member. Thank you, Sir."

    "You're most welcome, IANTO. How does she feel?"

    "Light, bright and ready to fight, Sir." IANTO said proudly.

    "Good man. All hands... Action stations!"

    All three Cyclops cleared their launch tunnels at fifty knots, simulating a rapid sortie. Once clear of the basalt massif housing The Broch, each sub split off on a separate heading at flank speed. The general plan for this exercise was to find a distant place to lie low and clear datum for a while, then proceed to hunt each other down using only passive sensors. A secondary objective was included, providing an additional twist to the proceedings. Each sub had to get as close to The Broch as possible, without alerting its sonar network and activating the defence system.

    To ensure fair play, all communications between submarines had been shut down. An emergency channel was left open, purely on an off chance that something might go awry. The Broch's locator beacon had been disabled, as were the AI sensor input channels for the base. There was an AI of sorts controlling The Broch's defences, although neither JUNO or IANTO would be able to interfere with it or obtain data from the MARTIAL protocol once it was running.

    Let our silent games begin.
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    This might prove to be very interesting. I was curious to see whether JUNO and IANTO would team up against me, then attempt to eliminate each other before striking at The Broch. Conversely, they might converge on the base and lie in wait for me to appear, then eliminate whichever AI closed in for the kill. It wouldn't be easy outsmarting either of them, since they were now operating under the MARTIAL protocol, as well as following the rules of engagement I had laid down for this exercise. We shall have to wait and see how this situation develops.

    My approach was fairly straightforward. Creeping in just above the 40-metre thermocline, occasionally dipping below to listen for any unusual noises. There wasn't much point in listening for the sound of a sub's propulsion systems, since pumpjets are damnably quiet at low revolutions. I was more interested in tracking any biologic sound signatures that spiked on the hydrophones. All I needed was a couple of excited bone sharks sounding off along one of the AI's projected track paths, and I was in business. I conjured JUNO and IANTO would be heading in slow and deep, since that option would appear to offer a reasonable level of stealth. I chose the high road, hoping to mask my sound signature in the surface clutter.

    By dipping below that thermal layer from time to time, I might be able to catch the tell-tale sounds signalling the approach of either one of the Cyclops that were hunting me. Seawater's sharply defined temperature layers at various depths would work in my favour either way. Warmer upper layers would reflect any emitted sound back to the surface, adding to the existing cacophony of sounds generated by wave action. Deeper, colder water would act as a sound duct or waveguide, channelling sound far more effectively over long distances, due to the increased density of seawater at 4.0 degrees Celsius. I have to admit that I was banking on the possibility that neither JUNO or IANTO would exploit the thermal acoustic ducting phenomenon, even though they might be aware of its existence.

    I found a nice wee canyon roughly 1.5 kilometres from The Broch, more or less positioned close to the intersection points of JUNO and IANTO's projected approach tracks. This is the point where things took on a slightly more risky edge. If my plan was to succeed, I would have to get very close to the bottom of a particularly tight and deep trench. I estimated there was about ten to fifteen metres clearance either side, leaving zero room for manoeuvring. The canyon ran for about 200 metres, with an average depth of 850 metres along most of its length. This part of the Deep Reef biome had relatively sparse coverage of the Blue Ball plant compared to the area around The Broch, so it seemed to be one of the most likely approach paths that either of the AIs might use.

    Now I played the waiting game. Apart from the usual background murmur of Deep Grand Reef sounds, I could faintly make out the mournful cries of an approaching Reefback, passing somewhere far overhead. I designated the target 'Bravo1' on the scope as a potential 'biological' signal, then followed its track path, more to pass the time than anything else. After five minutes or so, I noticed that the creature seemed to be heading in a mostly straight line, which I found to be somewhat unusual. Reefbacks tend to meander a fair bit as they swim, being plankton feeders.

    This piqued my interest. I increased the gain on the hydrophone signal and kicked in the band-pass filters. After minutely tweaking the mid to upper frequency ranges, I was able to make out a faint whirring noise. I 'washed' the signal in the filters to clear it up. Definitely a mechanical sound source.


    That's a nice bit of acoustic camouflage work, whoever you are... But I'm not buying it.
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    Uhh... I don't think that is either JUNO or IANTO in that ship with good sound camo, just a guess.
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    Exactly what is going on? Are they playing a game of hide-and-seek? Are the Ai trying to kill him? Sorry to say but I am utterly confused on what is happening...
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    Lorderite wrote: »
    Exactly what is going on? Are they playing a game of hide-and-seek? Are the Ai trying to kill him? Sorry to say but I am utterly confused on what is happening...

    Basically a stealth training exercise in the cyclops. Alexander and the AIs are indeed playing a sort of hide and seek game, and they're also testing the base's sensors by getting as close as possible undetected.
    Plus if the AIs wanted to kill him they'd be rendered braindead by the failsafe protocols mentioned before.
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    Lorderite wrote: »
    Exactly what is going on? Are they playing a game of hide-and-seek? Are the Ai trying to kill him? Sorry to say but I am utterly confused on what is happening...

    Basically a stealth training exercise in the cyclops. Alexander and the AIs are indeed playing a sort of hide and seek game, and they're also testing the base's sensors by getting as close as possible undetected.
    Plus if the AIs wanted to kill him they'd be rendered braindead by the failsafe protocols mentioned before.

    A most erudite and highly succinct synopsis, good Sir.

    I thank you. :)
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    Ok thanks... I though for a sec the Ai had decide to try and betray our poor little hero... Anyways... I think Alexander is getting a little too relaxed in this world... Using as a playground sort of, and he no longer has to ever go out and collect resources? Has he already gotten everything in existence? Would love to see/read some more parts where he encounters a large warper or some more reaper events.... Maybe a monster of your own that has evolved from one of the smaller lesser species! Like encountering a strider that may have evolved from thos annoying crab thingies!
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    Now comes the fun part. I wonder who I've caught?

    My first impulse was to quietly vent ballast and rise slowly behind the intruder. However, Ulysses would make hull-popping noises as she rose, giving away her position prematurely. Fortunately, I had already figured out how to make a perfectly silent ascent. It was as simple as increasing the ambient pressure inside Ulysses until it matched the external pressure on the hull, then slowly bleeding off internal pressure as the sub ascended. End result: No hull-popping noises. The only awkward part of this was having to wear full deep-diving rig while I did it.

    Word to the wise: If you're ever given the choice of piloting a sub while wearing diving gear or contorting like a pretzel with a severe case of The Bends, always choose the 'diving gear' option.

    I caught first sight of the target at a depth of 90 metres. It was starting to descend, and I had a good chance at sneaking in behind to capitalise on the sonar blind spot directly behind the pumpjet shroud. Getting 'in the baffles' of an opponent was the gold shot of submarine combat. If you could pull that manoeuvre off without colliding with your opponent, most would consider it a pretty decent job of work.

    However, there were counter-measures that could be employed against this tactic. An experienced submariner would routinely steer in a complete circle before proceeding back on course, a move calculated to unmask any enemy subs that might be hiding in the sonar dead zone. A sudden change in a sub's track is more commonly known as a 'Crazy Ivan'. A term that originated during the Cold War back on Terra. The target came into view as I crept closer. It was definitely a Cyclops-class, running completely blacked-out to minimise its visual signature. Smart move.

    That's five points to Gryffindor.

    Instead of going for the full 'Crazy Ivan', our target used a series of slow and wide S-curves to clear his baffles. Unfortunately, the pattern was far too predictable, and I was able to shadow his wake with ease. The Broch was now only 800 metres away, and we were now well inside the acquisition radius of the base defences. I was curious to see whether this one would try for the base first, or simply find an ambush spot that was close enough to make a final high-speed run. I made my own 'Crazy Ivan' to check for shadows, keeping a close eye on the target's track plot.

    Halfway through my circuit, target Sierra1 began to descend. I would have to match his descent rate as I continued making the turn, or I'd lose track of its location. There was a thermocline at 120 metres, and if he disappeared into it before I could make it back into his baffles, anything could happen. This was a particularly nerve-wracking business, and I could easily imagine my AI opponents coolly making their own tactical decisions without a care in the world. Not that I begrudged them, of course.

    As soon as the 'Crazy Ivan' was complete, I was able to increase speed just enough to commence closing in for the 'kill'. I had to get within 50 metres before I could get a positive ID on my target, and my called shot had to be absolutely correct to qualify as a valid kill. Sub colour was no real help at this depth, either. I had to be able to read the name on the sub's sail in order to make the kill. Once the target sub was notified, it was expected to surface immediately and return to The Broch.

    So, who do we have here?
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    A floating wreckage of one of the subs with biters clinger inside! Jk :)
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    No name.

    The sub's sail bore the pennant number S-02. No obvious markings elsewhere on its hull. The Broch was now 500 metres dead ahead. If that sub pinged the massif with its active sonar, the base defence system would instantly respond with a drastically scaled-down attack pattern that I had purposely set for this particular exercise. This would be a very bad thing.

    I had to work quickly. A clear voice ELF transmission would give away my position immediately. During one of our earlier planning sessions, JUNO had suggested the idea of piggybacking encrypted burst data transmissions on the acoustic signatures of the local wildlife, and I thought it a sufficiently devious scheme to adopt this system as a secure emergency transmission mode. Using entirely non-standard communications protocols, of course. Fortunately, there were plenty of Jellyrays in this area, so I was able to send the following data transmission:


    Breaking contact with S-02 was a calculated risk. As much as I'd like to shadow this sneaky bugger for as long as it remained safe to do so, I had to get back to Reef Base as quickly as possible. There was a very good chance that the intruders would stumble on it purely by chance at some stage, and I needed to be there when it happened. If S-02 was part of a rescue mission, these chaps were definitely going about it the wrong way. That's what got my hackles up in the first place. If you're looking for someone who needs to be rescued, you don't go skulking around like a bloody second-storey man.

    As expected, Reef Base was completely dead when I entered via the moon pool. No lights. All systems were shut down. There was still a breathable atmosphere inside, but that was more to maintain structural integrity in the base than anything else. Once oxygen levels dropped beyond their capacity to sustain human life, there was no means to replenish the atmosphere until I restored power to the base. I spoke the command sequence required to bring JUNO back online, and the base sprang back into life.

    "JUNO, what are the current locations of Aegis and Red Dragon?"

    "Both vessels are currently holding position in their safe points as requested, Captain."

    "Great. JUNO, take Ulysses out to its safe point and keep all boats standing by."

    "Affirmative, Captain. Please be advised that the target vessel has changed course and moved beyond passive sonar detection range of The Broch. Its projected heading will take it within one kilometre of Reef Base."

    "I think it's time we had some eyes in the water. Can we reconfigure these drones to stream their data using your acoustic piggyback comms protocol?"

    "Certainly, Captain. How many surveillance drone units shall I fabricate?"

    "Better make it an even ten to begin with. They should be deployed as quickly as possible."
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    Woah. That went from 0-100 real quick. But why was it "Base AI mode set to autistic"?
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    Sea, I knew it! You got to predictable there but that's because the formula is good and why wouldn't you use it!
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    Wow nice turn bugzapper! And the number 2.. There is obviously more than just that one! But the question is who are they? Poorly organised rescue team? Other survivors? Or what?!? Please do go on! :D
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