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    So far? I love it. There are some problems that could be fleshed out over time, but that's to be expected of early access, isn't it? I've made a few suggestions, but my favorite of mine is far too long to put here, so i'll throw up the link instead.

    All in all it's a more endgame-style multitool with multiple functionality, limited not by energy but by how many projectiles it can carry. In a somewhat Ironic fashion, I learned of the unimplemented "anchor" entity and I think this could probably allow that to come into use, finally.

    I would recommend also giving us a prompt that explains our default suits, because with current, existing technology we can't dive below 200 meters like our superhuman character can, so I was alway afraid of dying. Some sort of prompt better explaining the depth capabilities of our suits would help too.
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    Ah this ones the feedback thread so i just post it here as well to make it count twice.

    First time as i played after the H2.0 update i just wanted to stand there and watch the night go over its so beautiful.
    But it would be even cooler if you could add some features later that could affect the gameplay in another way:

    When watching the night and the eclipse i came to think wouldn't it be cool if there could be meteors crushing down into the water from time to time?
    Where they are rising the water temperature which is already built into the game.
    -> to make use of the temperature already ingame
    -> to get new materials into the game after a while

    Or Weather changes that affect the water surface as it is currently always calm.

    As well i would like to see some changes regarding for example the 2 locker types small and big.
    I never had the need to build a small one as the big needs nearly the same materials so would be cool to see a change there.

    I really would like to see changes at points where ppl don't really think of them as most
    probably think of new ideas for bases, or new ships as i have those too but for me i really would like to see changes that affect gameplay
    in a way you might not notice it in the first place but when you notice it actually could cause you problems to overcome like weather changes or other things.
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    Personally, I really, really, really want there to be a way to charge my Cyclops with my Sea Base. It uses Power Cells, just like the Sea Moth, but you can charge the Sea Moth with the Moon Pool. I mean c'mon, there's Solar Panels, there's Bioreactors, there's Nuclear Reactors, there's Thermal Plants, so much more power than I could POSSIBLY need, even with the new Water Filtration Machine. If I can put power back in the Power Cell the Seamoth uses, I should be able to do it to the Power Cells in the Cyclops. Even with the power efficiency module, the Cyclops goes through SO MUCH energy that it's not practical to use for anything but special occasions, and almost NEVER worth it to use the Fabricator on there. That's 5% of a power cell per operation! If you actually used it to make a power cell you'd have used up 1/5 of a power cell (4 operations, 20% power) just to make one, so it's impossible to use as a real mobile base either.

    A way to add upgrades to the Cyclops like the Seamoth would be incredible. All there is so far is depth compensation (with the heavy ones being unnecessary as there is nothing that GOES that deep outside of under the map) and one single power upgrade module. The amount of upgrades for the Sea Moth is crazy cool, I want to see that for the Cyclops too. Maybe a solar charging unit like the Sea Moth? ^_^

    Final note: I am incredibly happy with the wreck zone. I found the new Fragment there and it was such a cool little chain of puzzles. Thank you!
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    Ok, so i've heard rumors that Subnautica will come out to XBOX ONE and PS4. Here's the proof :

    Please can anyone confirm this if it is true? 'Cause I've been meaning to play Subnautica for a long time, but my PC isn't good enough. If the game releases on XBOX ONE, I'll be over the world.
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    Hey guys, love the game
    I've explored nearly every surface biome (not the koosh or crash zones yet) and I've kinda started thinking 'meh'.... I don't need nuclear reactors, I've got renewable energy that's plenty sufficient, I've got a base that makes more water than I can drink, and can handle more filtration plants if I want, I'm getting irritated by the need to go find food, but you're fixing that..... I'm considering efforts to repopulate the area around my base (as I seem to have stripped it of all life......)

    but other than exploring the aurora, which doesn't really appeal atm, I want somewhere to go, but right now, there's too little reward for going, well, anywhere.....
    perhaps more "cool" stuff for the base - maybe make the seamoth upgrades fragments, maybe make a cyclops docking station (also, notes below),

    other things - please improve the cyclops FoV or give it some exterior cameras that we can use to try not to rip up the seabed with (or smash our base up with)
    nothing grows back, I get the idea this is deliberate, but it makes any single save game unsustainable in the long term...... at least in so far as "I wanna build a massive base"

    oh, and a quick QoL improvement, if straight corridors (glass and solid) could auto-snap to which ever alignment connects them the most, that'd be grand, same for T- and curved corridors, thank you!
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    So I'll keep this short and sweet cause I'm sure you have better things to do.

    1. Exploring is amazing! Seriously you guys nailed this part of the game.
    2. Food, water, and air is balanced. Don't listen to others. I have 24 fish in fish tanks in my cyclops, a wall locker full of water also in my cyclops, and the only issue I have with air is when I'm gathering resources, so....
    3. IDEA #1: Add a blueprint to add arms to the Seamoth so I don't have to get out to get things or build my house.
    4. IDEA #2: AUTO-SAVE. Please for the love of god add this. For a game as big and prone to crashes as this one is this one is a must.
    5. IDEA #3: Retractable harpoon gun. For reeling in fish, or yourself along the bottom of the ocean. Think Just Cause 3 except more realistic.
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    Just please don't make Subnautica end when the rescue team comes, do something like this:

    You should make it so eventually the rescue team does come (at the very end) but don't have enough resources to travel through space back to earth. So you have to collect resources to go to space. (Make the resources difficult to get, make it so you can only find some of these resources in different dimensions). When you are able to travel through space and go back to earth, the earth was destroyed by an astroid so you can't go back to earth anymore. So the rescue team and you decide to live on the subnautica planet. And you have to build a huge landing pad for the spaceship to land on that you tried to travel in to earth. And once it is built they stay on the subnautica planet. (That way you can still play the subnautica game because if the rescue team rescued you and took you away, subnautica would be over if they left it and not be as fun and you would lose all the stuff you built in subnautica if they took you away).
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    Please add a way to change seamoth upgrades when in the cyclops - a couple of times I've deployed it only to find I'm too deep and starting to take damage.....
    which brings me onto my next request:
    please allow us to repair the seamoth when docked........ to be unable to do this makes no sense and is VERY frustrating at times.
    please put in that cyclops solar upgrade soon

    apart from that keep doing what you're doing!

    EDIT: please also allow us to build up/down connectors directly to the rooms, rather than needing an irritating chunk of corridor out to one side - very ugly.
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    *Autosave in hardcore mode (it would make hardcore worth playing)
    *A ridable, friendly sea creature - maybe a prolonged taming process involving feeding - then once perma-tamed favourite food gives speed boost!
    *A holographic NPC designed to prevent the survivor from going insane (could just be an extension of the AI lady already in game -but with much more personality)
    *This NPC sets the survivor tasks, possibly collecting very rare materials which could be used to give the player some kind of boost (greater oxygen/swimming speed etc.)
    *Leaderboards for hardcore mode - ranking players by days survived/research completed/items crafted
    *2 player co-op. Choose other player from chat lobby. Players can leave and play with someone else in another game if they want, but cant be forcibly kicked once selected for a game. Players can be replaced from lobby. If its only 2 player, no rebalance is really required.

    Great game so far :)
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    By now, all Subnautica players are well aware of the wrecks found throughout the map that originated from the Aurora. I absolutely love those explorable wrecks, but I'm actually really pissed off that you can't see the wrecks "fly" off the Aurora as it explodes. It makes absolutely no sense that they sort of "warp" instead of crash in position. I therefore would like the devs to review the animation for the explosion so that the players can actually see the pieces fly off the ship. It'll also help the player to find them although there are quite a lot, but the one in the safe shallows biome will be particularly awesome as it will crash right next to the player in the start of the game.
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    Bought this game after watching my roomate play it while watching Sips play it. I wanted to be a marine biologist growing up, so I was doomed from the start to buy it.

    Even after two weeks of solid playing I still can't get over how beautiful this game is. And how terrifying it can be. Seeing a drop off leading into the dark is nerving racking but I've taken the plunge many a time to see what I could find. Nothing terrifies me more than hearing a scream off in the distance. Nothing is more rewarding than stumbling across a new place to explore. The plants, the animals, the terrain, all of it comes together to leave a lasting impression.

    There are so many things I want to list that I love, but I'd be here all day. I will list some things that I feel need work, instead.

    Something needs to be done about the stalkers and bleeders killing everything in sight. I understand the team is working on a spawning system for this. I was happy to hear it! Part of the atmosphere are the animals, and I was sad to see the shallows and kelp forest near my first base go dead. And this was with me trying very hard to get large aquariums first and limiting my eating. May I suggest a small change to player bred and released fish? I noticed they seem to despawn if you leave the area. Can they be made persistant? This way if a player does overfish an area, they can rectify the mistake.

    Next up, the Cyclops. After the intial joy of finally building one, I found it a nightmare to steer. In straight lines on the surface or in open waters, it's point and go. Very simple. The minute you need to dive or navigate shallows, all bets are off. We need some sort of HUD that indicates how close the ground is. I dont know how many times Ive slammed the back end into a drop off because I miscalculated how far forward I needed to go to clear it. Maybe an alarm can sound if any part of the ship gets too close to the ground or rock faces. Just some sort of proximity alarm would go a long way to gelp. Right now I litterally use my Cyclops as a glorified transport. Another thing that surprised me was how deep the Cyclops could go by default. Its the same a the Seamoth. I had assumed erroneously that it would be able to go even just a little deeper by default. Given everything I went through to get it, I felt a little cheated that I immediately had to upgrade it to get to my grand reef base. Between the two, I'm always inclined to use my Seamoth instead.

    I noticed a lot of popping of terrain as well. Other objects also just pop in and slowly float down (rocks, salvage, fragments). I can blame some of this on my lackluster gpu, mainly the terrain stuff, but I've seen objects popping in as discribed on my roomates uber computer. I feel after a certain amount of time in game after the explosion, these objects should not still be falling. I'm a slow explorer. I like poking my nose into every nook and crevice I can find. After a month of ingame time, it's borderline immersion breaking to find bits and pieces still raining from the surface.

    Hanging fruit. Once you get it, you never need to eat another fish. They grow way too fast and give way too many fruits. I've put a single tree in all my bases and just fill up on them as I bounce around. They need a big nerf. Maybe they have a high acid content and need to be juiced and diluted or something. Maybe limit the player to two to three every so often raw. (There's a suggestion, something other than water to drink.)

    Amazing, anazing game and I know it's only going to get better! These were my main grips with the game currently. Well, besides bugs but those are to be expected at this point. I hope this helps even just a little. Thank you guys for such an awesome little gem in the gaming industry. For now, I'm diving back in!
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    Has there been any talk about alien intelligent life in the game yet? (For the mid-late game)

    It would be really something if there was an underwater race that you find that is still in its basic civilization or tribal stage and has mixed emotions towards the player depending on how you treat them, and lets say an advanced pirate race that visits the planet rarely and looks for your bases near the surface. That would give the story element some interesting moments and a reason to add things like lethal weapons or turrets because once a base is built it feels like the game changes from a survival game to nothing more then an exploring game. There needs to be a more for a game like this that has this much potential!

    Obviously that's a huge topic to discuss but nonetheless I love this game and the more they add to it the better!
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    Hello! Doubtless you've heard it a thousand times before, but I love the game. It's so different to anything else on the market right now, beautiful and relaxing at times and frighteningly tense at others.

    I don't know whether it's something you've already planned (I've been hearing conflicting accounts) but I think an option to have flora / fauna / resources respawn would be nice. My reason for suggesting so is mostly to do with aesthetic - I love the look, sound and feel of the game so much, I find that I can just spend a session swimming around. However, as time passes by the area becomes devoid of fish / glowing plants / shiny crystals / etc, which makes the game feel emptier and a little lesser.

    I understand completely why this perhaps shouldn't be a default option - some people like to focus on the survival, after all! So perhaps having it as a box you have to tick when you start a new save file would be best?

    Thanks for reading!
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    With over 100 hours logged now, I'm happy to say that for once I don't feel like early access was a bad choice. Just to add to the Subnautica Appreciation Chorus, I love this game so far. I'm particularly happy with the fact that the early game is about simple survival with really dangerous elements only really coming into play once you leave the safe confines of your starting area. My hopes for the future are as follows.

    1. More lighting options: Yes, we have the searchlight, floodlight and lightstick, but the last two are entirely battery powered and I would really like the ability to light up an area around a base without worrying about batteries. A single "lamp" that works like the lightstick but draws power like the searchlight would be ideal.
    2. More upgrades for the Cyclops: A solar recharger similar to the seamoth, a sensor package similar to the one in the seaglide (with higher resolution) and possibly a resource scanner would be wonderful. Perhaps an uplink with the scanner room when it's implemented. Additionally, I'm hoping that if/when a cyclops dock is implemented, a cyclops upgrade station will be part of it, rather than requiring that cyclops update modules be made by a fabricator that has been built on the cyclops. Personally, I'm assuming that the space between the bridge and the seamoth dock is being reserved for the exo-suit or possibly a side hatch system.
    3. More Story: As much as I like the sandbox nature of the game, I'm beginning to wish for more story. A mystery to follow (or even solve), other survivors to maybe rescue and, perhaps, a rescue beacon to build on one of the islands.

    From hereon-out it's just small details that I'd like to see, but I'm not too concerned over, either.
    4. More interactive furniture: In this case, I'd like to be able to sit in the chair (with a reduction in water/food consumption) and a bed or cot to advance the day/night cycle with. Possibly have the ability to set the chair up (or have it included) with the map in the scanner room when it's implemented?
    5. More Complex Food: I love that you've added fruit and vegetables to the game but, to be honest, the hanging fruit is the superfood of the game. One planter with that and every time you come back to base you just fill up on that and you're set. Having protein (lowest decay rate), vitamin (moderate), calories (high [current]) and h20 (very high [current]) would be enough. Perhaps as an optional mode so that the players who liked the simplicity (or cannot run the higher process requirements) can opt out.
    6. More to do: Occasional random events, like a sea quake causing damage to your base (you did install those pressure hatches, right?) or the solar panels in a cell needing to be realigned (they're not charging as fast as they should, head on out with the welder, 1% charge per panel to fix). Stuff like that. No one situation being devastating, but something that needs to be tended to because it might make the next one worse.
    7. Airlocks: I have no problems with the hatches on the survival pod because the bottom one works like the moonpool, but the way the hatches work everywhere else... it's a little immersion breaking.
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    Aegil wrote: »
    7. Airlocks: I have no problems with the hatches on the survival pod because the bottom one works like the moonpool, but the way the hatches work everywhere else... it's a little immersion breaking.

    I'd like to see all hatches have an air-lock system, much like the entry point on the cyclops is clearly an airlock (lower hatch wet side, side hatch dry side)
    simply add a 'dry side' hatch , even if it's open whenever you're in the base..... although I think the seamoth just drains the compartment?
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    So I've played the game for a few days now and I feel ready to give some feedback.

    On the positive side, the game looks absolutely amazing. It's fun to dive and discover the seas. I rather like how you're handling ressource aquisition without going full minecraft. The first few minutes are really scary, especially once you realize you need to go into the kelp forests unarmed. Always hoping one of those sharptooth sharks doesn't decide they prefer you as a meal.

    The AI assistant is hillarious. I love her, and I wish she'd say more stuff and got more screentime. Maybe she could be her own character in the story?

    There's a lot of stuff I really don't like right now. It begins with the fact that you can actually depopulate a shallow reef within a few ingame days. There should be enough fish to feed tribes of people for years, without running into issues. Yet you need to travel for minutes to get new fish after only a few ingame days. The formerly lifely shallows have become a desert.

    Furthermore there are too many predators and they give up too quickly. In my first game the closest kelp forests was patrolled by 10 sharks. It was almost impossible to get the kelp fruit without getting killed. But if you swam away for like ten meters they gave up and returned to their patrol route. I think it would be better to have less predators, make them more dangerous and have them patrol a bigger area. Right now they feel more like mobs from an MMORPG than an actual apex predator.

    It really doesn't help that they're eating fish and utterly depopulate every area that's loaded for a few minutes as a result.

    It would be nice if the player could actually slay and eat bigger animals. I don't see why it shouldn't be possible to take bigger animals apart and process their flesh.

    The pyranha alikes don't really fit their in-game description. They're supposed to leave you alone if you're not wounded, but they attack you even if you're at 100% health.

    The way fish materialise on low quality graphics is also rather problematic. I once had a reaper spawn right in front of me. Technically I could see like 100 meters and it suddenly appeared 30 meters in front of me. This was rather not funny.

    There's also an issue with moving on land. It's really easy to get stuck, or falling through the ground. There are invisible holes on some parts of the Aurora that drop you into inescapable prisons. There are tunnels on the floating island that you get stuck in. This definitely needs to be fixed.

    My biggest issue with the game doesn't have much of a story yet and whatever story it currently has doesn't mesh well with its game mechanics. The Aurora is supposed to be an asteroid miner and ran into an "accident" which caused it to crash onto the ocean planet, yet for some reasons there are fragments of under water equipment, including sub-marines spread all over the place. You could probably build 10 submarines from the parts I saw of the cyclops.

    I think it would make more sense if the escape pod contained an engineering AI that would develop solutions from scanned wreckage parts and scanned animals. Initially the solutions would be really sucky, but would get better the more stuff you scan. The first seamoth would be really slow, but sub-sequent generations would get better. It would also encourage the player to rebuild their stuff.

    Lorewise it would certainly make more sense than randomly finding parts of plans scattered all over the territories. Maybe the hard drive of the escape pod got scrambled during the explosive escape. It would certainly make more sense than not having enough storage space for the plans.

    There are these wreckage parts scattered all over the sea, together with destroyed escape pods. It would make sense to find plans or essential parts in those wrecks instead of randomly generating them all over the place. (I hate to pass through an area, find nothing only to come back two minutes later to watch those strongboxes sink slowly to the ground.) If some players think it's boring that stuff is always generated in the same place, I'd suggest you make a "discovery mode" that keeps the random generation mechanic for those players. But the way it works now is really SOD breaking.

    Ultimately there is very little to actually encourage the player to go out and discover stuff. In character there is no reason for me to actually leave my seabase once I've got energy and farming set up. There is no reason for me to go into danger and tangle with reapers. You need a story that forces me to get out and discover stuff.

    Talking about seabases. Why are there old seabases anyway? Especially on top of the mountains. Using the exact same blueprints as the player does. It's a bit much of a coincidence, so did the drive of the Aurora cause some time travel accident, or is just a case of random cool stuff creep?

    All together I would say this is a game with big potential. The graphic and world is beautiful, there is always a feeling of danger. Exploring is a lot of fun. But right now there isn't much more to do. There's no real story, no tasks for the player, no challenges beyond the stuff they decide to do themselves. There's no purpose, no real goal. You survive, gather plans, build better stuff. And that's it. It was fun for five hours and then I was mostly looking for the last fragments I was missing and randomly drove around in my Seamoth, looking for something interesting. Considering the game has been in early access for over a year now that's rather disappointing.

    Subnautica's graphics are awesome, but unless things change a lot it'll fail as a game for a mass audience. I'd give it the rating 4/10 the way it's now. Great atmosphere, but not much else.

    Anyway, despite my criticism of certain core elements of the game there are some features I would like to see implemented:

    I really want to have an ability to kick those aggressive jump crabs. They're really annoying to kill with a knife and I just want to stomp on them until they're dead. They're so kick worthy it's a shame I can't do that.

    Alternatively it would be nice to have some pheromone stuff to make them ignore you. I'd love to use a perfume that turned those creatures neutral for some time, so I can scout the floating island or the Aurora in peace.

    Finally I really wish ressources, especially those from animals were substitutable. Why can't I kill those reefbacks for their blubber and use it to generate benzeene? Why can't I substitute stuff like gold for silver? (I had an entire locker full of gold, but no silver) Why do I need to play games with the sharpfangs and can't just kill them, or get the enamel stuff elsewhere? (Like deeper and more dangerous areas?)
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    I love this game. I have wanted a survival game set in an alien environment with a low-combat orientation for as long as I've known it was possible. The focus on observation and cataloging of creatures and their behaviors, and not the wanton slaughter for pelts to make into a higher-capacity wallet, brings something to the game that other survival titles lack entirely. The progression isn't exactly ground-breaking, though, and I feel like something could be done to improve this aspect of the game. I'm sure there are plans in the works that may alleviate this concern, whether it be intentional or not, but I feel as though each major step forward serves only to usher in the next set of tasks, rather than rewarding me for my time spent. This is sincerely my only complaint thus far. I am absolutely thrilled to finally have an open world experience that centers on the fundamentals of science and exploration.
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    I'd like to see:

    Garbage incinerators or some tech that converts waste items into any case...just dumping junk all over the map is probably bad for stability or something.

    Tools on the Seamoth that allow you to scan fragments, collect items, or maybe catch fish and other creatures.

    Being able to kill and harvest Stalkers and larger fish for resources and food. Possibly additions to the skill tree that include tech and processed/preserved food and tech that requires "harvesting" or otherwise interactions with the medium to ginormous creatures. I realize that a huge part of raison d'etre of Subnautica is the aesthetics...but added interactivity/responsiveness of the creatures and environment. Some of this could be as obvious as obtaining resources....but could be extended to include interesting stimulus/reaction chains in the environment that feed into a research theme or contribute to a storyline. This could take the form of stimulus reaction chains with the flora and fauna that prove useful in survival or just a string of "Oh that's interesting" events.

    Taming creatures might be fun...although several other games already include this.

    A room big enough to accommodate the aquarium or at the very least the option to expand existing rooms would be would also make them easier to move around in.

    Hull breaches seem pretty immersive but it would be nice if the chain of causality was more apparent. They seem to occur spontaneously, regardless of whether I've used reinforced hulls or not.

    I haven't played since March so maybe some of this has already been resolved. The creativity that this dev team has exhibited has been so far impressive and I hope that you guys are scanning these forums for fresh ideas or support for proposed game elements...some creative teams run out of steam after an impressive run in alpha and the development invariably peters out. I hope that won't be the case for Subnautica. This is just my opinion, but 20 bucks for your game is pretty cheap...while I'm hardly getting by...I'd hate to see this game's development hampered by a lack of funds...only to be resolved later by the ever-retarded inclusion of microtransactions or monetization. I know a lot of ideas take a lot of time and effort to implement and simply having an idea doesn't necessarily mean it will be feasible from a technical standpoint or work with the overall story arc of your game. Thanks for being awesome.

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    Not sure where exactly to leave this, but multiplayer in this game would be awesome. Also making it to where you could go into a waiting list and randomly get thrown in with someone else who plays. Anyways carry on lol this thought hit me while I am standing on top on my escape pod looking at my seamoth needing 2 more copper for the cyclops lol wishing I could send a friend on the mission to go find the copper ;-)

    They delayed Multiplayer and made a post about why and stuff, cant find it right now but it said that they - even though Subnautica was originally planned as coop- will at least delay multiplayer, because that would use up all their time that they need to add to other things in the game.
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    A few things I thought would be nice, from small details to bigger ideas:
    -Give the lighting buttons in the cyclops a audible feedback
    -Let me turn Beacon-Visibility (including the Rescue-Pod, Cyclops and Seamoth) on or with my PDA (I have just too many now and it kinda destroys the immersiveness while diving in a cool area)
    [Also allow to pin certain ones to the screen no matter what, so that they stay at the border of your screen if you face the wron way, to help find the seamoth for example]
    -In some wrecks are what appears to be upgrade modules (just like the one in the aurora where u get the cyclops efficiency) put something cool (and maybe unique) in there
    -Allow for a Quartz/Titanium farm for really really lategame (with impossible-to-find blueprints and enormous power consumption)
    -Let me recycle Reactor rods
    -Rework the Cyclops piloting, the seamoth feels awesome, but the cyclops is just weird
    - Give more options for Audio (I put my base directly next to a geysir and it's really annoying)
    Props to the music composer though
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    Is feedback on behaviors useful? I ask since I think its been mentioned that they're going to get overhauled anyway...
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    Hey ppl!
    Have some ideas n i want to share.

    1. Scanner room is rly useless late game so i think it should become something more. In specific it could be an upgrade of some kind, that will allow u to build, place n connect some kind of mobile scanners which will work like scanner room, but those have lower range of scan n don't spot any resources. The idea is to allow player (late game) to c the actual map (at scanner room) if he/she managed to cover "every inch" of ground with those portable scanners (i mean scan range), those scanners should b huge (in inventory, only one can b carried, i'll explain why later).
    2. Cyclops upgrade which allow u to dive deeper should b split up like 500->700=Mk1, 700->900 =Mk2 n so on. It's cost must b increased like twice to make it harder to obtain. Same with Moth.
    3. Cyclops should have an upgrade which puts spotlights on its cameras, so u can c surrounding better at night/very deep.
    4. Cyclops should have an upgrade which attaches mobile camera to it, player can control it to scout caves while inside cyclops, that camera also can b upgraded with range (how far u can swim from cyclops), lights, depth, hull durability, defense systems, also it can carry n place navy buoy, it should have 'auto return to Cyclops' upgrade, it will have indication similar to pod\moth\cyclops (for player to c where to swim if u spotted something with camera n want to interact). Inside cyclops should b a place where this camera will b located so player can interact with it (upgrade, repair, paint n so on).
    5. Late Late Late game. Structures which can b built above water, including 'landing pad" for a small hover craft (blueprint located like 1700m deep). This hover craft can glide 10m above water n go 25m deep w/o damage. This h craft has an upgrade which allow u to install up to 2=Mk1, 3=Mk2, 4=Mk3, mobile scanners (c p.1 above), player can deploy those from above water. It has very high energy consumption n 2 power cells on board. Also upgrades on energy efficiency, speed, solar recharge n so on.
    6. Late Late Late Late Late Late game. Huge aircraft with ability to dock n carry Cyclops n small hovercraft, also has upgrades n stuff.
    7. New resources for high durability/extra lite materials.
    8. Renewable resources (like debris falling down from space into ocean).
    9. Falling debris can damage ur base.
    10. Alien presence.
    11. Aliens crash n fall into ocean from time to time n player can farm very(!) rare materials/blueprints.
    12. Research (base room). Adapt/research alien technology, experiment with DNA mutations, research new base facilities n so on. Also research time upgrade, research "power" (higher power gives ability to research more complex stuff).

    P.S. This is only a small part of ideas i have in mind. If u like the way i c it, i can continue to help u widen this awesome project.
  • Mattk50Mattk50 Join Date: 2013-02-04 Member: 182824Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    edited July 2016
    Suggestion: Don't let Remi destroy NS2 while your working on subnautica.

    Why would i ever buy subnautica if i know when you move onto your next project, subnautica will be left in the hands of a b-team intent on removing gameplay to make it fit some personal preferences, all the while completely ignoring majority community feedback. Im sure you guys have your hands full over here but you guys should have been paying better attention to what they are doing. its gotten so bad that to justify their broken changes, they are making changes to other should be unrelated stuff, breaking that too. the breakage in the game's core design is spreading and if its not stopped yesterday its already too late.
  • DrazhyaDrazhya Join Date: 2016-08-18 Member: 221467Members
    edited August 2016
    First, I'd like a lifepod anchor. Something to attach it to the sea floor and keep it from wandering off.

    Other ideas:
    2. a power cell upgrade for the Seamoth, which would double it's energy capacity.
    3. Defense-oriented Seamoth and Cyclops alternatives. Slower, harder to damage, no transparent bubble, drive-by-camera.
    4. A Reefback-shaped sub; Cyclops-size or larger. Could be combined with above.
    5. A sub big enough to dock a Cyclops, just because (I like the idea of a mobile seabase, and while the Cyclops works, it's only barely).
    6. Ability to repair or slag used-up knives. They're currently the only way to lose limited resources, and while it's negligible in effect, it still doesn't feel right.
    7. A bigger seabase room, that can hold bigger aquariums.

    Edit: also, a way to sit in the Seamoth and do things (eat/drink/pda) / look around without moving the Seamoth. Would be nifty and a lot more immersive.
    And I'd like to be able to have a rear-view camera active on the Cyclops while driving. As it is, it's hard to tell when you can really turn/dive without hitting anything.
  • HerugrimHerugrim The Poconos Join Date: 2016-08-15 Member: 221402Members
    Been enjoying the hell out of this game, here's the proof:

    There's always bugs to work out and optimization issues that I'm sure you guys are already working on. You guys have a very nice natural progression system. By just fixing my pod I got the lifepod coordinates that led to me discovering the tech I needed to make a sea moth, but it just stops after that. I don't think the entire Aurora should be gated behind the propulsion canon as it is, which is a very late game unlock. I understand needing that for the part with the Prawn in it, but there should be a beginner section we can visit once we have the radiation suit so we can fix the engine leaks and gets some incidental blue prints and stuff (posters, shelves, beds, the Aurora model). The ship would also be a great way to give us signals from computer terminals and PDAs that can lead us to future objectives like the islands. Then there should be things we can find on or near the islands that help us get the next batch of useful blueprints and so on.

    You've done an excellent job so far devs and I enjoy the game a little more with each new update. Looking forward to when all the fragments have their own models and for the progression to be naturally fleshed out.

    Please don't shun the input from casuals like myself. The survivalists want this game to be the hardest game ever full of cheap deaths and random loot and maps, but there are players like myself who enjoy the balance of survival, exploration, and crafting and do not want to see this game abandon the latter to focus entirely on the former. Survival is great and all but if all I wanted was a randomly generated hard as petrified wood underwater survival game, I would just play Stranded Deep. This game is unique and that makes it interesting. Please keep up the good work!
  • GenghisConnorGenghisConnor Usa Join Date: 2016-08-25 Member: 221720Members
    Hi! I made a standalone topic about my ideas in this thread
    If you could take a look at that at some point that would make me super happy. Thank you!
  • SpillerSpiller Cologne / Germany Join Date: 2016-09-01 Member: 221966Members
    Hey there,

    at first i have to say that SUBNAUTICA is one of the best Game, i´ve ever played. Awesome!
    I am playing since 12 hours and it´s still Great!..
    ( i´m afraid to get addict to it )

    My Ideas;

    - I´d like to have small missions and a rewarding system. To get something to put onto my wall at the underwater Base.
    - Riddles
    - traces of other lifeforms which visited that planet before me
    - A Weather System. Rain, storm, cold, heat

    Regards from Germany,


    PS: I still have to sit in my Office the next 5 hours until i can play again.. :-(
  • Dark_MasterDark_Master Astana Join Date: 2016-03-18 Member: 214413Members
    When will SOMETHING be able to deal damage to the cyclops???
  • harrzackharrzack United States Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222250Members
    Loving the game (after 24 hrs). I'm really hoping the final version will have a more "learnable" way to find the important Fragments. I don't want to resort to coordinates - that seems like cheating. Currently I've managed to make a Seamoth. But I'm using it doing an awful lot of random rambling around to find other important Frags. And not finding anything. The game should have a proper mechanism that will allow me to discover ways to get the needed Frags. I shouldn't have to scour You Tube and endure some well-meaning lad, high on a Helium, blasting thru endless high speed maneuvers to learn how/where to find a Fragment.

    There needs to be some system in the game that will allow the clever explorer to gain not only knowledge of the various cool tools and upgrades, but ways to find them. The current in game blueprint list is a good start, but if an item's Fragment hasn't been found - details won't be there!
    A real Catch-22 that drives people to You Tube and the Wiki. All great resources, but they shouldn't be the prime way to learn the game,
  • Kingdolphin510Kingdolphin510 Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222242Members
    I don't know if others have previously commented on this, but my biggest problem right now is the disappearing knife glitch. I'm still pretty early in game, and it can sometimes be a pain to gather the materials to make a new knife, just wondering if this bug is up on the priority list yet. Thanks!
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