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  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    Why not have 4 more upgrade slots on the other side of both the seamoth and the cyclops.
    Also the upgrades for the cyclops should be a bit easier to find. (need the same upgrades as the seamoth)
    For an few more upgrades could we get a stasis pulse (same as the stasis rifle but sea moth version is 5x stronger), fish scoop (works like a net to catch fish and puts them into its cargo and is only available on seamoth), and a lethal torpedo for use against predators.
    Cyclops needs to have 4 more of the lockers that are in the lower level put on the other side and to have them all (9) function as cargo containers (once a cargo upgrade is installed), if no solar charge upgrade is installed then have it able to recharge if next to bases power source (will need a power transmitter to work)
    Leviathan needs to be less aggressive or weaker/slower
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    I love the bigger sub pic.
    As for the specs on it:
    #1 No need for a periscope but it would be great to have a roof entrance as well as a belly entrance.
    #2 Is about 3x the size of the Cyclops.
    #3 Has 2 docking bays (like the one on the Cyclops). The 1st bay (toward the rear and opens between the two outrigger
    pods) is for a Sea Moth, while the 2nd (is just in front of the Sea Moth bay) is for a slightly larger Sea Ray. (The Sea
    Moth dock is available for use as soon as ship is built but Sea ray needs upgrade module before it will open.)
    #4 Comes with a solar charger system and uses 12 power cells (none installed when built and solar can only charge
    when not moving or using stuff [per cell charge rate is: 0.05% when sun is at 25%, 0.1% when sun at 50%, 0.65%
    when sun at 75%, 0.95% when sun at 90% or higher]). It can also recharge by use of a power transmitter (taking the
    percentage it draws from the base), but needs the power charger upgrade (new module that you get when you
    unlock the ship blueprint). Also has a thermal power upgrade module (works like the thermal reactor for a base but
    lets you "park" above a thermal vent to recharge when too deep for solar).
    #5 Is able to go to 150 safe depth 300 crush depth.
    #6 Has 12 upgrade slots (accessible in engine room that has what looks like 2 engines instead of 1 so has 3 walkways
    and has the power cells divided so there are 6 per engine). The engine room doors that connect to the rest of the
    ship are done so the forward bulkhead wall has 3 doors while the rear of the room has the upgrade console in the
    center and the outer walkways have the ladders.
    #7 Each moon pool (dock) area (lower level) allows for the placement of the upgrade consoles and allows you to work
    on the docked subs.
    #8 It will also be able to have both the lower and upper hatch covers close (they open when you get near them while
    outside like the Sea Moth dock on the Cyclops). They will also be able to dock (lock to) a special base hatch to allow
    you to go from 1 to the other without going out into water (useful when in dangerous areas).
    #9 Has switchable lights (able to turn on off to save power when not able to use solar).
    #10 Uses 0.01% of 1 power cell per second while inside (even if not moving or using anything).
    #11 Is able to scare off or even kill the big Leviathan monster.
    #12 Is able to auto filter water for drinking (when solar is above 50% and it has the water filter upgrade module) (takes
    1 day cycle to filter enough for 1/4 day cycle per module but maxed out at 4 modules).

    The rest of the upgrade modules for this are:
    #1 pressure (adds 200 to both the safe and crush depths)
    #2 hull armor (hardens hull against collisions)
    #3 sonar (lets you see what is around you with out need of light and when on it only drains 0.02% of 1 cell per second)
    #4 power efficiency (reduces power use and turns off constant drain while inside ship)
    #5 perimeter defense (creates a static electric charge on hull that works like the one on the Sea Moth)
    #6 night vision (lets you see everything as tough it was day and you were near surface)
    #7 engine power (increases the output of the engines without increasing the power drain)
    #8 "G"round "P"enetrating "R"adar (lets you see everything under the surface, like tunnels and monsters)
    #9 deep scan ir (lets you see 2x further in all directions)

    The Sea Ray specs:
    #1 It is 1.75x the length of the Sea Moth
    #2 Uses 3 power cells
    #3 Uses the current moon pool while the Sea Moth gets a smaller one [1/2 the length])
    #4 Has 10 upgrade slots (Sea Moth gets upped to 6 so the upgrade slots on both are divided between the 2 sides to
    even out the looks of them [also for logic])
    #5 Is able to go to 175 safe and 300 crush depths
    #6 Has switchable lights (able to turn on/off)
    #7 Uses the same upgrade modules as the Sea Moth
    #8 A redo of the current moon pool to allow this to dock can also get a set of side safety rails added next to the
    walkways around the water to help keep from falling in (I do this way too much) or to add a set of catwalk style
    platforms that fold up toward the ceiling when nothing is docked (this allows it to be formed to come close to the
    sides of the docked ship).
    #9 ? The Sea Moth will end up with a smaller (1/2 length) moon pool ?
    #10 This can also use the night vision upgrade module from the Sea Dragon above

    I also believe that when we change out the power cells and batteries they should be kept for recharging (I used almost all of the quartz making them) This would allow for 2 more modules for inside bases and the 2 big subs (will only work on subs when they have solar and the sun is at or above 50%) so that 1 is for batteries and the other is for power cells. The recovered empty batteries ad power cells could show a red circle with a slash through it (like on the no smoking signs in the USA). This would also be useful for just removing the power cells because I lost a Sea Moth to the Leviathan Monster near the front of the Aurora and even though it shows 0% on the welder (not letting me weld to repair or recover) it still has 35% power in the cell and I am trying to (a) recover the ship or (b) recover the power cell for use in another ship.

    On another note I am trying to figure out how to get the world to respawn or spawn in more quartz and had an idea for that. Since we can dig sand I thought that with the use of the fabricator we could take 10 sand (dig 10 times) and make 1 quartz (like how we make titanium ingots from 10 titanium pieces). Then change all of the stuff that needs 1 quartz to also need 5 sand, and the stuff that needs 2 or more quartz add 1 more quartz. For the enameled glass if we need a tooth have it so we can make 1 tooth out of: 1 silicone, 1 titanium, 1 shelf coral, and 5 creepvine (this is for those that have trouble getting the tooth or think it is too hard). For the Lithium (since it is really hard to get when starting out) it could be made from: 1 silicone, 5 titanium, 5 shelf coral, 5 regular coral, and 5 creepvine. We love the creatures you have in the world at the moment but there should be more of them that are friendly/passive instead of aggressive/violent (or at least be able to eat them if you kill them). The more advanced items that you have to find the safes to be able to unlock should be easier to find or at the least have it so that when you find a new item you unlock a new blueprint. For example when you start out you don't have any blueprints at all, but as soon as you find titanium (by using a new tool called a laser scanner that is used to find info on the item, fish, plant, etc and is found in the escape pods storage along with the compass, a signal scanner [a small radio], the builder tool and a basic face mask (like what is used when snorkeling) you get everything that uses only titanium but that is it. Then once you find quartz you get glass and the blue prints that need only titanium and glass. The unlocking of blueprints can keep going like this. The blueprints menu can also be changed to help organize everything as well. Under each tab (like "Base") you will have sub menus so that everything is greyed out (so you can see what you need to find to unlock it). The sub menus would be "Basic", "Moderate", and "Advanced". They would be done so the "Basic" menu has everything that only uses the stuff found in safe shallows (your starting point), "Moderate" is everything that uses Lithium, Stalkers Teeth, and Creepvine, "Advanced" is everything that does not fall into the first 2 menus.

    sorry about the wall of text but I love this game and want to see how far it will go.

    ps For the gathering and converting stuff like sand into quartz I would recommend having a difficulty setting on the options menu (like when you hit escape it has a set of 3 selections or when you click on the type of world you want to start it will pop up the difficulty options menu). "Easy" will change every thing to 50% of normal (like the amount of o2 used, the number and size of hostile creatures, amount of damage taken from each hostile creature, etc), "Normal" will be 75% (while easy is 50%), "Hard" will be what it is now, "Deadly" will be 125% of what it is now, and "Impossible" will be 150% of what it is now. By having this so it can be changed from ingame it will allow us to keep our old saves and change them to what we need. I would also recommend (request) that the biomes be spread out more (making the map much bigger) since they would be much larger in real life and by spreading them out (making each that much larger) it will also give you more space to add stuff to each biome and allow you to add more biomes easier as time goes since they would be so much larger it would almost appear as though we had just not seen the area yet and it would take a full day cycle to get from one end of each biome to the other. For the day/night cycles I would recommend adding 2 timers to adjust them (allowing for perma-day or perma-night) so one would adjust the amount of time for day (hours/minutes/seconds), while the second is for night (hours/minutes/seconds). This will make it so that it one timer is set for 00/00/00 it will cancel out that part of the day/night cycle (like day set to 00/00/01 and night set to 00/00/00 would make it permanently early/late day but if day set to 00/01/00 or higher then it would be perma-noon and the same goes for the perma-night). The time on the timers is real time not game time (or something like that) so we can set it up to have a 5 min night with a 30 min day if we wanted.
  • MarutMarut nonya-buzniz Join Date: 2015-09-10 Member: 207866Members
    In my humble opinion: the seas are too empty at times.Think this has been said before, but I'm really missing things like schools of plankton, random algea, and tiny (swarms of) fish shooting by.
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    I have noticed that even though my Sea Moth is still in one piece after 3 Reapers stole it from me near the front of the Aurora I am not able to weld it. Currently it is at 0% and I have recovered it from the Reapers by using 3 floaters to lift it to the surface then my Cyclops to push it back to base. It has 83% power left and I am needing to (a) delete it from the game, (b) repair it, (c) remove the power cell so I can push it past the grand reef and sink it, or (d) a combo of both a and c.
  • AmfibianManAmfibianMan Atlantis Join Date: 2015-09-26 Member: 208158Members
    Folks there is a minor thing I wish that would be changed in the game. As a scubadiver I want to inform that you breathe AIR from tanks underwater, not oxygen. In fact oxygen is going to kill you already at 12 meteres below the surface.
    I don't expect devs to implement things like decompression, or different gas mixtures. However changing O2 to air would make the game more proper.
    I just hope they could read the message..
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    In the console commands they do have the nitro option. When you activate it you also get the decompression sickness if you surface too fast.
  • peregrinusperegrinus Join Date: 2010-07-16 Member: 72445Members
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    The Aurora and the surrounding waters are terrifying. I was brave enough to fix the leaks. OK, I admit I used the stun forcefields each time I welded a leak. The thought of the little biter fish coming from behind. Then up to the deck. Headcrabs. Welcome to Ravenholm-on-sea! Ran past them, tried to jump to another area, fell through a gap and into the sea. Didn't even wait to see if there was a leviathan, quit right then D:
  • ScubaSamScubaSam California Join Date: 2015-10-29 Member: 208819Members
    Terraformer Tweaks
    After picking a location for a base I generally like to use the Terraformer to give the base a more natural footing at the location. It would be nice if you had additional options regarding the geometric shapes you can create. Additionally my biggest dislike of the terraformer is the alien texture and lack of terrain adaptation. Initially when you create terrain I can understand it being a set type but after it's been there for a while it should start to look like the terrain typical of that biome and have some appropriate flora/fauna on/near it depending on the size of the area built.

    Just a thought. :)
  • monai137monai137 france Join Date: 2015-11-03 Member: 208929Members
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  • SPIRIN1224SPIRIN1224 Moon Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203469Members
    Ok Here goes,


    1. Like the ability to toggle lights inside a base, when base power is gone then no lights.

    2. Toggle lights on Seaglide, Cyclops, Seamoth, etc

    3. the ability to aim lights in moon pool.

    4. The unimplemented light thing (below)

  • SPIRIN1224SPIRIN1224 Moon Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203469Members
    Also new submarines ALWAYS.

    1. with like removable extra air tanks, and maybe a camera that can pan around, basically a upgraded version of the sea moth, Like new sea moth. Tier 2


    2. with hangar for seamoth and exosuit. comes with huge top deck with big windows. Galley, (Kitchen), bathroom, research room with HUGE 3d map, like on sea glide.

  • SPIRIN1224SPIRIN1224 Moon Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203469Members
    edited January 2016
    Look at polls please devs, weekly polls.

    Also look at the base gameplay/mechanics.

    Like, LIGHTING, for Seamoth, Seaglide, and the Cyclops, and *of course BASES.

    SPIRIN1224 wrote: »
    Also new submarines ALWAYS.

    1. with like removable extra air tanks, and maybe a camera that can pan around, basically a upgraded version of the sea moth, Like new sea moth. Tier 2

    Removed dublicate images - GISP

    2. with hangar for seamoth and exosuit. comes with huge top deck with big windows. Galley, (Kitchen), bathroom, research room with HUGE 3d map, like on sea glide.
  • SPIRIN1224SPIRIN1224 Moon Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203469Members
    Just realized I posted the same thing twice.
  • CKBKufyTCKBKufyT london Join Date: 2015-11-13 Member: 209195Members
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    there are many like me that would love to have difficulty levels in a game which is otherwise too hot to handle. Thanks
  • reaperLeviathenfoodreaperLeviathenfood florida Join Date: 2015-05-19 Member: 204681Members
    IMO you should make a sublist for batteries, so you start with copper, then you can do gold, then lithium. Gold should be able to make batteries for 2 reasons, 1 its a better conductor, 2 everyone has complained about having too much gold and NOTHING to do with it. Even if the gold batteries only last 15-20% longer everyone would still love it if only to free room. For that matter even 5% better and people would still rather do it, gold farming is sometimes easier than copper farming and you get gold getting the other metals you need
  • BullvayneBullvayne france Join Date: 2015-11-24 Member: 209453Members
    i agree ... copper for electronics device (ship for example) ... and gold for batteries ... and One gold to sub or machines
  • reaperLeviathenfoodreaperLeviathenfood florida Join Date: 2015-05-19 Member: 204681Members
    edited November 2015
    Another thought is making the big room able to have a ladder anywhere on it, it looks like it has a lot more support than the tunnel does so it should be able to have one somewhere.

    PS. Sonar is awesome. Lots of awesomeness. Heat generator I think should be better. for the amount it takes to do solar panels, its hardly worth risking leviathans for the power of 2 solar panels.
  • Chris01Chris01 95050 Join Date: 2015-11-19 Member: 209347Members
    Since we can make magnesium out of (3) salts, we should be able to make a magnesium flare. Also using a "deplorable" beacon body and (5)flares plus a remote control app. for the PDA we get a unit that we could float at the top of the large caverns to light the area. Deploy the unit back away and use the remote to start the flare. Each flare would burn for 15 min.s then the unit would drop it and start a new one. The remote could also raise or lower the unit. Or add a electric light to the bottom of the SeaGlide, replace the battery with a "power cell" and let it follow use about 10' above us, can us a app on the PDA to turn this on or off.
  • NostraKabusNostraKabus Turkiye Join Date: 2015-06-25 Member: 205756Members
    hey guys !..


    I, I do not play this game for the last 4 version. The current version of the I (Subnauti by v.3098) ERROR . Game is not opening. Log when the game suddenly shuts down.

    Result: "Subnautica by Game.exe has stopped working" I do not play this game for the last 4 editions?

    Note: Note: I'm sorry my english is very weak. I use google translation for him. But I say that my game is not working.
  • Shovel_FighterShovel_Fighter UWE PT Team Join Date: 2015-03-22 Member: 202443Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, Subnautica Playtester
    Ever wondered who eats ur precious food, when ur away from ur sub or underwater station? Beware of the Ratshark and keep ur Sub Vermin free! ;)

    (This happens when u play way too much Vermintide!

  • Darwin-EvolutionDarwin-Evolution France Join Date: 2015-06-07 Member: 205310Members
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    Hey, game developpers!
    I just saw your biosphere for the "Lost River", and I'd like to give some ideas for some animations with the dense saltwater :

  • Darwin-EvolutionDarwin-Evolution France Join Date: 2015-06-07 Member: 205310Members
    I have a great idea for a new coral-like animal. Take a look at this vid :

    I want these sort of sponges, but that constantly "smoke" out a liquid substance that lights up at night.
  • NodhermitNodhermit Join Date: 2015-12-31 Member: 210655Members
    I recently picked up the game on steam sale. Had tempted me for awhile just due to the underwater setting looking pretty.

    So, first impressions -

    Thus far I'm not digging the "core gameplay". Perhaps I haven't made it far enough, but hours of swimming up and down searching for little nodes of materials just seems needlessly tedious.

    Node-based resource gathering just has a bad MMO taste to it and gets tiresome fast. Searching for limestone lumps that mar the otherwise nice looking environment just seems like far too much of the game, or at least the early game.

    Resources not respawning in random locations, or at least not very fast, has also meant that everywhere I plop down a base I quickly rid the surrounding area of resources and then have to just move again. My map is just scattered with single room bases now. Sticking to a single location is hard to do.

    Oxygen tanks also don't last long enough IMO, sure with several in your inventory it's fine, but then you're just trading more time underwater for more back and forth trips depositing materials. It doesn't feel like a great balance right now and it stifles the exploration aspect.

    Aside from that, I also wish hull integrity were better explained in game. I looked it up online to figure it out.
  • Darwin-EvolutionDarwin-Evolution France Join Date: 2015-06-07 Member: 205310Members
    OK, so this video might be a little bit long, I know, but you'd better watch this; it'll give you a sort of reference point for the Arctic Biome :

    When the Arctic biome finally releases, I want places in that biome where the player can dive under a sheet of ice with thousands of invertebrates on the sea floor.
    I also want places where gigantic icebergs riddles with ice caves can be found.
    What do you think? What else do you want? Please let me know.
  • RainstormRainstorm Montreal (Quebec) Join Date: 2015-12-15 Member: 210003Members

    When the Arctic biome finally releases, I want places in that biome where the player can dive under a sheet of ice with thousands of invertebrates on the sea floor.
    I also want places where gigantic icebergs riddles with ice caves can be found.
    What do you think? What else do you want? Please let me know.

    Itd be cool if such a biome had a layer of ice over the water surface depriving the player of the option to surface in order to refill oxygen tanks. thatd force the player to go there only if they possess a seamoth and/or a Cyclops. that would definitely add another goal to make those submersibles

  • ReichiReichi Austria Join Date: 2016-01-04 Member: 210893Members
    Hope I can post this here - just bought the game a few days ago, and I love it. The looting and crafting is super addicting! Please keep up the great work.

    Just noticed this bug with the mobile vehicle bay that sometimes you can't build anything - restarting the game helps.
    Also, a short tutorial/introduction would be useful when you start a new game? As I said I just bought the game recently and have never heard of it before and I was a bit confused at the beginning. For example I didn't know that there is a storage inside of the Escape Pod and had to look a lot of things up on the wiki. Furthermore, a short description of the items would be fine - I didn't know that the heated knife cooks fish instantly?!
    Currently I'm playing in Freedom mode. I like to explore the world and looking for material without getting stressed by metabolism. Do materials like quartz or copper respawn after some time? Cause sometimes it's already hard to find something..

    Is the game still at Alpha Status, or is it already Beta?
  • clockmeisterclockmeister Join Date: 2015-12-31 Member: 210673Members
    Would like to see a 'Main Control Room' for seabases with a variety of consoles to monitor base status, contain flooding, and route power.

  • DokujakaDokujaka Sweden Join Date: 2015-01-20 Member: 200954Members
    This might have been suggested already but glass needs to be easier to get. Either quartz should give you more glass or being able to make glass out of sand or something. Also I'm drowning in gold but silver is extremely hard to get.
  • HumpfyGabHumpfyGab Germany Join Date: 2016-01-02 Member: 210798Members
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    For some reasons not many people have posted feedback but sugestions and ideas.

    So let's try with a feedback.
    Here's what I think about SubNautica right now:

    Overall impression:
    The game is just beautyfull. The first thing I thought when I saw a video was: "Wow!"
    And after purcasing the game this "Wow!" stayed with me a long the time.
    But it is rather obvious that the game is early access (no offence). Many things still look or feel clunky.
    On the other hand it is obvious how much work was and is put in by the whole team.
    This could become one the best and inovative games of the last and the next years.
    So keep up your good work and stay true to your vision.

    Let's take a closer look, shall we?

    The biomes:
    The biomes just look great, but there is a big downside...
    The only biomes that realy feel alive to me are the shallows and the kelpforest.
    All other biomes seem to be just placeholders. Though aesthetically pleasing they just seem to be places to gather up resources at the moment.
    Also it seems that all bioms slowly die off losing their apeal they had in the first place.
    So all in all the biomes are a good start. But just using them to gather resources is just a waste.
    I would love to see something that makes me feel being in a living world. And there need to be reasons to stay in a biome, to really explore and reseach them.
    But I'm sure you have great plans for the future for them.

    Bases and carafting:
    I love the bases, though they are not quite my artstyle. They are the places I retreat to after a draining exploration or resource gathering (these can be really tense ;) ).
    I love that you are expanding on the uses of bases and I hope there is much more to come.
    After the Moonpool and the Waterpark I can imagine many things like sciencelabs, sickbays, real livingquaters and so on.
    The craftingsystem seams to be ok. Not to hard to learn, but complex enough. I would wish for some more maschines - to prozess ores for instance.

    The subs:
    My favorite at the moment is the seamoth. It's fast, easy to handle and together with the Moonpool just awesome.
    The cyclops on the other hand is still cool, but not very usefull at the moment due its very limited powersuply. And after the solarugrade of the seamoth I don't see the point of it.
    So there is much work to be done to make the cyclops worthwhile.
    Probably you already have something in mind tied in with the exosuit and waterpresure? I surely hope so.
    Personally I can't understand the call of so many players for another sub...

    In this field I must admit I see much to be done. There are many things I would consider a must for alien planets and under water exloration.
    When thinking of exploring alien planets one thing pops to my mind emediately. Not the big bad aliens monsters, but the realy tiny ones like parasites and deseases. Implenting these in conjunction with reseach and medical equipment (like a sickbay and a biological research center) would deepen my feeling of being on a dangerous alien planet. That could be rather interesting and make the experience and the survival aspekt of the game much more diverse.
    Under water exploration lack many things I would consider main features and would help with the gating of the game. Namely: Waterpressure and currents. But I think I saw some cards on trello regarding both topics...

    The story:
    What to say about that... There is no story so far, or is there?
    Looking at what is there so far there are two big conflicts that should be integral parts of the Story:
    a) Man and Nature - the underlining powerstruggle (the survivial aspect of the game) (and what ever solution you chose (adaption or domination))
    b) Isolation - the need to go home though the planet is wonderfull
    These are the most relevant themes, the main motivations for the maincharacter and they can serve as a strong foundation to build the story.
    But I know you are working on it.
    I think the story will decide if this will be a good or a outstanding game.
    I would love to see a mystierious, perhaps even lovecraftian storyline, but that are only my personal preferences. ;)
    I think it is most important that the story is delivered by experiencing it, not by cutscenes or dialogs. Found logs (written or audio) and reseachnotes may deliver background and anecdotes, but the main storyline should be experienced. Perhabs a rudimentary adventurelike system to solve puzzles could help here. I would certainly love it.
    Telling the story by experiencing it will strengthen the emersion and the over all atmosphere. Even if there would be people that give you a distinct task it would be crucial that there are no "quests" or "questlog" in any form. The story has to gently direct the player in the direction you want him to go. Perhaps it would be better to implement an editable to-do-list for the player to ease keeping track.
    Regarding the story, please, don`t chose an easy solutions but the most benefiting for the game. Keep away from the stories we all know. Now hero that saves the day, no deep transforming inner journey. Try to be surprising.
    When I look at the things you have done so far with the game I have no doubts that you will find and implemet something really awesome.

    SubNautica has very much potential and it is one of very few games I was curious about since I found it in my whole life.
    It could very well be a game that creates new standards for gaming.
    So far you made a brilliant job and I'm looking forward to see what you will do.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • raven0akraven0ak finalnd Join Date: 2016-01-15 Member: 211425Members
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    amount of gold versus silver should be balanced unless there is far more uses for gold than upgrade silver needing computer units into rarely needed advanced wiring kits, and ofc energy transmitters which are only few needed to transport thermal energy into base from nearby geyser, all in all silver has bit more value as of now than gold.
    at first I thought also that glass is hard to get due quartz need ...till I drove into grand reef and found plenty:D so quartz and glass is okey on materials side.
    on other note please remove titanium from limestone and keep limestone as copper only node. there is plenty of ship parts to manage all the titanium need, where as copper being limestone only can feel bit rarity, especially as its primary needed material for most applications build... especially batteries for deep diving on cyclops
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