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G'day everyone! I've smashed together this guide to some of the ways in which you can give feedback to the Subnautica development team.

Some links copied here for convenience:

Steam Subnautica Forums
Feedback System Data
Developer Twitter List


  • cal0613cal0613 Join Date: 2015-01-19 Member: 200936Members
    guys .... just remember NOT everybody is a veteran. PLease don't make the game so difficult that a noob cant get past the first 10 minutes. maybe you c0uld have switches to danger levels up or down. I cant tell you how many games turn me off because unless you are a 10 year gamepad/joystick veteran I cant begin to enjoy the game. there are many like me that would love to have difficulty levels in a game which is otherwise too hot to handle. Thanks
  • BandersaurBandersaur Australia Join Date: 2014-10-25 Member: 199120Members
    Just use a mouse and keyboard. =P
  • LivingConcourseLivingConcourse USA Join Date: 2015-02-17 Member: 201402Members
    Not sure where exactly to leave this, but multiplayer in this game would be awesome. Also making it to where you could go into a waiting list and randomly get thrown in with someone else who plays. Anyways carry on lol this thought hit me while I am standing on top on my escape pod looking at my seamoth needing 2 more copper for the cyclops lol wishing I could send a friend on the mission to go find the copper ;-)
  • AngeLwitcHAngeLwitcH UK Join Date: 2015-03-15 Member: 202165Members
    Could do with Oxygen lasting slightly longer.
  • SilveressaSilveressa USA Join Date: 2015-03-18 Member: 202279Members
    AngeLwitcH wrote: »
    Could do with Oxygen lasting slightly longer.

    Perhaps just having the usage rate fall slower when not exerting oneself (I.e in using the seaglide or just floating in place) would help a bit too?
  • Niel-AgiNiel-Agi Belguim Join Date: 2015-03-21 Member: 202394Members
    I think it should be possible to build bigger rooms in your sea base like when I build 4 x corridors together the wall in the middle goes away and becomes a big room.
  • gamer2456gamer2456 NY,USA Join Date: 2015-03-17 Member: 202269Members
    edited March 2015
    I would like to be-able to put windows on my base corner pieces for more view around the outside of my base.
  • The_Big_Bad_W8lfThe_Big_Bad_W8lf England Join Date: 2015-03-15 Member: 202178Members
    With the Foundation for bases; the texture repeats every time you place it. Maybe having them automatically connect (This would join the textures too, but the supports beneath would stay the same) when placed together might make them more ascetically appealing. And It would make the overall apperance of the underwater bases, my opinion. Just a suggestion :)
  • gamer2456gamer2456 NY,USA Join Date: 2015-03-17 Member: 202269Members
    edited March 2015
    This would be amazing creature to add to this it call the OCEAN PHANTOM from future wild show.
  • Killerkitty641Killerkitty641 London Join Date: 2015-03-13 Member: 202085Members
    Massive carrier ship for a new superdeep biome with huge sea creature. Would be extremely expensive but can hold aircraft (hint) and multiple subs inside (cyclops and bigger) and drops smaller ones over the side (a must). It also launches a tiny "hopper" sub out of the front at rediculous speeds and the bridge extends up and out/ down and in when surfacing/ submerging. Should have an observation deck w/ external lights, a bedroom, cantine, submarine storage, damagable engines, a lab and other cool things.

    •4 armed repair sub
    •capture and research sub (cyclops size)
    •Sub that defends the base and other subs from agressive creatures. Non lethal.

    Researching creatures gives you bonus stuff (reaserch jars/ containers)
    Fully customizable sub hull patterns (all subs and can spray paint on them too)
    Other survivors in other pods and in the main ship. Multiplayer AND AI.
    Creature creator! (Eg spore.)

    Use the game spore for creature ideas.

    combine subs to bases to make them extra base additions.

    Sorry if this was too long. Any way i can email the devs directly?
  • ab579601ab579601 Stockholm Join Date: 2015-03-25 Member: 202565Members
    I wounder of the gonne add multiplayer plz do that.
  • ab579601ab579601 Stockholm Join Date: 2015-03-25 Member: 202565Members
    Add new subs and new wepons Maybe we can go in to the crashed ship and Explore it's gonne be fun to see.
  • ab579601ab579601 Stockholm Join Date: 2015-03-25 Member: 202565Members
    Plz can u add like giant monsters or big island there u can find an big monster whos gonne Hunt u or big Bases with wepons on top or an wepon armory somthing like that.
  • ab579601ab579601 Stockholm Join Date: 2015-03-25 Member: 202565Members
    Hi i wounder if u guys gonne add auto Dave to the game like auto Dave Every 15min or 10 that gonne make the game better thanks.
  • goodjobjoshgoodjobjosh Join Date: 2015-03-27 Member: 202628Members
    If this game is going more towards adventure and discovery, how about you give the player the ability to create their own map? Give them a paper, and be able to put land marks, biomes, and caves. It would be interesting and would make the player want to explore all around the map.

    Also, since this an alien planet what if you had the job of documenting all life and building a base for future colonies.
  • Jacob-EllingerJacob-Ellinger Grand Rapids Join Date: 2015-03-27 Member: 202641Members
    edited March 2015
    I want rooms. not tubes. Tubes going to rooms. The rooms can be domes. Domes because that is a good design for something that needs to withstand pressure. Also tubes connected to domes just looks better and more like a proper underwater base. (by proper I mean what most people imagine in their heads when they think of a underwater base).

    In short. Please add underwater domes.

    PS: I'll remember what you said about that beer if I ever get a chance to say hello in person.
    ~ Jake.
  • gnomemcbendykneesgnomemcbendyknees United States Join Date: 2015-03-28 Member: 202651Members
    edited March 2015
    I think that there should be a refrence cthulhu at like around 2000/3000 meaters like it grabs you or your sub and pulls you under the map and kills you if you get to close. I think it would be pretty cool! I all so think that cthulhu shoud be 3 times the size of the Cyclops. and as for the island thare shoud be thing linging on it maybe an intelligent race of aliens living on the island.
  • CweordCweord Bath Join Date: 2014-10-27 Member: 199155Members

    Can we have different labels for beacons or the ability to label them, and a beacon in the Sea-moth. Also, a placeable beacon in a base would be good.

    It would be nice to place a beacon in the different biomes as you find them (and eventually have them show up on some kind of map - say a sonar map that generates as you explore, only if you have sonar)
  • The_HawkThe_Hawk South Africa Join Date: 2015-02-12 Member: 201321Members

    so far a fantastic game glad to see the hard work being done at ... well quite frankly breakneck pace
    you wanted my feedback here it is

    would be nice to be able to have a larger base room maybe a square for crafting purposes also a docking collar for the Cyclops would be a bonus to allow for recharging of power and allow a swim less transition between the two

    also there is a bug currently with the base windows on the corridor piece it builds the top most window on the side and make the top see through however the model for the top window is placed on the side of the corridor.

    instead of crafting lots of single tanks it would be nice to be able to craft a duel tank that still only take up one inventory slot but has twice the capacity as inventory space is limited of note and carrying around lots of tanks is kind dull as it forces me to do LOTS of trips to acquire the materials for a Cyclops

    it is anti intuitive to have to have the dive reel in your had to collect the anchor

    also at the time of this posting the feedback menu has stopped working properly and I cant f8 as the you retain control of the character

    also blocking a entrance with the terraforming gun dose not stop the light from passing trough the rock (emersion breaking)

    deconstructing the fabricator in the life raft puts you in trouble as you CANNOT rebuild it (esp if you don't have our Cyclops yet)...thank goodness for base parts costing the small amount they do or it would be a game breaker

    there are other minor bugs (Cyclops shader, life raft repair ect ect ect) but I am sure they will be fixed in good time

    great work guys keep it up

    hope this has helped

    yours in service
  • The_HawkThe_Hawk South Africa Join Date: 2015-02-12 Member: 201321Members
    good ideas dreadlord I defiantly agree with no 7) maybe via the middle mouse click
  • ab579601ab579601 Stockholm Join Date: 2015-03-25 Member: 202565Members
    I wounder if they gonne add in an duck area for the cyclops or to the other submarines in the future?
  • CweordCweord Bath Join Date: 2014-10-27 Member: 199155Members

    A nice thing would be for the bubbles to stop when you equip the re-breather, as they way they work is by recycling the air you breath - they are nice and quiet, with no bubbles.

    Re-breathers also give longer time, not just the same time at depth, but do require their scrubbers to be replaced - so you could have longer with a re-breather, but it would consume created scrubbers (They also take a lot less space than cylinders, so would be about two cylinders in your inventory with a better capacity than 5)

    An elevator function would be nice for really long drops (I have a 150 - 200 meter drop on my base to enter some deep caves)

    Vertical corridor sections, so you can create really long ladders (or elevators) in a round tube, with plenty of glass. It could use a similar mechanic to diving, using up and down.

    Windows for the L shaped corridors

    Windows for the floor sections (Good for bridges or viewing platforms)

    Bulkheads with seal-able doors, so that so that you can control how much of your base would get affected in a flood.

    Docks as mentioned before, and larger rooms, possibly a modular room, so that as you add sections the room grows.

    Being able to rotate by 45 degrees as well as 90

    Small corridor sections so that if you try and join two bases, and they are slightly off you can correct (I had to demolish and rebuild my shallow base when I connected it to my main base)

    A viewing room, that you can see the entire area from (mostly glass)

    Proper airlocks, rather than just hatches (though being able to add a bulkhead (see above) would solve this

    Better mechanics to stop plants popping through the walls to your base - the same for the shoals of fish - they seem to exist outside of collision detection.

    Lights to light the outside of the base.

    Portable lights than can be installed through out cave systems.

    Possibly are REALLY large dock area, that you can drive the Cyclops in to to make additions and customise it.

    Here is the link to the pics of my base (yes, it is a little large, I did use no cost cheat mode, but I wanted to see how much would break the game - I haven't yet) which game me some of those ideas.

  • CweordCweord Bath Join Date: 2014-10-27 Member: 199155Members
    One for the update that just hit - make bases safe zones for radiation - just watched the start of the explosion, then I got 'Radiation Detected' inside my base
  • ModemusModemus Canada Join Date: 2015-03-31 Member: 202785Members
    edited March 2016
    UPDATED 3/11/2016

    these were my ideas, i know im repeating some already echoed in the forums

    So, let me say first off, I wasn't going to post until i had a lot of feedback. I also wasn't going to post on the webbed feedback post, because i had too much. and i created a profile specifically to post this. and second, i know this list ends up sounding a little bossy... Trust me, I'm not. However, when I thought of what I wanted to see in the game as of this moment, i thought it out in totality, with these items concrete. I know they are not, obviously. “and why a list on the forums?” You might ask.... Well there's just way too much for those small text boxes in-game. And I tried to keep out some of my ideas that had already been echoed in the forums.
    Now I ask you Dev's, will you ponder these?



    -storage container base parts
    ---Something like what you've already done
    done: Multipurpose Room
    ---walls when joined to other storage bases disappear to make larger rooms, all directions no longer needed : Multipurpose Room
    ---large windows/reinforcements on all sides (bottom too) done: Multipurpose Room
    ---mega space for lockers /and equipment Seamoth/cyclops bays?
    ---dome shaped ones too irrelevant: Multipurpose Room

    -base customization
    beds (set spawn point)
    customization bench (color your base or suit)
    computers (no good reason why now, to look cool I guess)

    -above water parts
    ---solar power (Eco-friendly?) done.
    -battery banks. still would like to see this, coupled with battery recharge station(that's currently in the works)

    ---must be able to connect to/from seabases
    already planned
    ---will allow the quick air refill you get from above water to all bases connected (please? will also help with upcoming limited base air update)

    - Stackable ladders with reinforcements
    ---transports instantaneously from one end of entire stack of parts facing same direction
    done: Vertical Connector
    ---1 parts faces direction breaks stack facing other will transport only to that point only if opposite ends are both in corridors no idea what i meant there
    ---must be rotatable don't think this will ever be put in

    ---must be allowed on floors, period
    ---must be allowed on L corridors
    ---must be allowed everywhere
    done: Glass Corridors

    ---must be allowed on floors, period
    ---must be allowed on L corridors
    ---must be allowed everywhere
    no longer needed : Multipurpose Room

    ---must have ability to change size larger and smaller
    ---must have ability to change material being deposited
    ---must have slant, flat, and square placement shapes

    ---stops smaller aggressive fauna from attacking, like stalkers
    ---they are so annoying...
    ---so is "taming" them, they're so numerous
    ----I think its far more elegant than killing them
    ---can help with larger threats
    ---please be something energy based
    ---please be pacifier, for a more Eco-friendly feel?
    done: Propulsion Cannon/Repulsion Cannon


    -hatch to hatch docking for base/cyclops
    being somewhat planned/mulled over
    -a 4 person Seaglide(for multiplayer?)
    -a 2 person Seamoth(for multiplayer too?)
    -a deep sea sub good to 1500-M (lava zone) can be done with Pressure Compensation Module
    ---has vertical launch tubes on top along spine of sub for aerial vehicles
    ---holds 4-8 Seamoths or deep sea mini-subs in bottom and lower sides
    ---cool science/equipment/storage bays on top half? surprise us.
    fantastical....and too resource intensive

    -flying craft
    --- solar powered
    ---can fly
    kinda takes away from the watery goodness of this, and map is too small for it to be useful

    ---can add windows onto the sub, Particularly upper deck seamoth bay. Please?
    ---can add reinforcements to hull for diving past 200m done
    ---can be added with 1 of a few modules/package, i.e. science, propulsion, guidance, fishing/trawling, construction
    ---makes reason to make more than 2

    ---builder version, more efficient, or faster, or both
    ---oxygen version, allows caches of water under the surface, like pipes
    ---medical version, because why the hell not
    ---repulsor/pacifier version, scare the mean fishes and forces teamwork done: Seamoth Perimeter Defense System

    -seamoth is glitchy, is invisible in cyclops bay or is unable to be entered and has no collision physics with player
    this one is all over the place, some days its fine, some days its not

    -seaglide/vehicle constructor will leave very loud ghost sound if its active sound is playing while being picked up(constructor), or put away(seaglide) for unassisted swimming fixed

    -larger seabases have increasing load time for every piece, when placed, that alters its structural integrity fixed

    -plants go through base walls

    -terraforming leaves fauna "hanging" in midair

    b. Fixes

    -oxygen is a little too short, by 10-20 seconds worked around : upgraded tanks

    -food/thirst and day/night cycle go way too fast
    ---make food/thirst be like 2 meals/water (3?) a day keep you full
    --- make day/night 2-2 1/2 times as long, with the above food/thirst idea to match
    we're there

    -set default speed to 1.45 no longer wanting this, speed is good

    -double speed of cyclops
    ---if/when larger sub added make speed same as current cyclops
    no longer wanting this, speed is good
    C. Gameplay

    ---coupled with story, there's two seats in the lifepod : Co-op; multiplayer : there's other pods dropped around the map where other pairs can spawn
    -make it more towards coexisting with the world, Eco-minded. This game has way more potential for that than others
    In the works! YUS!

    -locker and analyzer placement boxes are too big, have to place too far from walls this should've been in bugs, but its been fixed
    -GPS/map room in the works

    ...I'm REALLY invested in this game, can you tell?...

    So, this is my list of Things For SubNautica I would like to see. I will be playing the game and updating this as the game does. Please everyone, discuss away...

    sorry for large post, im deleting OP and leaving it here. i had posted a new thread with this for discussion, but there wasnt any happening, so ill put it here.
  • PhalaguimPhalaguim Scotland Join Date: 2015-04-06 Member: 203026Members
    edited April 2015
    My Feedback.. you don't need feedback, you clearly know what you're doing.

    I'd personally like a 2-4 player co-op with direct ip connection. Not a mmo style mp.
    Otherwise an autosave on exit/enter Base/Seamoth/Cyclops. Just lost 4 hours due to crash.
    Thus I'm here.. posting. ^^

    Restarting game from scratch is good fun, since random land creation is evitable. Game has replayability.
    I like alot of the suggestions already posted above.
    I'd like to see the game remain a non violent game. I like the stasis gun. The crash fish don't. haha.

    I've posted my suggestions in suggestions thread, echos many already made.
    I'd add, pipes need to be reworked, maybe snap to, with mouse wheel 45 degree flips, currently you get a wonky line of pipes, last pipe should have an obvious air bubble like the seabed airvent thing. First section, maybe little floats attached which would take it to the surface, like the constructor.

    Also permanent critter removal, ie kill a crash pod, clearing them from a cave, they respawn randomly elsewhere.

    And lastly.. I hope there's a big alien back story, with history and depth to the game, as well as the survivability scope.

    Keep up the great work.
  • TheFutureGamerTheFutureGamer Israel Join Date: 2015-04-07 Member: 203103Members
    edited April 2015
    my feedback is thet i hope thet People will be able to get in the Spaceship i know thet u can now go to it but i meen seriousli get in the rooms explore and broboletli geder som good stuf like seriousli who dosent wana explore a CITY SIZE SPACESHIP!!!
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