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This is a collection of worthy community resources to help you create your NS2 map and learn your way around the Spark Editor. The sticky section of this forum was becoming a little cluttered, so it made sense to aggregate some of these threads into a reference post. If there's a resource you feel should be included here, please post a reply with a link.


Mapping Guidelines reference thread - This hasn't been updated in quite a while but is included for posterity.

ns2_sample by Kouji_San - A sample reference map showing how to use the majority of entities and assets in a map.

Where Do I Begin? by Regn, now curated by Rudy.cz - A getting started FAQ for Spark Editor beginners.

Performance and General Mapping Guidelines by xtcmen - A guide to keeping your maps well optimised, along with tips on Spark editor workflow.

Making Maps Competitive by Scrajm - A guide for optimising your level for competitive NS2 play.

Choosing a Material Shader by Insane - A reference guide for texture artists.

Editor Layer/Group list and hidden tools A guide that lists layers and groups that you can use in the editor for certain functions.


Entity Setup Tutorial by Mendasp - Learn the entity set-up needed to get your NS2 level running properly.

Curved Geometry Tutorials by Rudy.cz and Psyk0man - A set of tutorials on the different aspects of creating curved hallways and geometry.

Importing Static Props into NS2 by WhiteDevil - How to import models from 3DSMax into NS2.

NS1 to NS2 map conversion tutorial A tutorial on converting NS1 maps to Spark levels.
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