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A remake project of classic Combat map
Here comes another remake project, seems there are never enought of them :-)

This time it is the remake of one of the best combat maps for NS1 - co_Core. Core was appraised by many players for its clever but simple layout, fast gameplay and stunning visuals. I think its a candidate worth a remake, and it will make valuable contribution to currently developed Combat mod for NS2.

Original author of co_Core is Jake "Ekaj" Griffith. The remake was started by Remedy, who decompiled the original and remade the original Ready Room. I've taken the project over. I've contacted original author for permission for this remake and he approved it.

There are few screenshots





You can get the latest version from Steam Workshop


Original author:
Jake "Ekaj" Griffith

Decompile, Ready Room:

Remake by

Current status:

Alpha 3 - 14.11.2012
- New Alien junction
- New Occlusion ceometry for better performance

Alpha 2 - 2.11.2012
- Custom loading screens
- New Central area

Alpha 1 - 30.8.2012
- Basic graybox geometry
- Expanded vent system
- Layout adjustments
- New Ready Room by Remedy
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