Sanity - A Full Conversion Mod



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    Well, I don't understand this at all. I've missed LOADS of new comments in this forum, even though I'm subscribed to email alerts and have bookmarked this thread. Only TODAY did I get any sort of email alerts that there has been new activity in this thread, the last one I got was a week or two ago. Hmmmmmm... Grrrrrrr!
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    lol, yeah I've also missed loads expecting to be notified by email, it doesn't work great.
    Check out our horror conversion Mod: Sanity
    Lead Programmer: DoubleHex
    Story & Gameplay: Somnambulist
    Mapping: JoeScruff Stoia
    Audio: DerAkademiker
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    Awesome stuff, I like the look of this, hope there will be enough servers running it when the mod goes open to the public.

    Hey, I was wondering, is there an open model list? What I mean is a list of models that need to be created that's also open to the public (have two lists, private and public, I don't mind). That way someone like me, who's looking for stuff to work on to improve my skills, can submit possible models for you to accept or reject/ask again as you see fit. This has the added bonus of there being no pressure on any volunteer to get the work done.

    I would love to help out, and if you made a public model asset list I'd do my best to contribute.
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