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    win a match as a commander on each map = supreme leader
    finish a game on each map = Adventurer
    Win a game as a player on each map = Indiana Jones
  • TripleTriple Join Date: 2007-06-18 Member: 61290Members
    hmm ithought of only one, Tuant(Chuckle) after a kill - "no sorrow for the dead"

  • SaeppelSaeppel Join Date: 2005-02-16 Member: 41353Members, Constellation
    <b>Pacman</b> - Kill 3 Marines as a skulk, while only moving on the ground (no jumping etc.) [a pacman symbol of course]
    <b>Skully, I think something is out there.</b> - Kill a fully cloaked skulk with a grenade [2 eyes on a black background]
    <b>5 Star cook</b> - Set every alien life form on fire in one life [a chef's hat]
    <b>Suit up!</b> - Equip every possible equipment as a Marine in one round - [a suit]
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    inc achievement farming, damnit
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    edited July 2010
    <b>Nostalgia goggles</b> Play 2 hours worth of NS2 under Ridiculously Low settings.
    <b>Consolation Prize</b> At critical health, run 200m and spam for a med pack without ever recieving one.
    <b>All Seeing Eye</b> IAR, infect 15 targets with parasite.
    <b>The Darwin Award</b> Xenoblast 10 times without damaging anything.
    <b>Porkey Monster</b> In this order, evolve from a skulk > gorge > lerk > fade > onos.
    <b>Saving Ryan's Privates</b> Kill an Onos with the last round in your pistol.
    <b>Someone set us up the Hive</b> Build the final Hive 20 times.
    <b>Victory Egg</b> Win a round whilst morphing.
  • ZimbuTheMonkeyZimbuTheMonkey Join Date: 2010-07-14 Member: 72359Members
    [You are now realizing that the developers will never read this entire thread]
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    Artificial Selection: As marine commander, build all items in the tech tree.
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    Inmortal Noob - Try to play on the only server out there with the engine test...

    (yeah! I already own it)
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