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    That might be so. However, Planet 4546B is not the Precursor Homeworld, but just a planet that the Precursors were using to find a way to cure the Kharaa. That means that there are other planets where the Kharaa exist since the P…
  • Might be useful to use it in Aurora's Drive Room as well. Using it against Stalkers seems to be a good way for farming Stalker Teeth.
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    Most people are suspicious of free items. "You get what you pay for" and "there's no such thing as a free lunch" certainly come to mind.
  • Might not work for those areas, but putting a foundation by the deeper thermal vents makes placing the Thermal Reactors a lot easier.
  • It feels like it is better to just ditch the PRAWN suit and get the Kyanite from the tunnel between the Inactive Lava Zone and Thermal Plant.
    in Kyanite Comment by starkaos March 2018
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    We don't know that. The Aurora would need shuttles to ferry people from a planet to the Aurora and back. If the Aurora had shuttles, then they would have needed to be destroyed by the QEP or have a long startup sequence to not h…
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    If it costs $20, then it would be about the same price as the main game. Depending on the size of the DLC, then I expect it to cost about $5 to $10 unless it is about the same size as the main game.
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    But the problem is that it is not you. Teleporting a Cyclops is not a concern for most people since we don't believe that objects can have a soul. However, any living organism in the Cyclops would be killed and duplicated. So an…
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    In Canada, distance, temperature, and volume are all metric, but height and weight is Imperial. We are more likely to say 6 feet tall instead of 1.83 meters or 200 pounds instead of 91 kilograms.
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    I was making a joke about the argument about Teleportation in Star Trek where it kills the main cast of Star Trek and replaces it with duplicates. So Kirk, Picard, Spock, and all the other characters in Star Trek are killed the fi…
  • But if you deconstruct and reconstruct a Cyclops with teleportation drones, is it the same Cyclops or have you destroyed the original Cyclops and created an identical Cyclops.
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    This is why I like to build my base in front of the gun. I always have one base with a Cyclops base dock.
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    Meter is the American way and metre is how everyone else spells it.
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    Might have to deal with how it sounds to whoever discovered it or got to name it. Platinum sounds better than Platinium. Sodium sounds better than Sodum.
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    This has less importance compared to the US using the Imperial system and the rest of the developed world using the Metric System. The difference between Aluminum and Aluminium is not going to cost NASA hundreds of millions of dol…
  • So would the two inner planets have to be of similar size to get them rotating around an imaginary central point? Also, I would suspect that the orbit of the moon would be a bit more complicated due to the gravitational mess at the center. The gra…
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    Subnautica has always had an extremely simplified stress system. Instead of basing the stress on the each part, it is based on the overall stress of the system. My limited experience of structural engineering from college is scre…
  • What is even more interesting is building an observatory above the rocket. It proves the entire ending is a lie.

    As far as it being a bug, it is more of an extremely understandable oversight instead of a bug. After all, Subnautica is a…
  • Because the next biome is in the Arctic which means lots of ice. So the 'land' area in the Arctic DLC will be much larger than 2 small islands.
  • Someone was working on a multiplayer mod, but I have no idea if it is available for release.
  • I heard the reason for the hovercraft might be due to the amount of 'land' in the Arctic Biome. So it might be about as big as a Seamoth while if there is an Icebreaker Sub, it would be about the size of the Cyclops.
  • The devs are currently working on content for an Arctic DLC like Hovercraft, Glow Whales, and other features. There has been no official release yet. There is a mention of it on the Subnautica Roadmap page on Trello, but that is more of what the d…
  • Isn't Trello for Experimental mode and Subnautica Backend for the devs personal use?
  • Between now and the heat death of the universe. Although, it is looking like it will be released closer to now rather than the heat death of the universe.

    The serious answer is no one knows. It will take at least a few months to a year…
  • You can build bases above water. A possible idea is building a base above the Aurora. However, that requires scaffolding which requires using X-corridors, foundations, and hatches. There are 6 entry points for X-corridors. Building above water d…
  • An idea that has lots of support and fits the canon of Subnautica if done correctly. If we want fast travel between our bases, then we are extremely limited to where we can build.

    Base Teleporters are listed on in The Teleporter Comment by starkaos February 2018
  • Either scanning the portal or using a console like how we got the Ion Batteries and Ion Power Cells would work. Using it as its own personal room like the Moonpool or Scanner Room or as a huge room piece like the Large Aquarium, Bioreactor, or Nuc…
  • Personally, I prefer something similar to the Precursor Portals. If we get some form of teleportation in Subnautica, then it would be based on Precursor technology not Alterra technology since there is no evidence of any personal phasegates.
  • You can get a free Storage Module in the Aurora. There are three free modules available, one in the Seamoth Bay, one in the PRAWN Bay, and one in the Drive Room. One of them requires a fire extinguisher if I remember correctly.
  • Wouldn't it be a Half-DEW weapon since Plasma is ionized matter not just directed energy?