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  • Not only limestone chucks, but everything you have to break to collect including all the large resource nodes stay after being drilled.
  • I would not really want to see a huge increase in the amount of materials. Having to scrounge 80 titanium per base section (to make is comparable to some other survival games out there) would require a huge over haul of how you collect and store re…
  • Not useful for the current situation but there is a thermal generator module coming to the cyclops for future escapades.
  • Very excited as well. I looking forward to diving back into the ocean again and dodging stalkers tomorrow evening. I've been trying to avoid spoilers (impossible) and look forward to experiencing the end of the story arc. I have 3 base locati…
  • Jacke wrote: » HiSaZuL wrote: » 2. Things don't respawn, period. Eat all the peepers and air sack fish in shallows near your pod... the area will be desolate. Been at the point where shallows looked deserted enough times. Things have to r…
  • I am looking forward to this change. I have been playing the game from practice of only having the air of one tank at a time. It does add a fair amount of complexity on large deep wrecks that did drive me to setting up an air pump with 2 dozen p…
  • uxlapogi wrote: » Steps: 1. Scan for a resource (e.g. quartz) 2. Orange locators mark the resources 3. Pick up said resource Expected: Locator gets removed as resource is no longer present Actual: Locator present indefinitely. Except…