Resource sinks and building the rocket

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I posted about a year ago regarding the game requiring many more resources to build "stuff". There just are not enough uses for items like Blood Oil. And now that I know I can farm seaweed for producing lubricant, even that is very easy to acquire in quantity. Now subnautica is basically a resource collection game, and I like that type of game, but I end up with tons of wall lockers full of resources and nothing to use them on. Just in my main base alone I have an entire wall locker of nothing but titanium ingots (30 x 10 = 300 titanium) and I have at least 20+ lockers of loose titanium ( 30 x 20 = 600 titanium). And my cyclops is filled with wall lockers and even more resources of every type. And most all of that came from collecting just metal scrap - I hadn't even done that much mining yet with the PRAWN.

But the upcoming rocket could be the game's last chance to really require vast resources to get off the planet and make the long voyage home. It could require:

Massive amounts of titanium. Since building the rocket stages will require all items to be in the player's inventory, I suggest fabricator recipes requiring 10 hardened titanium ingots to fashion massive ingots.
Massive boxes built of food stuffs: salted fish, water, etc for the long journey.
Massive amounts of Blood Oil that is fabricated down into rocket fuel. Or maybe copper, hydrocloric acid, fungus samples, and Landstrider poop!
Or maybe its based on nickel and sulfur so that more deep mining in the PRAWN is required.
Massive amounts of glass "ingots" combined together with mercury and ion crystals to make a number of "Dilithium crystals" for the rocket's hyperdrive.
The rocket could require a communications system, and a life support/environmental system. (They could need lots of Magnetite?)
Also a cryogenic sleep station.
Lots of diamonds needed for heat shielding.

As some of these recipes are specific to building just the rocket. Add a special fabricator to the launch pad that has these recipes to avoid confusing new players.

If this is the end-game then it should really make the player work for it.

A side quest could require building a mini-rocket to launch a warning beacon into orbit that would warn other ships away from the planet (after the player turns off the alien space gun, of course.)
Because even if the player finds/creates a cure for the infection, it could take generations to spread across the whole planet, right?

Since resources are not hard to find (for instance you don't have to dig for them) I've never really understood why the scanning room was added to the game. Clearly a lot of work went into it, but there doesn't seem to be any reason for a player to need to build it. Perhaps it should be retooled for locating alien artifacts? Maybe they are camoflaged or cloaked as sea plants so that you NEED the scanner room to find them and they would be a critical component for building the rocket. More resource sinks for the player!

I've never really considered vehicles to be continual resource sinks - you build them once and if you are careful with them, you never have to build them again. In the last year of playing this game off and on, I've NEVER lost a vehicle except in two cases - I got a SeaMoth wedged in a cave against a jellyfish, and the one time I glitched the Cyclops and rode it straight into outer space (stuck in the hull, partially hanging outside, fluttering like a ragdoll. lol)


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