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  • I can see both arguments here.

    A ) Some people prioritise the purity of the skill system.

    B ) Some people prioritise modding (and not being dissuaded by their servers losing out on hive)

    The thing is <…
  • Now is not the time to be upsetting people who are trying hard to improve things. Have we learned nothing?

    The reality of the situation;

    1. The impact on the skill system is trivial.
    2. The servers affected are some of …
  • (Quote)
    You're right it is kind of boring to have to do that. On the other hand though we've both been here over a decade now so it can't be that bad
  • You aren't going to get people to agree to do the right thing. Partly because nobody can agree on what the right thing is, and partly because people can't be selfless 100% of the time).

    We have to solve their problems instead so that the…
  • I had to login to ask, how is it so smooth?

    I know its 60fps on youtube compared to the 30 we normally see. But this looks a lot smoother than my PC and I have a 120hz lightboost monitor.

  • UE4 has no crossfire support :(
    in NS3+UE4 Comment by nemo November 2015
  • I hope i'm not the only one who doesn't want to say goodbye and talk in the past tense.

    I'm more interested in seeing if we can right the wrongs here. Between the community and UWE we should try to demonstrate how much his contributions …
    in Farewell Comment by nemo November 2015
  • (Quote)
    To the first point I would do similar for the aliens as well.

    To the second point thats a damn good point, the extra salt from dying around corners would mitigate the merits. So I think that might put a nail in it.
  • @MaxAmus

    Whilst I agree that positioning and map awareness are vital, I disagree that changes to damage output would not improve anything.

    In your …
  • (Quote)
    I don't like damage over time either, I was hoping with writing this post that someone would suggest a better idea that attempts to solve the same problem.

    Here are some facts.

    1. There are not enough player…
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    I hope you are joking, or do you really expect me to spend the time to point out all the reasons why that view wont hold up to any amount of debate?
  • Still nothing in Manchester UK :(
  • There aren't enough players to split people up into categories. You are always going to have a big skill range in the game.

    If that's a problem you can change the curve a little bit on accuracy to bridge the gap. Ri…
  • No sign of mine either :( Manchester UK, Jon T)
  • Rookies aren't going to spend time in training missions or anything like that so the learning mechanisms need to be in game.

    There are some gameplay elements that could be altered to make the counter-intuitive, become intuitive. For exam…
  • The smurfers are starting to win me over with the good arguments.

    I myself have a 2200 skill score, which is reasonably average for a veteran. If I play in a game where my teams average skill is more than a couple hundred lower than mine…
    in Smurfing Comment by nemo July 2015
  • Smurfing means you cannot balance teams with hive scores, or by manually doing it.

    Smurfing means people are free to act in a way that would normally ruin their reputation.

    Smurfing allows players who are banned for whatever …
    in Smurfing Comment by nemo June 2015
  • I like the idea of armor decaying over time as its far more intuitive than the original reverse maturity + nano shield concept.

    The feedback about things like fades gaining a buff against old RTs are interesting and not something I had c…
  • @IronHorse you pretty much nailed what I was going to respond with.

    The idea would be that the buff would be roughly equal, even at the start. Normally the m…
  • Hard work doesn't mean value. I spent a year developing a novel client side encryption secure file transfer service (years before mega). It totally flopped because I didn't understand my market.

    NS2:Combat was risky playing with an estab…
  • Most games with a snowballing mechanic balance it out by making it so that every advantage picks up a disadvantage too.

    The most common is that by expanding your territory you spread your numbers thinner and become more open to counter a…
  • ITT: People totally polarised one way or the other, and somehow can't see how they are all correct.

    You have people who understand that that Win/Loss is the only reliable metric, and those people are correct.

    You have people …
  • Just thought I would update everyone on my real world findings thus far.

    ShellMo (who was at a skill level of 300 ish) has now got her skill level up to 1022 super fast. How did she do it? She just started playing aliens more often.. She…
  • I've had a bit more of a think about this, I have an idea what might be going wrong with ShellMo's profile but I need someone to check my maths.

    I think its simply because she plays marines more than aliens. 370hours Marines, vs 166 hour…
  • @Therius I totally agree that the only metric worth considering is win/loss. You keep repeating this over and over, I am not suggesting anything different.

  • I've listened to all arguments thus far, and the logical side of me knows what you are saying, but really I hope someone can just suspend their belief in the skill system for a moment just to be open to the idea that there might be something not qui…
  • The skill system feels really good right now to the point were the only thing to optimise for now is edge cases, and they seem to be in different parts of the algorithm.

    1. Measure of current team strength at the current moment of time.<…
  • An RTS works because all players start with balanced units. Imagine starcraft but the effectiveness of your units is randomly better or worse than your opponent at the start of each game.
    In an FPS the players vary in skill, but the weapons ar…
  • The problem in NS2 is every loss punishes you too significantly. Both from a final victory perspective, and an emotional perspective. We want to keep it so that the better team still wins, but we want to reduce that emotional punishment along the wa…
  • Also you need to keep in mind that like any compounding system, after a certain duration the effects of prior compounding far outweigh the amount you are adding in with each iteration.

    By this I mean that near the end of the game, the mo…