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  • heyho i'm back maping
    this tookme a while, i went to sc2 and wc3frozen after my gamebreak, just to find out that most fun comes from ns2 again …
  • i started to make a graybox two weeks ago and i aimed to make it playable to get a first closer look at my map.

    the progress is stagnating right now. the reason is: i'm addicted to pc gaming and other activitys on the pc. right now i fee…
  • congrats =D huge benchmark \o/
    looks nice
  • hi @Kalopsia sorry i wrote you a little much messages about an issue i have on all my maps even dho you where not here.
    i still dont realy know whats happening so i…
  • humm, i cant get further than this as a skulk with cheats 1 and in pregame i just tested it again:
    maby i'm not up to date with worksop or something like thi…
  • sry for beeing late, you removed instakill from silo so my suggestion is no longer actual. i think it was a good idea
    i explored the wather a little dho and this vent next silo is to small for a skulk right now:
  • thx @BeigeAlert
    i looked at a lot of rooms in a lot of maps and the most interesting ideas came from the cover idea.
    i saw rooms seem not to be connected by…
  • i was ns2_orbital first time since maby one or two monthes and it loocks so much more detailed and clean =D nice work
  • and big thank to caperp who walks around in my creations to discuss em.
    he made an aim map called ns2_aim_pillars where skulkbots seem to use well placed pillars well enough to make it funny.
  • i agree

    thx for clarifing, sometimes images in my head differ from what's ment. especialy since my english is not so good xD. i'm swissgerman

    anyway, nice to compare the rooms with ligns of sight as reference anyway, if only …
  • it could be 20% smaller and remove most of most hallways in addition, still would be little big xD
  • @BeigeAlert oki i'll make lots of changes and i deffenetly need to study ligne of sights on other maps,
    this is kind of a thing thats still unclear in my mind.
  • i made a graybox to show this overview to train grayboxing.
    techpoint positions remind me a little jambi but the rest is different.

    more overview's will fallow. but feel free to critisize it so i see whats wrong
  • we where on fusion some times on my favorite 22player server. it lagged a little in the readyroom so folks seem to have swiched map becose of this. i dont know whiy this is, maby to many round faces or maby cose no occlusion between secret- and read…
  • humm, real detailed feedback mephilles. grats.

    you'r right docking 2 is real different. i was somhow not finding much similarity to any map i'v seen, exept maby that H ^^... but anyway later i thought that the cornered techpoints and the…
  • somehow ns2_turtle ended up on my favorite public server (22 slots the mapversion was the second spoilerpicture of mauvaisvitrier), i had the chance to play it 3 rounds as alien.

    and yes it is labyrinthy. its kind of funny to play somhow…
  • after analizing this drawing some time it doesn't look nice any longer to me. but as a friend said: as long as you see what doesn't fit you can improve it.
    it's good to have some input so soon.
    thx for inputs i took some lessons from it.…
  • @SamusDroid humm, yep it kind of reminds me little of docking2 with the H in middle but still very different(4 techpoints/5 techpoints). i think most maps have a tech p…
  • humm i think i see a huge problem from one point of wiev: when you walk to an rt you often seem to have only one or two options once its built.
    example: you walk from oasis to quarters where do you go? answer planning or walk back...
    i m…
  • shuttel weld and vessel (green) or only lasercut (yellow) could have an rt i'm adding the new pic in a min., thx for input i agree.
    the middle are was too much of a transition area anyway.
  • oki thx reedited
  • ns2_shipyard is in a real early state. i don't think it belongs here allready
  • and here comes my first little overwief sketch
    -i want maby to place a portal between vessel and meetinghall
    -2 sepperate rts could be in the middle of the map.

    my oppinion is: its small, is it to small?
  • decontamination
    conveyor / feeder band
    break (room)
    waiting/ (room)
    atlas/ mapping / pathfinding
    (hyper-)gate controle
    baggage recieving/ baggage arrival
    energy (transformation/ transfer)
    in ns2_yana Comment by logan3 October 2014
  • our admin added some custom maps to the server rotation

    we played ns2_nothing yesterday on my favorite server, those where a real nice public rounds.
    its so nice to change from the usual maps with common strategys.

    thx …
  • judihui. works fine, helps well allready.
  • nice one darkling =) only a lerk could be mad enough to get out of sight then =D.
    humm, i stop writing here till i get a reply…
  • omg in this thread there's so many beautyful things =°), real motivating.

    i guess joseppe, you had some good time, since it's so calming to combine all those verts and faces to something nice and so satisfing to have reached a new benchm…
  • doh, i found a good angle for the screenshot atlast. https: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfhqav24rne4r5n/disc concept.png?dl=0
    maby it was more the nee…