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  • One thing that certainly separates the comp hmg from the pub hmg is the 5 second reload time. I don't know if the comp hmg's half damage to buildings made it to pub either.
    But the reload times for certain was a way to deal with marines. It me…
  • (Quote)
    You've put effort to say what sort of attitude and behaviour it isn't but you haven't been very explicit in what you actually mean.
    Are you talking about attitudes like players getting uninvested in a game because say, tactic…
  • Likewise to you? I gave my experience after playing in 6v6 comp style games for a night. The feedback I gave doesn't cancel out anyone else's. Feedback isn't zero sum.
    I don't think it was an 'efed up experience' however. These games were play…
  • "Comp players all have hatred in their hearts. One even killed and ate my dog. Stop them now before they destroy us all."
  • Honestly pugging on this week's meta (new meta every week confirmed? #rapidDev2016) seems to favour aliens. If aliens can hold 4 res long enough to get onos (not that long) you can easily see an entire team of onos.
    The meta used to be that al…
  • @F0rdPrefect Technical literacy is half the battle. Even if I figured out how I myself would do that. Explaining how to other people would also be another headache. Pl…
  • Step 1: schedule a game at a convinient time for all (a task that is incredibly easy and is never difficult as I'm sure you all know)
    Step 2: ensure that a server is up and primed for the game time
    Step 3: recheck with everyone that they…
  • When it comes to co-coordinating One Hundred and Fifty people Plus support staff to all be on the same page at unpredictable times given a wide range of computer literacy, language barriers, download speeds, time zones, etc.
    You try wrangling …
  • I never really played with you Euros or 'Murricans that much but when I did they were top notch games. Thanks a lot to Dragon for making my favourite version of NS2 possible and congrats to all the other supporters, admins, and organisers who made t…
  • I'm in the removal camp but I can see why people would want it and I think I have a slightly different take on how it could be tweaked.
    This is partially because I don't think it will be removed no matter what we say. So at least we can add ou…
  • Sigh, wrong thread.
  • I would be kinda fine with that. It wouldn't change the pub server we all play in because our low numbers means we have to be especially new player friendly (at least in server settings). But it'd be a start. At least the occasional pug we have won'…
  • I don't really like it. A lot of people seem to be saying it's just mostly a veteran issue. But that works as a double blow for smaller communities like Aus.
    Aus has been a dying community for years now (though we still have a pool of regulars…
  • Chiming in again for @xuu & @Scatter for the same reasons as in Squad 5 Nominations! Comment by _mod January 2016
  • I'm also here to nominate Oozle. An almost constant presence on the AUSNZ server lists especially now in the past year as the AUSNZ community took a serious dive and a more recent resurgence. He's been running pub, comp, and mod servers for so long …
  • Lots of things surely. But I think one thing I got the hang of in my first few hundred hours that I don't see rookies focusing on is the need to pressure enemy res and defend your own res. For the longest time while learning I settled into the role …
  • So today some cool people (Anema, Lucas2616, and Buttplug) got involved and organised a new server for the Aussies. Wooo!
  • Well I haven't had the opportunity to play the new map but so far the menu and music changes have been neat (probably the most noticeable thing for me this late at night).

    Anyway Super Keen and Hype for the new build.
  • Great work on the build machine. Eager to hear more.
    Here's hoping you all manage to relight the bonfires and usher in another age of fire.
  • With comp I don't really see a clear favourite, early is the most tense and yes the most important But the whole thing's an awesome dance anyway.

    Talking about pubs only:

    Early to Mid would be my favourite. I suppose partly b…
  • Of the games I've played and excluding Rising Stars and the 2014 AUS Draft Tournament I'd have to say AUS vs Team Tummy was my favourite. Sadly I don't think anyone recorded.
  • I'm loving the proposed ideas. I was wondering if it'd be possible to implement a 'hard reset' and 'soft reset' function.
    What I mean is that the former completely generates a new universe and the latter re-rolls that same seed only with optio…
  • You guys have ecosystem dynamics now!? I. Am. So. Keen.
  • I do really like the colourful aesthetic too. It's good you guys are avoiding the wasted potential of making the entire ocean grimdark.
  • (Quote) I would really enjoy having an option for either.
  • Fish have electrosensory systems right? Why not technophilic ocean explorers?
  • Related to but kinda tangential. An electrosensing technology would be really cool to sense the types of things your naming.
  • Yeah it'd be cool to get that dark void section of agoraphobic/hydrophobic dread in this game.
    I'm sure/hoping the enemies in this game will be fairly cryptic. At least some like the dreaded tentacle beast in Sir, You are being Hunted!
  • Yeah it's not an oudated, dark age belief to prize the skill of actively making sure one is understood clearly.

    OT I agree with D0pey, and I think "noob friendly" is moreso about openness than segregation. Also agree that new players oft…
    in Rookie Stomps Comment by _mod April 2014