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  • Map has been tested and shows significant promise, even with the odd layout. If you'd like to play it, join SCC on Sundays. New Relay isn't in yet, but the rest should be.
  • New Relay

    Updated Chemical Transport
  • It has not. I'm still in the process of detailing areas so that testing can actually come to a consensus on what needs changing.

  • (Quote)
    Nah, Psyk is certainly right here. We also tried two RTs in the middle during testing and it pretty much went as he described. Doubles are notoriously hard to balance.

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    I vote this. It sums up all the bad parts of the current and old systems while offering real solutions
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    Yeah, I did, but I didn't really like it. Prefer it to be really dirty. What I really need is a "greasy" glass shader with duplicate geometry.
  • The Stuff I Forgot But Psyk Told Me To Do A Second Time And Other Things Edition

    * Forced Containment to always spawn Aliens
    * Forced Flow Control to always spawn Marines
    * Teams can no longer spawn in Smelting …
  • The original build was some of Elodea and Blind's suggested changes as well as a few of my own.

    @pSyk0mAn, the corners are coming. I started working a bit with…
  • The minimap is currently inaccurate with where the Cargo vent is. If it's an issue with Groups or Layers, I'd suggest adding geo high above the Commander camera and add it to the vent layer, that way it'll show up properly on the minimap, but not ef…
  • Alright, I've removed the upper level entirely. I kept the new placements of the "stations," as the new placement makes combat in the area a bit more interesting.
  • (Quote)
    I might make the vent exit near the Info station with the next build as it will allow sneaky aliens to enter the room a bit more stealthily. That idea still lacks cover, though.

    Good feedback from you guys, though.
  • Major update to Plaza, based on feedback from @MajorTico with the design borrowed from early grayboxing
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    Yeah, it definitely doesn't feel natural. I've been trying to find some way of making it feel a more lived in, natural place. I've added some additional clutter to the room in the interim.
  • The "Big Pillar" update

    Added some big pillars to Smelting to make the room more alien friendly

    Added some pillars north of Routing in Lava…
  • Hey @hit123. Verify that Black Armor is selected to be "Installed" on your NS2's launch page on Steam under "DLC". I've attached a screenshot of what it should look like.
  • Hey community, thanks for reporting that the new NSL lowlights for Descent are too bright. I'm working on a fix as we speak. Thanks for the expediency in feedback!
  • Updated.

    * Added additional crates to eastern conveyor to give some cover for Gorges bile bombing ARCs in the lower area
    * Fixed Grav - Shuttle vent showing dev textures in Commander view
    * Fixed some areas tha…
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    I think in NS1 you didn't start with any IPs and had to build them with your starting resources. It's been a while, though.
  • Updated. This version includes a number of fixes listed in the first post, including an updated minimap. For future updates, I'll be working at trimming down the number of vents in the map.
  • (Quote)
    This is a great change. That area was incredibly claustrophobic previously. This'll make it much better for marines.

    Now replace those aliens in the glass with some holograms that you can move through to open up the roo…
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    Unfortunately it exacerbated problems the vanilla versions had. I liked them too, but they weren't making the map better for both teams, only marines, and too much so from what I had seen, played, and monitored. Sucks, man.
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    Yeah. I made the square vent entrance a lot better for aliens entering and exiting the vent in a live update some months ago as the entrance itself was buggy, but I agree that they're really hard to reach for skulks due to location…
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    This once slipped my mind. Thanks.
  • Vents
    * Reverted Hydroanalysis vent
    * Added ladder to Hydro vent for marines to fight invincible gorges
  • General
    * Fixed a huge number of locations that were previously unpowered
    * Fixed names on minimap to better show their locations
    * Additional fixes to CommanderInvisible

    Lava Falls
    * Reverted tower change
  • General
    * Added cosmetic glass to many areas where it was missing
    * Massively toned down reflections in most areas to make it less visually noisy and easier to track
    * Rebuilt all reflections throughout the map for accuracy
  • (Quote)
    So much this. I only play on one server, the only one that I trust such that the experience will be without egregious performance dips. There's a quality to that, I'd rather not play on suboptimal servers or ones that require large…
  • Don't worry. They were so temporary that I've already removed almost all of them. Knee-jerk reactions in both directions! Damn the vox populi!
  • General
    * Minor fixes to LowLights
    * Minor fixes to Occlusion

    * Removed Depot-Depot vent
    * Reworked Water Treatment-Energy vent, now Water-Silo

    * Fixed missing faces on SW wall