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    This one I still need to think about.
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    I like the idea of forward loctations that aren't link stations. And I like the idea of phases and tunnels to connect them.
  • Control Points / Power Nodes:
    - A marine captures a control point by turning on the power.
    - An alien captures a control point by disabling the power.
    - This lends itself to your point, "Once a room is captured, you could use the e…
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    Yeah I agree. A separate thread to begin brainstorming/solidifying ideas and deriving requirements would be nice.

    I'm down to contribute anything needed from the code aspect.
  • I like the idea. It's kind of like a hybrid between assault and combat, with the UT2004 spin put on it. I enjoyed that game mode from UT2004 a lot.

    The bulk of the combat mod is the leveling/upgrade/progression system so I don't think …
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    There is an indicator on each button on the Marine Buy Menu to indicate the level/rank at which each upgrade becomes available. I will likely redo the buy menus at some point. Hopefully the next approach will be more intuitive
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    Thanks! Its definitely coming along. The play test was super helpful. Helps to identify issues that I would have never seen just testing with bots.
  • Here is what I have so far for the Alien Buy Menu. I still need to do most of the validation and I need to finish the "Current Evolution" section. I also need to account for prerequisites still (like meta before adv meta), but, I've made quite a b…
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    I'd like to get the community involved. I'll check that out. Before I get people to start contributing, I need to get the code base cleaned up a bit. I want to refactor the no commander parts into a base mod (I plan to do the "n…
  • @skav2 I was originally going to reuse the original assets and concept behind the vanilla evolve menu. In addition to the normal upgrades, I was thinking about letting the …
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    Yes, but slow. I was in the middle of a move the past couple of weeks that consumed all my free time. I've also been struggling with, conceptually, the alien buy menu. I think I have some ideas worked out now and I started gettin…
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    Exactly what I was thinking. As a skull, I hate having to constantly look up to see the health of the phase gate when grinding it.
  • Thanks guys. I'll try to get one of them up and working so I can ditch tram.
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    I'll try this out. I think it might be the way to go.

  • No, the intention is not to play full on maps. I just have to do that now for testing. If anyone has an old combat map I could use for testing that would be awesome. I was going to mod the tram at some point to remove the right lane from the map …
  • Quick update. I've start working heavily on the alien team. I created an "auto cyst" feature for the alien hive. It's largely based off the bot commander and works off RTs at the moment. The idea is that, though gorges will be able to place cyst…
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    I think the nemesis system would be a great addition. I'm also starting to get a pretty good idea on how to handle late join/comeback XP.

    I have a question about the end game phase. At what point is it enacted?
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    @IeptBarakat Can you point me to some of those recreated combat maps? I'd like to start giving those a test if possible.
  • I've been brainstorming an idea having a 'rally' objective. This would be a team objective and thus everyone on the team would gain XP from completing the action.

    I think it could work like this. Take the map tram for example. Say the…
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    This is exactly right.
  • @Kasharic
    This is pretty much what I'm going for, or at least, will be trying out first. I'm going to implement a "distance from base" idea, but I …
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    I believe that's the original ns2 combat mod before it went standalone. It's released under the MIT license so it should be good to use.
  • Here is the cooldown example:
  • To me it seems like there is a split on how it should be implemented. There will always be those who want the mode to be similar to original combat and there are those that want more of a team based mode, like ns2 without commanders. I think when …
  • @IeptBarakat That would be easier to implement as well :D in Combat++ Comment by White_Wizard January 2018
  • @Kasharic That's not a bad idea either. I'm sure I can work in distance traveled into the progression system somehow, whether by granting XP or an alternate Skill Point …
  • I did some brainstorming today. What if we implemented a system where you gain XP for kills, assists, damage, constructing, healing, welding, etc. However you also have to cap RTs. The RTs would not provide res, but would provide a global team mod…
  • @SantaClaws One of the things I'd definitely like to prevent is only giving awards for frags. One of the things I've done to alleviate this is to give xp for assists a…
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    My discord is WhiteWizard#0548
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    This is great news! Thanks for the heads up!