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  • More agreeing that adding very much.

    Not every creature would need variations to make things more interesting (though it would be cool if that were possible, given time).

    A few could have juveniles which have different behavio…
  • I've seen suggestions for ladders, lights, beacons, and charging stations around (all great ideas), but I have to say that the Airlock idea I haven't seen (not that that means it hasn't been suggested) and think it's great.  

    The lack of …
  • I'd rather have the player able to name their character themselves, or not name them, if that is there preference.  

  • (Quote)
    It is pointed out in the introduction that the character is from a human civilization (I can't remember if Earth is specifically mentioned but it can be assumed as it is humanity's home world).

    An extinct civilization w…
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    So much awesome, right there.
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    I'm not sure how giving people the option to play together in 2-4 person co-op would effect the games of those players who chose to play alone. I certainly don't think implementing it should be a priority above building the single…
  • NEXT update? Well, we've had a few big updates, lots of new stuff - cyclops, bases, now the Aurora - maybe it's time to build on some of the stuff that's already in:

    Expand base building - I've seen on trello and the backend that there …
  • I'd very much like to see an archaeological aspect - the ruins of an ancient civilization - either one that evolved underwater or, possibly better, that was drowned. My ideal would be very much ruins, with just scraps of information and some intere…
  • A simple seaweed soup perhaps (creepvine, and other weeds found about, especially nice colourful ones).
    Creepvine pocket stuffed with - something - fish and mushroom perhaps? Good as a snack to take when going exploring.

    I spent a…
  • I'm sure some kind of map will be added in eventually. It's hard to navigate by memory at present, when the whole world area is complete it'll be nigh impossible. Auto-mapping/mapping as you go really is a must though rather than an already comple…
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  • @Tartarin
    I don't have a problem with any of the materials, more with how a new explorer on the planet would know what materials to use when they hadn't enco…
  • Seldkam is certainly right in bringing the issue of radiation spreading too rapidly for reasonable play to the attention of the devs.

    The rest is opinion, and we are all entitled to it, and, in such a forum, to express it. You do seem a…
  • I've got plenty of ideas (don't we all), but two I'd really like to see are:

    a) a desalination machine

    I don't like the way water is produced in-game at present. I don't like to play the "realism" card, and I certainly don't…
  • The hunger/thirst system definitely needs balancing, but I think the time frame/day/night cycle needs balancing as well (you can change the day/night speed in console, but I don't think it effects hunger/thirst at all). But is something I'm prepare…