What do you think/want in the next Update?

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Crashsite dropped with a new biome/area and basically wiped the trello card board. What do you guys think or want in store for the next update?

I'm looking forward for:
- More missions/goals, maybe a captains log
- More interactivity with the environment
- More interactivity with creatures other than eating them or just stasis rifling them
- Giant creature attacks and placement in the deep deep abyss!
- An ocean trench biome! (Imagine going into a trench and you spot a giant monster chasing after you!)


  • treehuggerpersontreehuggerperson Somewhere Join Date: 2015-04-09 Member: 203190Members
    I made a post talking about what I wanted, here it is :)

    -Add rooms, with different sizes
    -Having a docking station add on for your base

    The next part is about filling up these bases, if they had more functionality like-
    -The ability to sleep in bed/chamber
    -You could speed up night not skipping to day but making time go by quicker in sleeping quarters
    -Store meat in an object like a freezer (So it doesn't go bad)
    -Store different suits in lockers, but for clothing
    -Workshop items, like a water filter tank, fish collector, machines to automate, pipes (Could transport things to machines, for example fish collected in the fish collector go to a fabricator to cook)
    -Painting the metal in/outside your base
    - Different power generator upgrades
    - Workbench to do research on unknown items (Like from the Aurora), that could help you with skills to help you upgrade objects
    - Upgrade able fabricator
    - Aquariums
    - Enameled Glass would be a form of reinforced glass

    - Creatures that can destroy/hurt your base (Use things like a current generator to protect)
    -Skills, diving (higher the skill more you can dodge attacks, and go deeper), skills in mechanics (Higher the skill the more advanced things you can make), and so on...
    -Diamond's have a purpose, used to reinforce things, and to take apart previously built objects
    -Creatures that you can befriend (I know you can do that now, but the next time you log in they are hostile again)
    -Make Seamoth and Cyclops require more to build
    -Creatures (Once dead) drop things that will be useful for crafting
    -Certain biomes that don't have hostile creatures during the day, but at night they all come out
    -Overall just more useful things in exploring, scanning creatures, better food sources (from bigger fish), more rooms in the Aurora with vaulable, uncraftable items, environmental effects bad/good, and so on...
    -Scanning creatures will get your skills up, and add things to your knowledge that will help you build further objects (For example a creature that glows in the dark, will help you get a light schematic, and so on)
  • TrystTryst UK Join Date: 2015-05-03 Member: 204138Members
    If there are creatures that can damage or destroy your base, I also want to see automated base protection systems. Non-lethal deterrents though. Maybe a turret that can force a powerful blast of water to push things away from the base or maybe a shot of gunk that acts as a deterrent similar to the one the Gasopod uses (requires ammo).

    Some way to arm the Cyclops, the Seamoth and even yourself with a lethal weapon. The Seamoth can kill smaller creatures with it but it only acts as a deterrent for larger creatures. Only the Cyclops can deal with much larger creatures.

    More things to craft. It's one of the things I like doing in games most of all. Even personal clothing for when you're in the base or on the Cyclops, we don't want to wear the same dive suit day and night. We could easily craft these using kelp strands as material. Informal as well as formal clothing and a way to see yourself wearing them (full length mirror also crafted possibly using silver and quartz).
    Also using one crafted item as a part for something else, we already have that to some degree by making stuff like silicone and using it for something else. However, I propose building something like the Seamoth and using it as a part for something more adapted to specific tasks like picking up things, even something that can pick up a small base and move it to another location. Also a recharging unit addon for the power generator of the base to recharge the Seamoth. Currently, I can't find a way the Seamoth to be recharged until you have the Cyclops.

    More exploration of the Aurora, it's a massive ship but it seems there is not really a lot to explore right now. Possibly interaction using the welder to cut stuff away or fix things to get doors open to unlock new areas inside the ship. Maybe the ability to salvage strategic parts of the consoles to build something for yourself.

    A Sonar mapping system to show the areas you've been to, mark locations of bases, allow you to enter notes on certain locations etc. Use fog of war to mask unknown areas that need exploring. This could be a craftable upgrade module for the Cyclops to use a minimap as part of the HUD and access the whole map from a console since there are two consoles that are not used in the Cyclops.

    A mobile analyser for those things that can't be transported. Let us see what those creatures are made of and what useful things they can offer to craft things with. The Gasopod for example could provide the ammunition for the base defence above.

    More new toys to fabricate and play with ;)

    *Slightly longer time for the Stasis rifle effect to wear off.
    *Medkits available on keybind or ability to assign them to a quickslot (use by pressing quickslot number). It's not easy pressing tab and clicking in time while you're being attacked.
    *A bit more description of what things can do. Current Generator for example: Water current or electrical?
    *Items stackable such as Titanium etc. By the time you have a stasis rifle, Seaglide, extra tanks and so on, there's not much room for collecting stuff.
    *Fabricate ALL on some items. The ability to fabricate Titanium from all the scrap you have in one hit rather that doing it one piece at a time or turn all Quartz into glass.
    *Slightly better speed on the Cyclops, maybe a two gear system, one for cruising and one for manoeuvring in tight spaces and uneven sea floor.
    *Far better agility on the Seamoth using the mouse. At present it turns about the same speed as the huge Cyclops but it should be vastly more manoeuvrable.
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    NEXT update? Well, we've had a few big updates, lots of new stuff - cyclops, bases, now the Aurora - maybe it's time to build on some of the stuff that's already in:

    Expand base building - I've seen on trello and the backend that there has been work on base rooms, as yet without textures and details and stuff. This is something lots of players want, so it would be good to see the next instalment include a room segment or two for bases. Some furniture would be great - berths, a bench or wall-mounted table, it doesn't have to be functional yet, though the beginnings of a sleep-system would be great to see. Some new models for the fragment and specimen analysers, wall-mounted lockers. I would love to see the things we put in lockers (or a few of them in the case of multiples) appear on the shelves. Extra special would be a docking port for the cyclops. I do think that the material requirements for bases will need to be tweaked, they are way too cheap at present, but realistically, that can probably wait until later, when the overall costs of everything can be taken into account, at the moment it's more about testing new stuff to make sure it works and ironing out the bugs than the nitty-gritty of material cost balancing.

    Balancing the Day-Night cycle, and the Hunger and Thirst requirements, perhaps with the addition of a Sleep requirement would be great. At least an attempt, I'm sure it will take a while and plenty of experimenting and play-testing to get all that right. Perhaps looking at depth effects more, which I gather they have been doing from various posts. The effect of depth on bases would be great to explore, such as having bases below a certain depth need reinforced materials and better structural integrity.

    More exploration of the Aurora seems a popular request, I haven't even gotten inside the thing yet, so I can't really say. We might need to give the devs some time to work out more of how they want the Aurora to fit into gameplay before expecting much expansion in that direction.

    Finishing models, particularly the on-the-fabricator models, of items already in game.

    We've had some big additions the last few months, perhaps a handful of relatively small (though I'm sure plenty are quite complex and fiddly) additions and improvements would be a good idea for this month, and give some room for the devs to plan another big addition for next month. My personal wish for a next big expansion would probably be terrain expansion with the addition of one or more new biomes, but I'd also like to see alternative forms of power production (solar, wave, current, geothermal, etc) and recharging, or farming/aquaponics/hydroponics. But really, I'm just excited to see what they come up with next and hope they're not all so exhausted from the Crash Ship Explosion update that we have to wait too long for more Subnautica goodies.
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    I'd like to see a lot more stuff for bases (people have already suggested a lot of stuff, so I'm not going to expand on this, altough I'd love to have a few exterrior lights) but a few more Biomes would do a lot of good. Well I stay tuned as most updates usually make me very happy and I'm always excited to see new stuff. :smile:

    Edit: Maybe we can find a keycard at some point and return to the Aurora to unlock a previously closed section of the ship.
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    frankly we need a Terran update like HUGE Terran update .... the map is way too small
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    Im in for better bases and new creatures
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    Well, for one thing, I would love to be able to do more with creatures than just stab them to death or pick them up. For example, you can't do anything with creatures once you've killed them. I would like for the ability to create tools, or I suppose the knife would do, to cut the creatures (not little things you can pick up, mind you, I'm talking anything the size of or larger than a rabbitray) into meat chunks. And then maybe implement tools later on to extract certain parts, such as armor from the bone sharks or stalker teeth.

    Also, I'd like to be able to do something with the rabbitray other than just watch it swim around or stab it with a knife.
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    The 3 "B"s... Base Rooms, Biomes, & Biological Diversity. More of that and then the tech to explore, interact, and be creative around it.
  • En9a9eEn9a9e USA Join Date: 2015-02-17 Member: 201408Members, Subnautica Playtester
  • TrystTryst UK Join Date: 2015-05-03 Member: 204138Members
    For me, the map is really important. Anyone who has the Cyclops can move around a lot and explore a very large area but sadly, the map is quite small really in comparison.

    More biomes, more depth that requires a special (small) sub that can handle it instead of the Cyclops. Maybe some really weird stuff at those depths, it takes something quite strange to survive in those pressures and in almost total darkness, bioluminescent algae for example (could be used for base lighting).
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    En9a9e wrote: »

    So much awesome, right there.
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    Tryst wrote: »
    For me, the map is really important. Anyone who has the Cyclops can move around a lot and explore a very large area but sadly, the map is quite small really in comparison.

    More biomes, more depth that requires a special (small) sub that can handle it instead of the Cyclops. Maybe some really weird stuff at those depths, it takes something quite strange to survive in those pressures and in almost total darkness, bioluminescent algae for example (could be used for base lighting).

    I'm not entirely worried about the map size at the moment and/or the Biomes. The current "World Block" is a little over 3km deep, of which there are 3 large subterranean caves; two of which are plenty large enough for the Cyclops to maneuver about. The two lower zones are the "Lava/Abyssal" zones which will be developed later most likely in conjunction with the Exosuit and some other mechanics. The first zone is the Jelly Shroom Cave which is a very large biome that extends underneath much of the map like the latter two zones; there's a Trello Card to resume work on it in the near future.

    While I'd love a much larger map, don't get me wrong there, I feel that there's plenty left to do with this "World Block" still as there is the "Grand Reef" (Located SW of the Lifepod with jagged spikes and odd blue floating orbs) and the "Koosh" Biomes which have not been fleshed out much yet. I think the game will benefit from developing core mechanics and gameplay a bit further with existing finished/planned biomes before spending a ton of time adding more land for the sake of size (i.e. creating more things to do with what we have vs. adding more of the same semi-interactable land.)

    Post Note-

    That Moon Pool is yummy right there!
  • KILLTHISKILLTHIS Germany Join Date: 2015-05-02 Member: 204051Members
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    That moon pool is awesome. A friend of mine really digs it and she's more than happy to see it.

    As for myself, I have a lot of wishes, but I'm happy with every tiny little bit that gets added (which is why I probably check the Trello 24/7) so I'm still looking forward for more stuff for the bases. :smile:

    Edit: Also, just a small thing: How about a "Back to mainmenu"-button?
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    Hello Everyone, Hi Uknown Worlds Team!

    first, let me inform you about 2 things, i love your game atmosphere and artistic choices, also i'm almost never posting on games forums about what i would like to see in the future.

    Concerning Subnautica, i can't stay silent and really have to give some of my views for a brighter future. If only one tiny piece of my ideas were taken, it would hugely improve my experience of the game.

    Improvements :

    _Could you rework the Cyclop windshield texture ? So many times have i thought i was seeing something through it, but it was only a false reflection (glitched btw cuz at 100m depth we should not have any sky reflection)

    _Wildlife death animations really need some more realism and freshing up. Killing a stalker, resulting in it going forward, in a straight line, as if turned to stone, is absolutely unrealistic. Each Fish or other animal should have it's own death animation, like a snake twirling on itself, or a spider crossing its legs together.

    _Cyclops / Seamoth appearance: The look of these 2 ships is great, a little less on the cyclop with too much flat undetailed pannels, but let's go on. You've shown us many various and amazing vehicles appearances. I would love that we could chose th way our vessels will look like, even from a preset selection from your artworks.

    _Map system : i think once you built a Cyclop, you could consider design it's inside by puting in some addons. Like y ou could craft a screen that would give you a geographical view of the deep surface, with sonar impulses. you would have to look at this screen in your cyclop while navigating to consider what is beneath you.

    _General Texture rework. I love the bright coloured surfaces and environment on the shallow watter. It's really enjoyable to dive around doing nothing but sightseeing. I actually play this game like if i was in my aquarium, wandering around. However, the brightness and colour schemes doesn't hide the lack of texture details on close view or short distance, and i would really feel like my surroundings is really alive, not so flat. But going a little deeper, the life and environment loses all it's personality, ending in vast sandy / planty ocean floor.
    I know some of you guys are gonna tell me : "Hey, that's how oceans look like", to which i'll answer "Yeah, on earth, but we are on a strange planet somewhere in space, so different place, different realism".

    New Stuff :

    _Goals : as said previously, this game is really a pleasant gulp of fresh air,discovering new alien sourroundings, a new fauna, colours never experienced before, that's a great artistic experience. The matter is i now come to "play" this game like i would sit and watch a movie, to chill out. Only, after spending an hour on my chair, when i shut it off, i feel relaxed, but have a displeasant feeling i just wasted an hour, like i created nothing, gained nothing personnal or shared nothing with no one. I feel the same watching YouTubers playing the game, thinking that's because of a lack of creativity on my part, but i experience the same frustration.

    Companies are all about sandboxes and all, openworld, freedom etc ... But with no rules, you can't experience boundaries nor enthusiasm. Imagine playing cards with a mate, where there would be no rule ? After shuffling and dropping all your cards on the board, well you saw them all, but what did you get from it ?
    I think Subnautica should bring something on the table to give the player a purpose.
    You were on a huge spacecraft on a specific scientific mission, doing stuff and terraforming. You crash and land on an alien planet. Well what now ?

    The natural human responses would be to either try to go home / try to adapt and live on this new planet. We are given no possible choice or hints on what we could / should do. So we swim, dive, explore, build bases, kill and eat. But in the end we live a purposeless life on a foreign planet. Gathering knowledge for nothing more than the simple desire to gather knowledge. I would really want to die if i was put in such a life.

    So please, add some goals, objectives, purposes. Give our Subnautican life some meanings !

    _Crusta .. things : I think the game lacks some crabs (no not mechanical crabs) and shrimp life forms. all we have seen are fishes, and the sticky orbs which could looke like jellyfishes.
    Could you consider adding more diverse small life forms ? (Small or big btw ^^)


    _The Aurora : Very good idea to make it at last accessible, though i've got some doubt on the fact the Front should have exploded. Actually, even if you were a super genious alien, you would not put the reactors so far from the generator source, so the rear should have exploded instead.
    Also, i understand the explosion riped it's inside apart, but it really looks like the ship was all empty in the first place. Then we have for a mission to repair the leaks on the radiation room, which is done quite quickly, but what then ? I think you Spent too much time designing a wonderfull explosive event, and not spent enough on what to do with it. I mean that it would be sufficient for a cinematic event, but that's a whole part of the game which seems empty and pointless, like giving all your time and ressources doing something impressive, just for the fact of it being impressive.

    Give the Aurora a real role in our survival !

    _Change this huge horned eel monster to something more plausible. This implementation of a Monster of the Deep is a very nice idea, giving you more stress and realism. But where the heck did it come from ? The Tyranide inspiration from Warhammer 40k is just too obvious and, imho, unproper to subnautica's wildlife. I mean if you compare the appearance of this monster to the other Bleepers, Airsacks, stalkers and so on, they all have this round common shape and a specific touch. This leviathan has nothing to do with the game. I'm even more surprised you have a great artwork of a giant purplish worm with 2 fangs on it's front, that would have been more accurate i guess, as a giant monster.

    That's all for my actual feelings about this game i fancy so much. If not acting as a game giving me fun or satisfaction, i actually consider it as a way to travel and releave some stress, but that will work only for a time, there already is medication or Yoga for this.
    Please, make this game a second life to live, and not just to screen !

    AguSky, the Poetic Diver
  • Cataclysm315Cataclysm315 United Kingdom Join Date: 2015-05-05 Member: 204190Members
    I want a couple of things really.
    I love the dramatic effect of the game (all of the sound effects, AI and alarms whining) so that can't really be improved on other than to see more of it.

    I would like the game to be more hardcore (maybe a setting so others can still play normal survival)
    - Fatigue (having to sleep regularly)
    - Nutrition (Having to eat certain things eg. calcium to keep bones strong.)
    - Intolerance to certain foods (Snacking on acid mushrooms all the time? Enjoy the crippling stomach ache boy!)
    - MOAR things to do (Objectives such as SOS beacons, a way to build a ship to get off the planet or to call in reinforcements to finish colonizing it)
    - MOAR ships and equipment (I imagine we will see this anyway as it is only early access)

    I just can't wait for this game to progress more (MOAR!) :D
  • TrystTryst UK Join Date: 2015-05-03 Member: 204138Members
    A bit more in the way of predator/prey interaction would be nice too. A way to distract a potential threat could be to capture and release it's normal prey into the same area. While it's busy chasing that, you can do what you need to, pretty much undisturbed. It would also be nice to see things randomly chasing prey instead of everything just swimming aimlessly.

    The ability to capture things like Gasopods safely and release them in an enclosed area near your base to help defend it would also be a nice touch. A base cut into the rock so it's hard for anything large to enter, you could capture and release Gasopods to ensure that anything nasty that spawns or finds its way into the entrance near your base gets dealt with. Possibly even an enclosed area with a cage to prevent them swimming away but near enough to the entrance to become alarmed and poison anything trying to get in. Of course, in a short time, they get used to you and don't get alarmed at your presence so it's safe for you to come in and out. You'd also need to find food for them. We may as well use the environment for defence.
  • Bleazy02Bleazy02 Reno, Nevada Join Date: 2015-05-06 Member: 204222Members
    More life forms, and some changes to a few. Not much, just a few though. Specific changes I think would be bigger Reefbacks, they're not much larger than Reapers right now and the sounds don't quite match, and although it would be hard to code I still think one should try to put some reef in that back. Other changes would be getting food from things like Stalkers and Rabbit Rays and some spawns for things like bleeders and cave crawlers (?) on the floater island.

    Some specific things that should be added I think are, mostly, something to live on the island. It doesn't have to be a huge leap like actual land-life, but something like little dog-sized crabs, snails, something akin to a mudskipper, and flying things. The world definitely needs flying things. I picture a bunch of tiny things that look like manta rays with lights on their tails. Flocks of them might be able to be seen at night.

    Something else we need are more medium sized animals, like that of the size of stalkers and bone sharks, but passive ones. The only passive ones are Gasopods and they aren't even all that safe. Like big old manta rays and some harmless jellyfish, maybe a big old crab too, like the large-sized grabcrabs. I did have something in mind but they were hostile, a big flat carpet thing with sand and mushrooms or coral on it's back that hid until fish passed by, then sucked them up, looking like a Wobbegong, and a bug nasty shrimp or light-covered eel that lived solely in caves and attacked when the player gets near.

    But what I really want is more large fish; and I know we have some big things coming in soon like Sea Striders, but I mean something big and dangerous like the Reaper. Not too big, like the size of the Sea Emperor as it is now. What I have in mind is a thing called a Mammoth Fish, a simple design featuring a body like a flatworm, seaslug, or eel with a large eye-less head and a huge mouth, a mouth like some cross between a frog and a megamouth. It would have many tiny bioluminescent eyes and wouldn't move much until prey or a player gets near, and even then it moves very slow and almost gracefully as it tries to eat them (as well as graceful and ravenous go together). They would live in deep trenches and in large caves, maybe even under the aurora.
  • PunkeroPunkero Finland Join Date: 2015-04-22 Member: 203733Members
    More biomes to explore and more big creatures.
  • DeepoDeepo lisbon portugal Join Date: 2014-12-20 Member: 200150Members
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    i hope they fill the existing biomes with stuff to find and do

    i would also love a much much bigger map - if the devs decided to make an infinite procedural ocean around the hand-crafted area ... that would be ace. (not a thing for the next update- more long-term wish)

    a better analyzer - the "box" looks like a garbage bin. :D
  • redterrierredterrier dk Join Date: 2015-04-06 Member: 203049Members
    what i would like in a new update would be, along with the standard more biomes etc, is paccific rim like robots and maybe some sort of end game goal.
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