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  • So many people recommended green color changes but that would blend in to much with the virus in my opinion
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    Isn't there already a sort of butterfly bird thing that you can see around on the islands
  • Kinda thinking outside the box here but maybe a creature with opal scales or possibly just one distinct opal feature (like eyes, one big stone on its back or fins) that would be passive as long as you didn't mess with it would be amazing just floati…
  • I think it would be awesome if it got cloudy, the waves got bigger and wind sound effects played loudly when you breached the surface especially if when you got out of your pod that's what you were greeted with upon your first glance at this new wor…
  • This would be an awesome post release update with a high tech looking skill tree added to your data pad possibly. Although this would probably be a big update and would be a sort of DLC probably (I'm expecting a big update release every few months a…
  • This would be awesome and one theory on this idea could be it's a lasting descendant of the huge skeleton found in the lost river before it evolved into the leviathans we know now (if that's actually what happened.)
  • This would be awesome, especially if they added more aquarium stuff like being able to hatch the larger creatures eggs into a big habitat with huge glass windows kinda like in the precursor base. This would be an awesome post - V1.0 update. And I'm …