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    I wonder if this explains the problems I've been having recently. I put NS2 on my HDD and I get major hitching that eventually leads to a bsod. I put it on my SSD and don't notice any hitching, but instead I get occasional crashe…
  • Here's another question for the oh so awesome CDT guys. Is there any chance of refining and integrating the Pregame Plus mod into the official game?

    I think it's not only a wonderful tool for rookies to practice with lifeforms, jetpack…
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    omg that is hilarious. Totally copying that for my wallpaper folder.

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    This would be really nice if it's possible to implement. When it's 5 minutes into the game and the top 3-5+ players on the winning team have more kills than the entire losing team combined, it's beyond over. There is no amount of …
  • This sounds like it could be a good idea depending on how easy it is for the CDT to implement it. However I do see one potential problem. If becoming captain only requires entering a door or typing captains... what happens when a troll or rookie ju…
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    I think this right here is one of the main problems. A rookie trying to kill a veteran is a bit like a pug trying to kill a horse... It's just not going to happen. (unless the horse lays down so the pug can reach it's throat)
  • Tried this map for the first time a few days ago and so far I love it.

    My only complaint is very minor and involves Skylights only having one entrance/exit. I could be mistaken but I can't think of a single other tech point on any other …
    in NS2_Veil_FIVE Comment by MoFo June 2014
  • On the topic of skill balanced teams... I've been wondering, will it be able to recognize if a player is really good at one side and really bad at the other?

    For example say player (x) is really good at Aliens and able to consistently ge…
  • I don't understand why so many people think matchmaking can somehow do something to save this game.

    I have yet to see, play, or even hear of a game with matchmaking that actually works and is an improvement in any way over a server brows…
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo June 2014
  • Ok didn't see this in the confirmed fix list, and I don't think it's been mentioned before so here goes...

    What are the chances of getting something to show on the map which direction the phase gates are going? Either by numbering them o…
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    Nope didn't even know about it lol... Good to hear, thanks

  • Apologies if this has been mentioned already in this thread (I didn't see it) Is there any chance that you guys can fix the IP bug that happens when a Marine player goes afk?

    Like maybe have the IP sort of "eject" a spawning player off o…
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    Either you didn't read my post very well, or I didn't explain it well enough... We had Sub as our main (so they couldn't drop a CC there) and if people would have listened and grouped for the push right away we could proba…
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
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    Unfortunately in my experience getting pubbers to listen or coordinate is a rare thing, and it's unrealistic wishful thinking to expect a team of pubbers to counter a god-like player with coordination and teamwork. Especially when …
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
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    This is the way I see it too... The totally green "rookies" are not even part of this equation in my mind because they not only tend to avoid the white servers, but they also have "rookie only" servers to play on...

    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
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    I dunno I find it to be the exact opposite for me..

    1 Veil does pretty much nothing... You are spotted super easily while cloaked, and you still make more than enough noise while running. 3 Veils asap is incredibly impo…
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    It's kind of pointless to even try to debate with you or get you to understand... Your whole attitude is "you all just suck, get better" and it's pathetic.

    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
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    Just gotta say, these are the things that come across as being extremely elitist... To continually suggest that we're doing bad against these "pro" players because we're making rookie mistakes like ground skulking or spamming ammo …
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
  • I'll say it

    Matchmaking is very bad. I consider it little more than a cancer that should never have been introduced to gaming. The very idea of placing that much control in the hands of a computer algorithm is so flawed it's not even fu…
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
  • A game is not "stacked" just because there is a winner. To even suggest such a thing is asinine.

    A game is "stacked" when it's so one sided that the losing team had virtually zero chance of winning... and it can be due to several "pro" …
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
  • I just have to throw my 2 cents in here about the whole "l2p" and "you won't get better unless you play against better players" comments.

    It is true that you can only improve by challenging yourself, however for many pubbers reaching the…
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MoFo May 2014
  • I had a game that was the very definition of "luck" today.

    Started out with a 5 kill streak as a Skulk before having enough res to go Lerk... Racked up 24 kills before I died, then I went Onos for the rest of the game and ended with a sc…
    in The luck thread Comment by MoFo May 2014
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    I feel the exact same way, people are either too naive or too hopeful (whichever way you want to look at it) to realize when a game is lost beyond any hope of recovery.

    For example, I played a game this morning on Veil …
    in Concede Comment by MoFo May 2014

    This is freaking awesome!!! Man I wish more developers cared about the community like UWE does.
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    I'm sorry but this is without a doubt the worst thing they could possibly do... All you would get is people instantly hopping back out of the chair (or leaving the server and rejoining entirely if unable to leave the chair) - or ev…
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    This is the best idea so far... a commander badge should not be something that you get then have forever. In fact the presence of the badge has actually kept me from commanding. The last thing I want is a permanent badge th…
  • I agree that this needs to be locked behind the cheat command.

    I've always questioned those few certain players who can see a 100% invisible not moving life form under ANY circumstances... Even at ridiculous ranges and in the dark where …
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    Not quite sure how a hot fix could "severely damage future updates" - especially something like fixing Mineshaft (which you'd think would only take 1 guy like 5 minutes to fix but w/e)

    At any rate I guess the question t…
  • Sorry but no, Fades are already more than powerful enough. (especially in late game when they have adren, shells, and aura)

    I've lost count of how many times I've seen players go Fade then proceed to get anywhere from 30-50 kills without…
  • I just had a thought... what if having veils up made dropping a hive silent?

    Think of the possibilities for sneaky ninja hive drops... Plus it would make it so Marines can't instantly tell a real hive drop from a fake one.