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    lol tick, you saying A and B is priceless :)
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    the_tick wrote: »
    I have to disagree with you there, it was fun in ns1, but ns2, it is boring as shit, because ..

    A, the horrible lag you get,
    B, the strain on the server due to the amount of objects in the game. (espcially when marines are turtling
    C, The fact that other people don't wanna play anymore
    D, The neverending story of lvl 3 marines with sg's jp's and gl's where they just keep spamming their shit.

    If the marines refuse to surrender in that occasion, I even turn on friendlyfire so they get raped by their own nades :p
    Well when you run a incredibly large server, conceding before lategame might be a good idea.
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    @Chagui concede is already prevented for the first ten minutes of the match, what else would you suggest to prevent "premature concedes" from occurring?

    Can't concede if you have 2 or more tech points or control 3 or more res towers.

    I don't get why people are so allergic to losing. If you can't have fun while not stomping on your opponent, go play with bots or something. It's like most people gauge their odds of winning, and if it drops below maybe one in three or so, they vote concede and just loaf around and don't try to help their team. At least F4 took you out of the game, so most people didn't actually F4 unless the game really was over. Concede is not reserved for spawn camps and other circumstances where it might be warranted; it is used early and often.

    Perhaps a quarter of the games where my team was close to conceding (one or two votes from it) we won. Why people really were voting concede was "the opposite team has more icons" or some frivolous bullshit. Not infrequently the game gets into a tug-of-war type stalemate, and the team that wins is chosen by random as the team with fewer people willing to concede.

    Have you ever played chess? I mean, for real? In a club, maybe on a tournament? I have. It's the same principle there. And just playing out what has been decided half an hour ago is not fun. At least not for the vast majority of the population. And not after the 1000th time.
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    From my experience the concede function is used far less often than it should be.

    I feel the exact same way, people are either too naive or too hopeful (whichever way you want to look at it) to realize when a game is lost beyond any hope of recovery.

    For example, I played a game this morning on Veil where we started Sub and Marines took nano, system, and overlook within the first 5 minutes. At the ten minute mark I was in first place on Aliens with 2 kills and 5 deaths, nobody else on Aliens had more than 1 kill. Meanwhile even the worst player on the Marine team had 3 kills, with their top player at over 15+... We had no bile, no upgrades, 1 RT, and no higher life forms, it was quite possibly the most one sided game I've ever seen in NS2... Yet despite how obvious our defeat was, people still thought we could win and refused to concede.

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    @MoFo, agreed. If this happen later in the game, with enough pRes, you might have a chance. But, yeah, early game lock down with such an obvious stack...
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    Another topic Necroe'd from late March? Comon guys, don't you have some aliens to pew/marines to nom?
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    edited May 2014
    You are right in the sense that a good number of ppl in pubs concede too easily.

    However, there are points of the game where the team agrees it's not fun anymore. Concede should stay.
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    Concede is a much better alternative than emptying servers, majority of losing team in ready room/spectator or idling while browsing for other serves.

    Removing concede will not result in people staying to get bashed or trying for a comeback. If they have given up, they are very unlikely to stay in the team without concede and with auto team balance enabled, the winning team will probably not enjoy it much either.
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    I think the people against it are focusing on the few times that concede works against them and not the thousands of times it works FOR them.
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    I usually fight till the end, but when you have 3 onoses escorted by gorges roaming around and you can't afford any higher tech (like JP or shotguns) and struggling with resources, you can usually come to an agreement with the comm that game was simply lost. I've been in many games where people almost conceded and then we pushed them back. Even if we lost later on, it still felt good. One of such games was few days ago when we were totally desperate in the end, but we still managed to take down another hive. They took our comm chair down though, but hey, at least we tried. They simply had too much resources and higher lifeforms that we couldn't poke them enough for a win.

    I only "prematurely" concede when you can see a stack from 500 kilometers away. Because then you see it's so stacked your team can't do shit and it's pointless to continue such game. It's usually problem that 10 minutes haven't even passed and you can either just quit or hopelessly observe your team being slaughtered over and over again. Leaving game into ready room and leaving it auto-concede is basically the only option. Have seen such scenarios few times on pubs...

    It is however funny how long sometimes enemies need to take down the last comm. I actually love the last stand scenarios where i can see how good enemies really are. Nade spamming or not, if the team is really good you can just steamroll over them, because you own the entire map anyway...
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    @RejZor, like when each of the top 3 scores on marines are higher than all aliens combined, lol.
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