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  • Workshop version of the map is updated to 4.01

    Basically just fixes the collision mistake that @Mephilles found! Thanks for notifying me!
  • Noted, I'll look into it. Could be that I forgot to move something when I did some edits in that area! Thanks for letting me know.


    Does this seem like the correct way to do things?

    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG April 2016
  • (Quote)
    There is already the pipeline going through that room, as well as other rooms, plus the structure that is supposed to be the pump(needs a rework imo). And since it is the pump station I feel like having storage tanks would be weird…
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    That material is part of the mineral mod, ns2/materials/mineral/mineral_shotblock.material

    It is likely not visible at all.

  • Wouldn't call it widened tbh, more "opened up a bit". And you are right, it was not much. I can post comparison screens later some time. I really like the vent idea. It would be easy to implement and test, and makes more sense now that the LoS into …
  • (Quote)
    This is sci-fi, deal with it!

    As for @Mephilles 's suggestions I'll get back to it later. Thanks for the feedback though!
  • There's a whole essay in my mind about mineral and the station's story. To give you some info, this facility is built on an asteriod in a field that revolves around its own sun. This particular asteroid contains said mineral.

    Due to temp…
  • Mineral Beta version 4.00 is now LIVE!

    Change log:

    - Updated/switched materials in a lot of locations around the map, to unify theme. This is still a work in progress and not all areas have been updated with new textures.
  • Are you ready for it people? Just a few tweaks left to do and I'll be updating Mineral. It's coming today!
  • Thanks for the award! I've been off the grid for a while with Mineral, but have been working on it whenever I felt like it and had the time. Because of the small amounts of work I've put in over the last few months, there will be a new version of it…
  • What MV says is true. But I won't be releasing anything until season 8 of NSL is over out of respect for the teams that need to/want to play the map in their matches.

    Anyways here's an editor shot of some stuff I've done with Repair so f…
  • Nice! I may jump on this if I get the time and get bored of Mineral during the next weeks!
  • Thanks for the comments guys and I also appreciate the discussion going on about various things here.

    About the Marine Natural RTs - I don't really think moving Security RT up to Waiting will be any good. Like MV said it's a conneting ar…
  • Ok guys I finally got back to work on the map.

    The first thing I found was an error made some time between March and April 2015, where I had accidentally moved Transport and Loading Bay(with its occlusion geometry) slightly off grid down…
  • Awesome initiative @Flaterectomy - Wish I saw this when it happened and actually had time to put in an entry.
  • I fixed that. Sorry for the lack of progress here but real life has been really busy the last 6 months. Hoping to get back to mineral soon, but I can't promise anything.
  • Hmm this is weird indeed. I have no idea what could be going on here. Though I did have some trouble when first releasing the update when I added a bunch of custom materials for models. But it was because entire chunks of files were actually missing…
  • Ok good to know! Thanks for your help
  • Ok. I'm still assuming this is a new bug since it only started happening after the last patch? At least for me.

    Anyways lowering the amount of layers did solve it. But that's not an excuse to not getting it fixed imo. But as a workaround…
  • Ok so I finally got around to testing it a little bit. The editor opens just fine and I tried loading Mineral as well.

    There is one problem that is fairly huge though: Whenever I look in a specific direction(west in this case), mostly ev…
  • The steam required mods is just a list that is shown on the mod page. It doesn't automatically make clients or servers download said required mods. So server operators or clients would still need to download both anyways.
  • Sorry for the late reply guys. I've been moving and am just now getting sort of halfway settled in to my new apartment(which is totally sick btw).

    Thanks for your comments guys! I agree that the entry from Pump Control to Station isn't v…
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG July 2015
  • +1 nomination for @MauvaisVitrier, being the most badass giver of feedback for Mineral and countless other maps. Without his continued support, Mineral would not be…
  • New version of Mineral, B3.70, is out on the workshop.

    Change log:
    • Moved Generators power node back to its previous location in the west part of the room.
    • Changed lighting in several places, preparing for a more consiste…
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG June 2015
  • Yeah the zipped output right now is a bit less than 50MB so I guess I'm fine for some time. I doubt I'll be adding any more custom stuff to it, and if I do it won't be a lot. So unless the map size itself increases by 140MB it's all good.
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG June 2015
  • It wasn't because of the swapper. The models work fine. Not sure why it was happening. I tested with a separate mod including all the necessary files in it and it didn't come close to exceeding the mod size limit. I'll release a proper update tomorr…
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG June 2015
  • Ok so I tested with the asset pack mod subscribed and then at least all the materials and models show up, but there is something seriously wrong with collision on any model I sent through the "Model Material Swapper" tool. Not sure why that's happen…
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG June 2015
  • There is a new build out but it's completely broken. Currently trying to fix it. As it seems, the steam workshop "required items" thing isn't working correctly and the game fails to load the required mod with the "new" props and materials. What am I…
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG June 2015
  • Ok so I'll have to set up some mod dependencies I guess. **********

    Thanks for the heads up guys, I had no idea there were so low limits.

    Edit: Yeah so I'll be putting out a Mineral asset pack together with the next update an…
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG June 2015
  • Oh yeah my comment on that was supposed to be sarcastic :)
    in ns2_mineral Comment by MasterG June 2015