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  • I want devour in the vanilla NS2 but balance it so no devouring exos (gives them more reason to be used) and you can still shoot while inside the belly of the beast coz who wouldn't love being the badass that shot his way out of the onos and then gi…
  • I have the technology but unfortunately not the best internet at the moment but im hoping to get fiber this year (its being installed around the country at the moment and is planned to go in this year TBA) so once i get fiber i'll post again to offe…
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    Actually this thread is for ALL high skill players not just the competitive "being stomped by a team of mostly competitive players & high skill pub players" to quote myself in the opening post. I was just trying to get other co…
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MaLuS June 2014
  • well i just been trying out the handicap mod on the thirsty onos servers and i must say i really like it, i set the nerf at "40% nerfed" and it makes skulk bite do 45 instead of 75, provides more of a challenge especially when the marines tech up.
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MaLuS June 2014
  • love that idea of self handicap, i would definitely use that! adds another level of difficulty to the game for comp and high skill pub players and still gives an enjoyable experience for the less skilled and new players. +1 for this idea!
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MaLuS May 2014
  • Personally i use the solution of joining the team that looks the weakest not only from looking at the players in the server but i also do jump in spectate when i join a server to see how the fight is going then join the side that is having the most …
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  • Like i said originally the thread is not for naming and shaming but rather for those that do pub stomp to please think about their actions on the community and for the rest of the high skill players to think about it also in order to grow the player…
    in Pub Stompers Comment by MaLuS May 2014
  • I had the same issue and the way i fixed it was to unsubscribe to all workshop items and then delete the %appdata%\NaturalSelection2 folder, this meant i had to restore my video settings but hey at least it works right in Ns2 crashes on startup Comment by MaLuS May 2014
  • its nice to see new content and all but can we please get a fix for the view game info showing all players as unknown and 0 score please?
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    yes i do but perhaps i should have been more clear, i was thinking more of the sketches and various view points that the artists draw of the prospective models before they go into a backdrop image.

    the attached picture …
  • is it only artwork thats been done or has models been made already? if there are models yet to be made but planned i wonder if we could see the artwork for the models and maybe a few community member with modeling experience (i being one of them) co…
  • as my keyboard does not have the numpad (had to use a backup keyboard when mine died) I am using the on screen keyboard numpad and its not working for me ingame or not, could it be just an issue of the on screen keyboard not working for this purpose…
  • typically you should be able to take down a skulk with a mag or less of your lmg then one with the pistol (depending on weapons level and cara, babblers) assuming your accuracy is good enough to track your target. that last skulk still alive? well t…
  • typically you should be able to take down a skulk with a mag or less of your lmg then one with the pistol (depending on weapons level and cara, babblers) assuming your accuracy is good enough to track your target. that last skulk still alive? well t…
  • easy counter is called a flame thrower or an arc, I don't see any problem with it. I quite like the idea
  • doesn't look like it, patient you must be young padawan :)
    in Version 251 Comment by MaLuS July 2013
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    I totally agree with you that the higher life forms and higher marine tech no longer have the fear factor of how terrible and powerful they are. The tech tree for alien for me is not that its too complex but rather awkward and not …
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    Sadly enough this is not the first time I have heard and seen this happen recently which should show that there is a problem somewhere to do with enjoyment of the game more than simply balance, lets further discuss these things so …
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    I think you misunderstand or I represented what I meant, fans and paying customers is one and the same. You are a fan and you own the game therefore you a fan and a paying customer. I hope that answers your question.
  • if ns1 with new graphics was the aim then why not simply re-release it with the new engine
  • getting back on topic, is there anyone else that has concerns for the direction of the game or is feeling the game less enjoyable recently? if so why?

    lets try and be constructive here people, what feedback can we give as member of the c…
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    Thanks for the input Katt :) I know how you feel about fade, i loved it before B250 and even thought i can use it n…
  • I've had that same bug, it was sticking someones elses flames from their flamethrower on me no matter what weapon i used and i've seen it random flicker on spectator mouse while i was spec in a game
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    im well aware that its currently a mod but as with previous balance tests it is tested there before it goes live, i only mentioned it here because it is furthering the game to be more like NS1 and i cant help thinking that whats th…
  • if you have something useful to share please do, otherwise leave comments to those that will give feedback. Which is all this is, my feedback on a game that I have loved playing until recently in which im not the only one. I am merely voicing what o…
  • I agree there needs to be a kill touch trigger like an outer sky box on the level which would stop these exploiters while UWE can track down and fix the level leaks
  • its an interesting idea like reaching x amount of biomass can unlock ancient fade as a 6th class but with slightly different attacks and abilities and making it a more heavy fade to fit between current fade and onos:

    Blink less energy ef…
  • different color indicators would be nice too
    in Rookie Status Comment by MaLuS July 2013
  • I fully support the idea of FF in comp matches, after all its all about skill as a player right.
    in Friendly Fire Comment by MaLuS July 2013