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  • Bump! I demand updated guide on GORGES! Because their gorgtastic. Know how long it took me to find out with a babbler is and all the possible memories i missed out because i started after they removed them? I just about cried. I hope you know that!…
  • Default. Im going to reinstall steam now, hopefully it MIGHT do something that will help. Will update later.
  • Unusual...Perhaps something in the new patch doesnt like your graphics card? Unlikely but evenstill, ive seen it happen before. You've tried reinstalling NS / Half life, and all that Jazz? If your not using steam im not sure why that would affect …
  • I wont pretend to know what im talking about, but maybe ill just throw out some ideas and hope one of them hits? Perhaps its your card as well, but you seem to know what your talking about so im assuming you already checked that out. Does it happe…
  • Im not sure what you mean, I only had one Fmod.dll file and it was in my NS dir. Nothing in my normal half life, not sure if thats the problem or not. Ill try installing Sven Coop and see if it has any affect. I just got my new graphics card not …
  • Nope, just NS. Every other mod, for HL and HL2 works properly. What surprised me most is even after reinstalling half life it still refused to work properly.