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  • CS CORRUPTS THE MIND little fool, leave u are not wanted... chapel = sulfur lets light this mutha #)*@$#
  • i need a sig, preferably one that has to do with ns and looks neat and includes my name, "K!D", im kinda lost as to what i really want so if anyone can give me some exampes thatd be great, i dunno but a marine walking away from and explosion holding…
  • yay for long tooth gwar is evil and doesnt understand my idea i did the color thing not to grab attention but to see if it could be done, its looks cool... flaming? that wasnt flaming, and alluva a sudden ur acting like ur flayra or the dev team or …
    in Alien names Comment by KiD August 2002
  • heres my idea flayra plz read it! give the aliens scientific names!!!!!!!!!!!! let us give them the nicknames... power to the players, eventually terms that everyone likes will surface that somehow relate to the scientific name, their sounds, their…
    in Alien names Comment by KiD August 2002
  • jedi i just watched ur little pic dance around for about 5 minutes.... that would be sooo funny if i smoked up and did that i bet, but i dont and cant smoke and its bad and will scew up my life and plans of the USMC, plus my dads a cop so id have to…
  • that would cause the speculators to come out of their dens lairs and caves to poke flayra with a stick... ILL DEFEND HIM AND THE DEV TEAM TIL THE END, BACK U DEVILS BACK I SAY I WILL SLICE THEE DOWN INTO OBLIVION! BACK YE VERMIN SPAWN OF SATAN! ARGG…
  • names? y the hell should i call a lump of bloody and gutted flesh sumthing that even gives it a bit of honor.... lets try 1) bang bang screeeeeeech splat 2) crack splat boom boom bang splat 3) swish swish swish bang bang plop 4) boom boom shwing …
    in Alien names Comment by KiD August 2002
  • oh and also plz note the title of the post is "signs u WILL be addicted to NS" not "signs u ARE addicted to NS" yea i got u there u BIG MEAN PLAYTESTER!
  • boo hoo hoo the playtester is bragging, flayra beat him with a stick dont toture our little minds like that
  • would it be possible to give ppl access to view the PT forum but not be able to post anything?, but then again... ppl will go there see something gettin taken away they "think" they like and then will rant on the general forum bout it : / hmm it was…
    in Explanation Comment by KiD August 2002
  • yea well i orginally had 23 but i had to tone it down cuz of the limit... btw cyan and comp what u guys like more aliens or marines?
  • [blue] burrrrrr, time for poll! how much money will it take to ahhemmm "speed things up" ill transfer from a swiss bank good luck and have fun flattenin out the wrinkles dev team keep the coffee and soda chuggin.... i only wished it would be …
    in Explanation Comment by KiD August 2002
  • boz do me a favor, when ns is out change the topic on the irc channel to "ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT KID IS GOD ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT ITS OUT" and greedo will u …
  • darkness falls, theve replaced the "borrowed" sounds from hl cs starcraft n stuff, they arent that cheap... read the updates on news b4 u talk bout stuff thats old hmmm hopes his siggy works, alright how i make the piccy work?.... god crackin poofs