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  • Well, I finally found the databox. I had to make basically a mobile scanner room. Packed it up and moved it several times before it located the wreck I needed.
  • Okay, so I know this has probably been discussed before but how about an in game map for the Xbox version? We don't, or can't access x,y,z coordinates to find things. I an at the very tail end of the game. I found out I need the Cyclops shield gene…
  • Found them. Babies were all still near the gun island. I’m cured!!
  • Nope. I even went back and looked all over. Nothing. I’ve been to every biome except the crags that the little suckers dispersed to and I can’t find them there. Going to the crags tonight.
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    I have to do the same thing. It’s not that I have to completely deconstruct the mod station. I found that just starting it works too. It’s that you have to do it all. It’s a pain in the arse! My moon pool worked fine until I built …
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    Has been sitting like that for a full tens minutes. Perhaps they should rename the game “Bugnautica”. I’ve never seen this many issues…
  • To be frank, Id rather they spend their time fixing bugs than putting in achievements. I don't play games to get achievements. I play for the story. I couldn't care less if I don't cook some random number of fish that a random programmer decided t…
  • I've only been playing for about a week and a half. Issues I've run into. Early in the game? Very little other than a lack of resources spawning. I had to search far and wide and I do mean far and wide just to progress. As my game progressed, more i…