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  • Still, there is blood, Im just trying to point out the reasons the Everyone 10+ makes no sense sometimes, if the Devs added a dead player in the Aurora, but with no blood or gore, it should be fine, if grinding a fish to death is
  • ehh, true, but I felt like an idiot before when i posted the thread without the image, so i made a new one for some reason
  • Thats why I said there should be an easy way to make Ion Crystals or something similar, something that produces an extreme amount of power for a base
  • I Frikin agree, Thanks for agreeing, THINK about it, In Subnautica you can Freeze a fish, THEN STAB IT TO DEATH!!

    It doesn't need to be in a violent way, there doesn't need to be any blood, but just have a floating body or something on t…
  • O..k.. Someone just AGREE WITH ME XD

    the aurora is massive, despite the rating, it cant be 100% empty, there are no cave crawlers in the crew quarters, and some people have to have died in there when the aurora got shot down. The aurora …
  • The blueprint is for Ion Batteries and Ion powercells, this idea is for An Ion Generator
  • There should be some traces of people on the Aurora, tghink about it, of all the people, not all were eaten.
  • No, Any Alien who studied the carar on this planet is dead, or in the caches, warpers kill, not kidnap
  • The prawn drill arm I know can mine large ion chunks like in the precursor thermal reactor, but how cool would a ion reactor be
  • I would like multiplayer, but the devs said no, so I'm listening, and now I'm going to bed XD
  • It's fun hearing feedback to be honest
  • I like being productive!
    I understand it takes time and money, and I support this game to it's max, I've been playing since the month of its early access release in 2014, but I like posting suggestions like this to see what people think about …
  • Ok, sure, but I am never going to stop thinking about how wierd an empty massive shop is, no matter the rating
  • Yeah, but you can stab animals to death, so I think another human would be okay, not sure though, I think it is weird that there are no other humans anywhere in the whole explorable aurora, atleast make a burned skull in one of the fires. there does…
  • Yeah, like I said, I love this game, but of the THOUSANDS of people on the aurora, there is 1 floating lifepod, I made another suggestion saying to have more floating lifepods atleast
  • Yeah, Ive been playing since the very beggining of the game, All my youtube channel is is Subnautica for the most part, and since the begginning a lot has been changed for the better, so I shouldnt be complaining, because a lot has been done, and I …
  • Yeah, but I think it would be cool if our lifepod would be leaning a little in the water, the inside is damaged, but besides that its perfect, also we know as a fact the lifepods suck, they cant do their job, shown by all the other i think 9 lifepods
  • Oh, woops, I thought gas killed
  • The bodies part, or my name being in the game somewhere?
  • Make There be A crashed Degasi Somewhere on Planet 45-46B
  • Make The Sea Emperor Even Bigger than Planned, Make Him HUGE!!!