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  • Does anyone think of new rooms in Aurora do ?! I think they are needed!
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    Well, yes, and this, too, I'm for making Cyclops a little more for a couple of compartments. And why is there no scanner as in the scanning room?! On the boat it would be very useful ...
  • You don't think that the Cyclops too small submarine? For descriptive reasons here boat 172 meters length and 12 floors height. With a special anti-sonar covering. The leviathan would begin to attack such boat, I think no. Give by means of the docki…
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    There is not enough deck for access to the luggage compartment of the moth and for its belt. Why waste an extra slot of improvements. It's bet…
  • Why do we take away health when there is a lot of smoke ?! We also have cylinders with compressed air
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    Google translator of course a lot can miss, but I'm talking about this .. On charging the surface of the battery from the sun batteries
  • Standard set of submarines: fire extinguishing system, seawater desalter, solar battery charger, air purifier, emergency surface ascent system, life-saving capsule..
    All diesel submarines have always surfaced on the surface to recharge the batteries from the sun. Yes that's too much, but why not .. Can developers in general beg for a new submarine, a more ambitious or a belt dron for the Authors…
  • Have you ever think that all diesel submarines always surfaced to pile up the batteries from the sun?
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    Well, or half of the glass. It would be great to have at least 1 hatch from above. As in the movies you know, you come up with a fire, smoke around and you open the hatch from above to make everything air
  • (Quote) The meaning is in changing the tower of the submarine. This will add an autopilot function. If you enter this, you can turn the Cyclops' docking shaft into a module production plant, if the depth is more than 1000 meters without a life-sa…
  • Will there be replaceable (observant) towers on the Cyclops submarine? Or replacement of blocks instead of glass first compartment? Will there be a rescue capsule? 2 screws as a modification of the Cyclops? Luke on the surface for airing. I think i…
  • Will there be replaceable towers near the Cyclops submarine? Or replacement blocks instead of the glass first compartment?
  • When will the Aurora update? Different departments and floors have more functions and so on. In order to be able to perform 5-7 tasks for recovery, etc. .. Why is the plot not connected with the ship?
  • AWESOMEGUY101 I think many people will be interested to overhaul ... will make Aurora the vote.
  • Make Aurora recovery as one of the branches of the script. This is really interesting to do, and it makes sense to climb over all sorts of materials through the caves. At the end of the corral recovery may be to pump out water and seal the holes and…
  • AWESOMEGUY101 But tools that can be turned off, and imagine how it would be cool to fly on a rocket and not on Aurora or a spacecraft. Where did you get idёyu about rockets? Technologies have reached intergalactic ships, missiles already past antedi…
  • We need to do the hangars in Aurora for a smaller space transport of three types: military, transport and repair (do transport ship a little more than a military or repair). In which it will be possible to fly in the atmosphere. But before that we w…
  • Make rooms in Aurora: Mission Control Center , with a huge screen , which will DRAWINGS Aurora and her steering wheel so that you can download from there drawing and authors to fix it . A milestone on the where to make the radio room . Where else do…
  • I would fully repaired Aurora , but before that you need to enter the tower (like oil ) which will produce titanium silver, gold , etc .. and repair of combat flying and ground for him , the droid that will fix Aurora . this is the coolest script th…
  • Make button General Menu for select type game..
  • I think salvation must be presented to the player to choose from .. After the restoration of all the rooms of the ship at the end of the recovery ..
  • I mean the restoration of Aurora. Both inside and outside .. to be suitable for life .... Just imagine the first start-up of all systems on the ship after the restoration ..
  • By the way, why not put out the fire in the Aurora , a fire extinguisher ?
  • Developers. You when didn't think of partial repair of Aurora (s)? About that to make partially restored radio cabin or the command center from which it would be possible to send the message, to download drawings of any extracting stations: titan, c…
  • Разработчики. Вы ни когда не думали о частичном ремонте Aurora (s) ? О том чтобы сделать частично восстанавливаемую радиорубку или командный центр из которого можно было бы послать сообщение, скачать чертежи каких нибудь добывающих станций: титана,…