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<div class="IPBDescription">Out of curiousity, will it be fair?</div> Having once again gotten the living crap beaten out of the aliens team for a multitude of factors (Marines spawn in 2.5X as fast, can hit from a distance and kill in a short time while skulks have to be lucky to get a kill against a marine hopping backwards like a ninny with no hitbox, etc), I'm wondering whether 1.1 will be that much more fair the aliens, particularly as far as getting the most bang for the buck (HA/HMG easily defeats a fade which costs more). I'm sure its been stated plenty of times, but I'd just like to know.


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    Nope I heard on 1.1 that marines spawn with no wepons and stuff, go to the main page of natural-selection.org and read away.
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    Everyone knows as much as you do for 1.1, how about you wait until it comes out?
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    wow volmarias is the first person ive heard say that it is unbalanced to benefit marines in a long time, i suppose if the number of people complaining that marines are too good equals the number that complain aliens are too good we can call it balanced, right?
  • ShuflYShuflY Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8760Members
    "Marines spawn in 2.5X as fast" - At the expence of alot of resources. In 1.04, they upped the cost of spawn portals. If the marines place 2 at the begining of the game, they may have the soldiers to battle with, but they will be behind in tech upgrades. Not a problem, aliens spawn faster in 1.04 as well.

    "can hit from a distance and kill in a short time" - If you know they can hit you from a distance, why are you trying to fight them from a distance? Don't play their game, make them play yours. Wait around corners and above doors, make them come to you. You're never going to get far if you charge them. If you don't give them their distance advanatage, you'd see that skulks can take a marine much faster than they can take a skulk.

    "no hitbox" - Okay, you got me there. I hope 1.1 addresses this. For now, just aim for the jewels when they are crouched.

    "HA/HMG easily defeats a fade which costs more" - I seriously cannot remember the last time I lost a battle to a Heavy Armor marine as a Fade. HA is the worst upgrade in the game. Sure, you can take maybe 10 more slashes or so, but at the speed they move, if you are getting killed by one you definatly deserve it. Wait for them to come to you, and if you are hurt, run away. They could never catch you, they move at a snail's pace.

    Everything you have complained about in your post, other than the hitbox issues, are balance problems caused by your lack of experiance. All those things can be countered without a new patch or addon, you have just been too impatiant to find a way around them, and have taken the easy route and blame the developers.
  • IdenIden Join Date: 2002-10-16 Member: 1513Members
    Shufly, he might be talking about a short-medium to close range distances, where the HA/HMG can unload a serious amount of high damage bullets into you in short order. I chewed up two fades in mere seconds.
  • ShuflYShuflY Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8760Members
    Right, but the fade can choose to engage the HA at that range or he can retreat. Of course if a Fade rushes an HA+HMG in a tight hallway, the marine is probably going to come out on top, but even if the fade was just rounding the corner and on the other side was a HA+HMG, there is still time to retreat to a safe distance (though I usually prefer getting up and close to HA+HMG when I am Fade, other players might find it easier to sit back and pelt them with a few acid rockets before blinking in and slashing them to death.)

    You don't even need to kill the HA. If you are a lone fade vs a group of 4-5 or so HA+HMG's, just keep your distance and fire rockets at them. They'll sit back and keep welding each other, if they do advance, move back some more and prepare for them to round the next corner, just keep them busy. If you can keep them chasing after you, instead of them walking to the hive and shooting it up, then you are a highly valuble asset to your team.
  • mojojojomojojojo Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 2017Members
    If anyone actually bothers to look at the way the game is put together, it is immediately obvious that the balance is highly dependant on the game size. No offense to the game developers, but the complex resource system is not consistent for different game sizes. I believe this is going to be addressed ( I would be slightly disappointed with the devs if they didn't address this. I don't know how to fix it, but I think it is clear there is a problem, and I have faith in the devs to fix it).
    As to the original post - the devs hate every one who play aliens, and are currently looking for ways to cause them physical pain when they play natural selection. Possibly using the laser in your CD drive.
    You seem to think that its obviously misbalanced in favour of aliens. I personally find that aliens win more of the time, probably because I play on smaller servers (10vs10 is the largest Ive played on I think), and the people I play with.
    Remember, NS is truely a team game, and this means that no matter how good you are, you can't make your team win.
  • coilcoil Amateur pirate. Professional monkey. All pance. Join Date: 2002-04-12 Member: 424Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor
    Posts like this one are beyond pointless, guys. OF COURSE Flay is going to do everything he can in 1.1 to fix issues with 1.0. These include team-size-dependent factors, the fact that aliens own in pubs while marines are vastly overpowered in clan matches, the alien resource model, the marine resource model, everything.

    THINGS WILL BE ADDRESSED. What, specifically, will change remains to be seen... PLEASE don't ask for details yet. It's likely we'll be trying out several different things, especially with regard to the resource model, to find the one that works the best.

    On a side note, a lot of people have complained in the past that the playtesters "don't think like regular players" - which is true, to be sure. We didn't think of a lot of things that turned out to be very effective, unbalancing, etc. But with the experience of the bugs/exploits/tactics we missed in 1.0, we're much better prepared to test 1.1. I, personally, am going to do my best to break 1.1 in as many ways as possible. (:
  • VolmariasVolmarias Join Date: 2002-05-04 Member: 577Members, Constellation
    "As to the original post - the devs hate every one who play aliens, and are currently looking for ways to cause them physical pain when they play natural selection. Possibly using the laser in your CD drive."

    That sounds about right.

    If you feel that it is unbalanced in FAVOR of the aliens, please, come to the joe.to server clustor. Last night I held off a horde of aliens for over an hour at the third hive (after replacing the initial commander, who was non-to-good, he hadn't placed more than one IP and as such we were dying quite easily) before I decided to just leave and go to sleep (I gave my team plenty of advanced warning so that someone else could take over). The HAs kept welding each other, the sieges kept the aliens from placing regen too near, and the HMGs kept intruders at bay. Admitted, it was near impossible to leave for any period of time, and every expansion got knocked down by fades, but we still hung in there.

    If the aliens were to try that, they'd be sieged into oblivion after roughly 10 minutes.
  • TabrisTabris Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 4273Members
    Actually in reply to the topic Heading "1.1 And Me, Out of curiousity, will it be fair?"

    I beleive the dev team will be implementing ideas just to unbalance the game and destroy the ns community. With turrets now shooting through walls.... making oc's 1 rp...... and allowing aliens to go onos in the first 5 mins.....

    Sorry thought id get my sarcasim in today....
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